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    Sooo many things have changed since I played last. I have a few questions..... That being said if there is a link somewhere to a guide on all the new things I would be happy to check it out.

    #1 Assists were new when I left and I never really got a chance to understand how they work. Any advice?

    #2 How do the super awakenings work?

    #3 The super godfest seems absolutely insane.... is this the best time to roll?

    #4 I need the diamond dragon fruit.... PDX states that it drops in the Thursday Mythical but I have yet to see it. Is that the best location to acquire it?

    #5 I grew old of padherder and having to continually update by box. Is there a program now that will auto sync whats in my box?

    #6 Some of these evolutions require gems, how do they work?

    #7 Her final evolution turns into a hat. Why is this better?

    I have a bunch more questions but that should get me started, thanks in advance.
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    1) Assists allow you to transfer an active skill from one card to another. When you add a card as an assist, the number of turns you need to wait for your active is determined by adding the cd of the base card and the cd of the assist card. Note: when the second active becomes available, you lose access to your cards original active. And if you use either active, you return to 0 and have to wait the combined number of turns for the second active or the regular number of turns for the original active skill.
    2) Super awakenings are extra awakenings that only work in single player (so not in co-op). There is a two step process. First you have to limit break your card by feeding a level 99 card a super snow globe. I suggest you do this through the monsters->extra enhancements rather than feeding the super snow globes directly. This allows that card to go up to level 110. Once a card has been limit broken (it doesn't have to be level 110), you can go to the same extra enhancement sections and add a super awakening. Every card with super awakenings has multiple available (you can look them up on padx). To get a super awakening, you spend 297 plus eggs. You then get a random super awakening. You can 297 more plus eggs to get a random one again, but the next super awakening you get replaces the first one. While you can't roll your the same super awakening twice in a row, you can get one you got previously back if it's not your most recent one. So let's say a card has 3 and you want the third one. you could potentially spend ridiculous amounts of plus eggs bouncing between the first and second awakening if you're unlucky. Also note that levels 100-110 are really costly in terms of exp. I wouldn't invest in super awakenings until you're sitting on a lot of plus eggs. And I would avoid leveling to 110 until you have a lot of extra snowglobes. The other option for tons of exp is a normal dungeon called training arena, but enemies there have a ton of hp and defense so it'll probably be a while before you can beat it. These topics are worth reading about because the resources are costly and it can be a little confusing for new players:
    3) Compared to what you're used to, all super godfests will look insane. Some of the recent ones also include top rarity cards from seasonal REMs, e.g. June bride or dragon bound and dragon callers. Since you're behind, I would primarily spend stones in super godfests and godfests (especially super). This particular supergodfest isn't especially noteworthy, but if you want some new cards and have some magic's not bad either. The next couple are likely to be better, but keep in mind it'll be at least a couple of weeks until the next one rolls around. As I mention toward the bottom, you can look ahead and see exactly what cards will be featured in upcoming godfests so you can budget your stones accordingly.
    4) The diamond dragon fruit is a really rare drop. I've never seen one in Thursday dungeon. Other options include:
    -Quest dungeons: Go to the dungeon tab->quest. You'll see novice, intermediate, and expert difficulties. Currently, there 3 diamond dragon fruits up for grabs. An easy ones from Hephaestus descended, a medium-ish difficulty one from challenge lvl 8 which forces you to use a pre-set team, and a third one from Gilles legato which you'll find pretty difficult. The rewards for beating the quest dungeons show up in the mail. Every month, we get new monthly quests dungeons and there are always 2+ diamond dragon fruits that you can get as rewards.
    -Achievements: If you click on the achievements tab in the top right, you'll notice that there are some diamond dragon fruits that you can get for "Maniacs" and "No continues" challenges. Just meet the requirements and you get a diamond dragon fruit by clicking on the achievement.
    -Monster exchange (not currently available): Keep an eye on the monster exchange. Sometimes there are tokens that drop in dungeons that you can exchange for a diamond dragon fruit or two. Right now, that's not one of your options. For now, you'll have to decide which cards to prioritize and use your diamond dragon fruits sparingly.
    5) Padherder is basically dead. I don't know of a good way to sync with it, many of the latest cards aren't there, and it's missing a lot of features like super awakenings, limit breaks, assists, etc.
    6) You go to shop->monster exchange and then use the monster exchange to trade the descend monster for the gem. If you're evolving something and have the card that becomes the gem you need, you can actually make the exchange through the interface you use to evolve cards. The gems sometimes feel like an unnecessary extra step, but the gems named after attributes, e.g. large water gem, are pretty nice because you can exchange several different cards for the same gem which means you don't have to wait as long for exactly the right dungeon to come around.
    7) The hat isn't better, it just has a completely different function. Cards that have that awakening that looks like an axe are called equips. When you add them to another card as an assist, the base card gets all of the awakenings (and the active) from the equip card. So in this case your base card would get some more fire rows, etc. It's as awesome as it sounds :) Read this for more information:

    Note: Some old pad resources are gone. If you want news about what's happening in JP, which is always ahead of us, you can look here: If you scroll back to find our current godfest, you can use JP's ordering to figure out what godfest we'll get next. Gungho isn't especially creative, so we get godfests in exactly the same order as JP (including identical line-ups). Other events, like Pad Island and Final Fantasy sometimes do arrive in a different order than JP. For reviews and resources for the NA server, this one is great: Other great resources include this forum, puzzle and dragons on reddit, and the discord community.
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