Endurance Challenge 2 [Arena 4 + 5]

Discussion in 'Rants and Accomplishments' started by kandjar, Mar 7, 2020.

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    A4 and A5 are def harder than the first 3....
    So I went with a more traditional team, and I don't regret it, although time wise it took me a LOT longer for 2/3 of length in term of floors.
    I went in with a traditional Haoh / Tifa team.

    In term of SA: I have Tape Resist on Cotton and VDP on Bradamante.

    I got all kind of annoyance in this run, some I had completely forgotten:
    - Goemon
    - Fuma who bound both my leaders, and I was super happy to find out that I had a bind clear up on Brad.
    - Tyrannos
    - Sedalmelik
    - Hinomitsuha
    - Machine Athena
    - Durga

    Thanksfully, Haoh/Tifa is kind of broken for A4/A5... so overall, it went fairly well.


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