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    Hello, Puzzlers,

    Edit the Second: Due to some recent reports and people apparently not being able to apply some common sense to their selection of language and there being no actual hard guideline for this, we need to mention that slurs and racist epithets are included in our prohibition of terms. This means the forum, your profile, the Chatbox, et al. We will hand out point warnings for these confirmed infractions. There's no reason for us to sully our beloved common pool by verbally pooping in it - let's keep things civil to all nations and ethnic backgrounds. Foul language continues to be prohibited out side of R&A, where we ask that you use it like a strong herbal seasoning; sparingly.

    Edit: Update, amended the PSA to include the forum proper as well as the it should have said initially. Whoops .-.

    It's been a while since my last PSA! ...Fortunately. These things tend not to be positive, and I apologize for the necessity.

    We have had some serious complaints about Not Safe For Work and explicit images being posted in the Chatbox and on the forums by some users, which is distressing for many and dangerous for the health and continuity of this site.

    Since, to my best memory, NSFW has never been defined here beyond "S'bad, don' doit," I'm going to take the liberty of defining it. I hope then that you, the accessing public, will have a fair grasp on what is probably okay and what is not.

    NSFW - Any material or link to such, be it text, video, or image, that contains extremely gory/sexually suggestive or explicit content.

    That's about as point-blank as it can be stated. If it's a picture of boobs, that's an obvious NSFW situation. Something like some anime chick getting her skirt flipped is typically not explicit, but by virtue of its content, it is not considered SFW. Likewise, a mugshot of a pro boxer after 10 rounds in the ring is typically acceptable, since that kind of rough sport injury is visible on primetime television. Conversely, some JPG of a guy who tried to stop a .50 cal round with his nose is completely uncalled for on these forums. These are just examples, and obviously not a complete compendium of acceptable/inappropriate content, so please be careful to exercise your best judgment before posting an image.

    Since the Chatbox displays whatever people choose to put on it, any user cannot choose to avoid or filter whatever may pop up in the box - they're going to see it if their timing or luck missed the mark. If it's a NSFW image, then that person may just have earned themselves some serious ire from their boss at work, or scared/enraged a family member, loved one, or child who happened to spot it.

    We, the moderators, are going to take this sort of thing very seriously from now on and will be punishing verified posters of NSFW material. Posted images and links will be removed and warnings issued, and users may be removed from the Chatbox permanently.

    To aid us in correctly identifying these individuals, we request that you, the community, be ready and able to screenshot chat logs and report posts if NSFW images, text, or links are posted by a user. If you are unwilling to SS such material in the chat, simply reporting in detail what occurred in the chat at what time and by whom is sufficient if more than one person can corroborate. Sharing the names or people you knew to be in the chat with you at the time of the incident provides us with additional avenues of investigation to verify the complaint and take action. If you're not sure if something is acceptable or not, SS it or describe it in detail in the report and we will take steps to investigate.

    By all means, continue to share funny memes and cute cats, or link to a YouTube video that is SFW, but do not post or allow to be posted any sexual material in the Chatbox or on the forums.

    We want to thank you all for being a healthy and strong community, and working with us to keep things safe for all our users.

    Best Regards,

    The Mod Squad
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