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Discussion in 'NA Add Me!' started by TheTeacher, Jun 18, 2015.

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    Hey forum members! We've already had some trouble with people trying to arrange certain alignments of Best Friend selections and we want to clearly line out some basic guidelines for having a smooth, easy transaction.

    Rule 1. Post in a thread for BF only when you are ready and waiting to accept. Don't post and then not check into the forum for a day and expect it to still be available!

    Rule 2. If changing a prior arrangement, clearly post as such and tag the relevant individual so they know. Failure to do this in a manner that results in the misapplication of BF tagging may have consequences here on the boards. BF with confirmation only.

    Rule 3. Show some respect for prior posters and wait for confirmation from all parties before commencing a BF action. In addition, refer back to rule 2 if the arrangement has changed.

    That's all for now! We want you all to have a pleasant experience in selecting your BFs or Triangles for the best possible presentation of friend leaders, so please be careful and double check with the posters about what you're planning!


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