[5/16] Guan Yinping Results Thread

Discussion in 'Rants and Accomplishments' started by terumokou, May 16, 2015.

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    Post them attempts to get components for Awoken Meimei, baby.

    I redeemed myself by 0-stoning Mythical. Also Awoken Meimei is my only reason why I ran it just now because we still don't have that subtype update. Anyways, with Valk/Fuu/Echidna/King Shynee/DValk/Valk:

    F1: Sweep
    F2: Stall on the Dark Ninja. Cut it too damn close here.
    F3: Got really lucky I got to take out the Manekimewdra before his second turn
    F4: Stall on Fire Ninja
    F5: Got mini Zilong. Think I tried to stall but, after the third turn, offloaded Valk and Shynee and blew him up.
    F6: Wore her down to slightly above 50%. Echidna/Fuu/Valk and she's down.


    Got me a second Yinping for Meimei. And a mini Zilong for the collection. Also 2+s.


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