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    My Best Friend went dormant and I deleted him. Will I be able to get a new one? I'm so lonesome I could die...
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    When you delete a best friend, you do not get a new one. But, the game periodically has what's known as a "best friend reset". The name is actually misleading. All that happens is that you get to add a new best friend. Your previous best friends remain (assuming you haven't deleted them). You'll hear about the best friend reset both before and after it happens. We get a warning because the new best friend selection replaces the old one if you don't use up the previous one (which is why it's important to add a best friend before a reset happens.

    To get the most out of best friends, you can take advantage of what's known as a best friend triangle. You find two other people who are looking for best friends. The 1st person best friends the second. The second best friends the third. And the third best friends the first. Now each of the three players has two new best friends (the person they added and the person that added them) rather than just one.
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