Are the non god subs really worth saving?

Discussion in 'Q&A' started by mmash, Jun 29, 2018.

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    Now I mean the monsters you get outside rem that aren't used for evo material?

    Gung Ho gave us stackable materials which is so nice but I still find myself starved for space.

    Admittedly I don' understand about the collabs as the monsters seem so inferior to the godfest ones and there's got to be a purpose to a full week of (in this case, currently) magic the gathering. I assume it's for people to get those monsters, level them up..... But the question is then why? If the rem monsters are better what's the purpose?

    Help me out here.
    Additionally I know people/some people play for the collector value which I respect and understand. I'm just trying to figure out whether blowing stamina on the collabs is ever worth it.

    As a side note I "think" these collabs are there as something for you veterans to goof off on but it's just a guess. I mean, once you've got five solid teams there isn't much left to do except collect right?
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    The good thing about the cards is, that they all get new evos...most of them. Like the Sonias or the Odins and even the 'normal' REM cards get Aeoken and Revos. So they all will have a time to shine. Also the collabs will follow that way. But the collabs are mostly a merchandise thing. All the lovers of Bleach, Dragonball, MH see an announcement and be like 'hey! I want this character!' and thats where your money goes.
    In case of keeping or leaving: just get to know if it is useful or total rubbish. Like Serra Angel is nothing, Tomoe a really good inherit and Li...could be cool but I will never use my 2 girls.
    But even if you can' t use stuff at the moment you should keep it at the moment. Like I could sell a Li for Tardis or Ideal.
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    For farmable, non-collab cards, there isn't much point in keeping them except to use as evo material.

    Now, for the rest of your question, are you talking about MTG dungeon drops or MTG REM cards? The MTG dungeon basically exists to skill up the collab REM cards, as well as to drop , which has some niche/fun uses.

    As for the collab REM: this one is a little weaker than most, as pretty much none of the 5*s have value outside of button farming teams, and the 6*s are very rare. However, each 6* is very valuable in its own right, so some players try to chase one or more of them by buying lots of stones.

    And I would disagree with the idea that it's all about collection after a certain point. Bear in mind that I hardly IAP, so my box isn't as deep as some other players on the forums here, but I think it even holds true for them to an extent. It depends on what you mean by five "solid" teams. The very top dungeons, like Alt. Arena, A4, and 3P Cataclysmic Dragon Rush, are hardly farmable at 100% consistency, even for the top players. As such, the game becomes about min/maxing cards and perfecting teams to reach the highest clear rates possible. I suppose once you have a team that clears the content you're focused on 100% consistently, you could say the game becomes just about collecting. But I think that as new, harder content is released and new, more powerful leaders come around, the focus of the game is consistently clearing top-tier content. And collabs are vital for that, because they provide GH characters to give powerful new leader skills and actives to.

    Sorry if that got a little rambly. tl;dr it's about perfecting a team so that you can clear the top content most consistently, and then broadening your options to cover as much of the new content as possible as it comes out.
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    The top prizes of collabs are usually some of the best cards on the game. Having them drastically improves dungeon-clearing potential an dthat incentivizes players to roll.
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    If you're a newer player, you're usually best off sticking to the regular REM (during godfests) or saving up for the special 6-stone REM. As far as farmable creatures, some of them are definitely worthwhile, but you don't need to save one of everything. From the MtG collab, I want a Belzenlok as an inherit base in case I want his awakenings on an all-dark or all-devil team, and I want to make a Weatherlight. Both of these are things I could do without, but I know I'll enjoy making them. I'll probably save Llanowar elves for nostalgia's sake.
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    The point of running the collab dungeons is to get monsters that skill up the monsters you get in the collab REM. Other than that and the one weird, niche monster that was mentioned above, the collab is useless. So no, it isn't worth your stamina unless you're trying to skill something up, and possibly not even then.

    Veterans don't run collab dungeons for fun. They're far too easy. Mostly people will just run each difficulty once to get the stone.

    Also, you don't need five solid teams. In the late game, people generally have one or two strong teams that can handle just about anything, and then they just work on other teams for fun. ...or they get bored with the game.
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