Another leader to the list of AA2 clears. Spicy run!

Discussion in 'Rants and Accomplishments' started by axlpowa, Aug 6, 2019.

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    With the FF collab that came back, I could finally roll a Cloud. I also traded for 2 Aeris because this collab over the (3?) times it came just keeps giving me Sephiroth, Tifa and Balthier (over 5 of each).

    Running this team with a Cloud(Aerith) friend.

    Got Goemon stage 2 no problem. Since it can easily OHKO F1 through spinners, I get to F2 with full HP.

    In general, there's not really any hard floors. VDP is rather easy when you can fix boards with Cloud's active, so even Rushana is fine. Blue Fujin thingy can be killed without using fujin active in 2 shots. All in all, pretty uneventful until my fateful encounter with Wallace (except I almost died to Tsubaki, always forget her). Ever since I started running Fatalis in AA2, Wallace has had a spawn rate of like 90%. Fuck him.

    Since I run UEVO Cloud, I feel like running 2 BZela is not too good. Yuna's utilities are also just too good to pass up so.. here I am with just a single Zela to board change and have a semblance of reliability for VDP+FUA+8c.

    I proceed to kill.

    Then I run into Borma and underestimate my damage. RIP, now I get another VDP 8c, but no BZela. Did I mention I have no space for Cloud resist (and it's not too big a deal in AA2 anyway..).

    Got Verdandi next and killed her easily. Snagged the clear finally.

    That was fun :)

    And for those looking at the clock, I was playing a couple floors at a time throughout the day, didn't have more time. I'm not that slow haha!
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    When I limit broke Cloud, I went for 7c without a second thought only to realize that all of my light VDP cards are off-type. Do both your BZela and Cloud have VDP SA?
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    This inspired me to go ahead and try AA2 with Cloud. Ran roughly the same team and inherits, only I used Kanan instead of Odin Dragon. So glad to have an excuse to use her these days. I was excited back when I got her, but never found much use for her until now seeing as light teams are a thing again.

    Anyhow, it was a breeze up until the end when I got the stupid light numen. There really needs to be more counters to spinners. Wasted actives trying to kill her and eventually died.

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