Dual Kaede Special Descended Rush farming build

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    Team A
    Kaede ! orb unlock / Dios ! fodder / Dios ! fodder / NY Tengu ! bicolor including wood / Leeza ! poison

    Team B
    Kaede ! Carat / Dios ! fodder / Dios ! fodder / Dios with 2 SDR / Shazel ! Grodin

    F1 - (A) Dios, swipe to kill
    F2 - (B) Dios, swipe to kill
    F3 - (A) Poison, Avalon, match with fewer than 6 orbs left on board
    F4 - (B) Dios, Grodin, match to kill
    F5 - (A) Dios, Carat, match to kill
    F6 - (B) Dios, match to kill


    ALL SUBS WITH ASSISTS REQUIRE 2 SDR. Gotta spend SDRs to get SDRs, right?

    Every Dios needs 2 SDR or a fodder assist. I used unskilled Azazel on my alt Dios subs and unskilled Ras on my main Dios subs.

    Whenever the SDR invade appears, STICK TO THE PLAN. This plan depends on the right floor using the right active skills with the right team members on every floor. The exception would be F3 where you can just pop the poison active and make a single match of any orb type.

    Orb unlock may not be strictly necessary, but helps if you get a flood of red and blue orbs after killing Volsung.

    I read Leeza can be any wood sub with low CD and a dragon killer awakening. I just played it safe.

    The guide I read was likely written before Shazel was added to the game. If you don't have her, Mito should suffice.

    I used Kaname Hagiri for orb unlock, Awoken Neptune for poison, and Avalon for bicolor board. You can adapt the build for your box. If you don't have a bicolor board active that includes wood, you could use Australis, but it's riskier.

    I adapted this from an ALB build, but I have no idea if you can replace Kaede with ALB or RLB. If you were to try, you might have to swap the orb unlock assist on team A Kaede for an orb enhance for F6.

    As always, it's a good idea to fully plus your regular farming subs for maximum consistency.

    Credit goes to the Wood Row Farming Discord for the original build.
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    The above team is what I've been using because it literally requires 0 matching, and locked orbs is not an issue because of base Goemon's skill. Also team B can be theoretically non-rem, assuming you got the free Yomi from one of the ranking dungeons.

    F1: Kaede(unbind), Surtr
    F2: evo'd Goemon
    F3: whale(poison), evo'd Goemon
    F4: Odindra, Goemon
    F5: Goemon
    F6: Goemon + orb enhance

    Unbind - anything that unbinds like Lmeta
    Poison - any inheritable poison
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