Guidelines and Tips for the Gift Exchange [ Updated 8/6]

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    -Welcome to the Gift Exchange Section-


    Hello and welcome to the Gift Exchange subforum! :)

    Here you can exchange gifts with other forum members rank 20 and above! I understand that you may be eager to trade with another player immediately, but please take the time to read over this thread because I want everyone to be able to conduct a fair exchange. Keep in mind that this is only a *one time exchange*, until a system rest; thus you might want to think about it carefully.

    I. What is the Gift Exchange?

    The gift exchange is best envisioned as rolling a special Gacha in my opinion. This Gacha only includes the 5 starter dragons pictured above as well as Noel dragons of all colors, all with a randomized +3 stat. Because it is a gacha, you and your friend do not have any influence over which monster is received on the other end. It is entirely random.

    II. What constitutes a Fair Gift Exchange?

    Each individual should receive two gifts from a fair gift exchange. One immediately for gifting a friend and the other from the friend they sent the gift to.

    Gifting a friend gives you one ticket to use the aforementioned Gacha. A gift from a friend gives you another chance to roll as well. You should have two rolls total, no less, and thus, two chances to obtain the starter dragon that you want.

    III. Guidelines for a Safe Trade

    Unfortunately, scamming does happen. So here are a few guidelines to prevent yourself from becoming a victim.

    • Make sure the User’s ID is not on the list of known scammers (yet to be established)- Multiple forum accounts can be made by the same person. However, the game ID of the scammer should not change in most scenarios.
    • Check the User’s post history- Multiple posts in the Gift Exchange section should raise a red flag especially if they are in threads labeled “Complete” or “Closed.”
    • Do not trade with any users that solely contact you through pm- Such behavior raises suspicions. A thread serves as a public record for an exchange that can be referenced in the future for details. Conversely, do not trade with users who have pm disabled.
    • Record the ID code of the person you plan to trade with before the exchange via a screenshot- Posts and threads on the forum can be deleted. Scammers tend to delete victims off their friend lists immediately as well.

    If scamming does occur, keep in mind that the forum staff cannot be held responsible for such activity. The decisions made involving the gift exchange are entirely up to the individuals. Please report the scammer to a moderator and the thread shall be reviewed.

    IV. The Exchange Thread Itself

    Please make sure to title your thread correctly to make the gift exchange process a bit easier.

    Add [JP], [EU]or [US] so other forumers are aware of what version you are seeking an exchange on.

    Make sure you include your ID in the opening post and when someone agrees to exchange with you, quote their post on the thread with your next reply. This is just a safety precaution. If they decide to delete their post, this quote will stand stand as evidence and the scammer's ID can be derived from it.

    When an exchange is completed, please change the title of your thread and add Closed at the end of it, so that others seeking an exchange are well aware of which exchanges are open or not.

    Hope everyone is able to conduct a fair exchange! Good luck with getting the starter dragons you want! :)
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    Apr 1, 2013
    RE: *NEW* Guidelines and Tips for the Gift Exchange

    Wall of Shame aka Reported Scammers

    Do not trade with anyone with these ID's! Remember that multiple forum names can be established, thus these ID codes are what you need to look out for!

    Most recent reported scammer is in red.
    • 376 053 387 (Updated May 5, 2015) [Multiple reports on reddit]
    • 360,852,294-
    • 355,265,211
    • 380285230
    • 315,595,232
    • 324,203,362
    • 318,699,200
    • 348,707,363 (Casterina, Lithium, Crespo)
    • 336,110,386 (Minh, Plessie, jubbjubb)
    • 363,725,309, Ign Jeff (forum account: Lubu)
    • 376,622,333, (forum account: minipax, angrytaco)
    • 385,314,310, dumshiz (forum account: arich1317,alldaypad)
    • 265,364,280, (Rowseroopa)
    • 358,536,353, (foopdewoopman)
    • 339,068,231, (modxpwnd)

    -a work in progress... sadly-
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