Akine sees your leader swap preemptive, Eris. She just doesn't care.

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    Decided to throw together an Akine team to tackle Eris after spending a stone to clear Annihilation Descended Rush with Tifa x DKarin on my alt.

    Team was: Akine ! Kunpoo equip / Diaochan ! Carat equip / Eir ! Poppy equip (#5755) / DKali ! Spirit Ally, Mic equip (#5259) / Kali ! 7 Katanas equip (#5603) +
    Akine ! Marik equip (#5789)

    SAs were, in order: Poison resist+, unbindable, tape resist, TE+, SB, jammer resist+

    Latents were, in order: 2 SDR and 2 devil killers, 6 SDR, 2 SDR and 2 dragon killers, 3 devil killers, 2 SDR and 2 devil killers, 2 SDR and 2 TE+

    I haven't crunched the numbers, but I believe the devil killer latents were necessary.

    I had to stall for the Mic equip active. I probably could have swapped the 7 Katanas equip for a Rikuu equip to get one more SB.

    Basic idea was to hold the Mic equip active for Cronus and then pop Akine and Carat for Eris and match all orb types. Runs were surprisingly smooth and I plan to use this to farm Eris skill-ups whenever Eris is included in the monthly quests.
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