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    Upcoming changes to the forum are imminent.

    The current Japanese section Q&A receives little traffic, and in the interest of promoting a more globalized and helpful forum, we are going to merge the JP Q&A with the current one. All threads will be retained in their current state, so do not fear.

    Secondly, we will be expanding the EU section slightly, and renaming a few of the Japanese sections.

    Our current design is this:

    1. [EU] General Discussion
    2. [EU] Find Friends!

    And yes, that's our third change. The current Add Me! section will be swept clean of threads via a passive script until only new and active threads remain. It will be renamed to [NA] Find Friends!. By separating recruiting into the specific server, each user may have one thread in each forum that they have an active account on, and use that one thread to search for appropriate leader partners. You may change and edit your thread freely, but you may not make a new one without deleting your old one first. This will help keep repetitive threads from spreading wildly, and make the process of hunting needed friends more localized and therefore easier to sort. No need to cruise a hundred threads from the wrong server anymore!

    These changes will be implemented shortly, likely within the next week once our dear overlord NeoCHI acknowledges our request.

    Thanks for being such a great community and waiting patiently for us to make these changes to improve your P&D home!


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