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  1. Macaquinho
    My condolences. At this rate, it'll be more "when" than "if" you'll dip into your daughter's college savings and/or your retirement funds.
    Aug 19, 2016
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  2. Super Random Box
    Super Random Box
    76 rolls more and you can get a BMyr. =p
    Aug 19, 2016
  3. FXStrato
    I'm at 45 rolls. >.> Still no sign of her either.
    Aug 19, 2016
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  4. kiarahakura
    From my experience, only the golds I didn't care for tend to drop. From FF REM I wanted Seph... first pull was cloud .. never saw another gold. Then from NY REM I wanted yamato, leilan, and kanna. Got Horus. :P
    Aug 19, 2016
  5. frostmourne16
    DREAM IS DED (until next summer). :<
    Aug 19, 2016
  6. sunglassesmichael
    Who are you kidding? It'll be back in Jan or Feb or something like NY/Christmas.
    Aug 19, 2016