BF Triangle? Yog, ShivaDra, Tardis, Blonia, NY Ama, Saline

Discussion in 'NA Add Me!' started by Marlboro, Dec 5, 2018.

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    I mainly use Yog (L/X, 6 SDR, usually no inherit but currently has Leilan for ranking) for blind runs, and ShivaDra from A1 farming. Currently Tardis is in spot 1, not 100% if I'll keep it there, I always forget to pop the active....

    Also have NY Ama for no RCV dungeons, Saline for XP, Kagu for quick swipe challenge/lesser dungeons, Blonia (she's done but team still WIP). Just pulled a Reeche, not sure if I'll develop or not.

    I may just buy a second ShivaDra for dupe leader, cuz those A1 speed runs are pretty solid stamina burn, but my friends list fairly devoid of em.

    I guess I'd be happy with regular access to a Vajraj (the light one), and an L/X Yog with SDR, ShivaDra probably a long shot.

    ID in sig, MarlboroPF is the U/N

    My alt doesn't necessarily need a triangle but it pulled a couple Madoos so I could add someone with that -- it's currently on my wife's phone so it doesn't see very much play, I'd be looking for someone who is not a quick friend deleter there. She's planning an upgrade soon, so I'll eventually have a device again but who knows when. Also has Yog/Tardis/Shivadra/NY Ama/Vajaja (the dark one)

    Last thing, I'm trying to get a decent rank for once to clear up the quests, made it to 19.9 with Yog x Red Ilmina, already been pushed down past 20. Look for a couple Red Ilmina friends who have it up today, since none of mine seem to be refreshing.


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