Hello everyone! Could you take a look at my box and suggest some good teams?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Lexan, May 19, 2018.

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    I've been playing for a little over 3 months now and I wanted some proper help on some team building. I'm aware I have some pretty good units [diablos + kushinadahime, among others] but I don't know how to properly build these teams with the units I have. I don't think I have optimal subs for most of my teams, as I've just thrown together my best units into one team. I've attached files below of my box, along with the team I primarily run for everything.

    I appreciate all the help and thanks for your time :)

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    You should clarify if you are running Anublos or not, as pairing with Anubis is splendid damage but does bringing a use actives frequently / on key floors consideration.

    Assuming so, as it's common, and good general discussion even if not:

    I'd swap in Gadius for Dantalion, if I were keeping that slot. Gadius has three fingers and a mildly more sensible active. I would not, however, keep that slot, as the "roles" you are missing are FUA, and perhaps fast CD, split leader pairing depending.

    Tachibana and Nohime are fine, although like role competition as far as subs go, in the double 7cc "damage card plus board change" role. Nohime is a bit better active on making both wood and dark for Anubis and Diablos, so if I had to pick, I'd keep Nohime. Either pulls more weight than Dantalion/Gadius. Neither hits as hard as Uranus. Uranus triple 7cc is better, since Nene already handles some color coverage. A Diablos and a triple 7cc card provide a solidly robust amount of damage role, in my experience.

    Nene as unbindable bind break that covers awoken binds is fine. Also color coverage towards Diablos rainbow color guard break passive.

    I don't see a super fast cd1/cd2 card, so I'm inclined not to worry about that role excessively much and advise just liberally popping a regular sub when the "must kill a floor" occasion(s) demand. Anublos doesn't usually have much pressure on actives, so popping arbitrarily for that purpose is often fine. You could farm supergunma cd1 from coins dungeon, but meh, it's low stats janky. Anublos gets really broken when you sport a cd1/2 card, but its not mandatory per se. Certainly not prior to late game.

    Your FUA (followup attack to defeat perserverance with a heart column) options are a bit scarce, unless I'm overlooking an unfamiliar collaboration card somewhere. Farmable Rushana might be one reasonable option to consider. Even unevolved she sports a FUA and reasonable awakening, albeit a long cd not very releavnt base active.

    Technically famable Myr has FUA as a super awakening possibility, albeit is a weird card / base active to run, and a pain to properly evo and skill up. Just as an awareness remark.

    Kiri can super awakening to having a 3x3 heart box FUA, but that is a serious pain and not very optimal. The hero pantheon (panda,Wu,Perseus,Andro), or the Norns, or Mel, Hestia, LuBu, a random GFE like AnaTyphon or Paimon, etc, are usually far better bets early-midgame if you randomly pull one. Not a reason to target pull, just that box is pretty early days and FUA pool keeps broadening and you will randomly see something pop by.

    I'd suggest:
    Diablos / Nene / Uranus / Nohime / Rushana/flex / Anubis

    As that covers colors, FUA, board change, bind break, and dps role.
    Well rounded, so to speak. Assuming you don't have board solve issues, else Gadius for three more fingers may be helpful. And-Or unlocking time badge(s).

    Swapping out rushana whenever a better FUA card is available.
    If you don't have her yet, other flex is fine.

    Alternately "tank even a rage hit" tachibana (depending on evo) or kushindahime (has a 7cc super awakening) shield, or "delay around a perservenace" (Revo)Orochi (who has good hp stat), as those are okay for most perserverance until we start talking hard end game content.
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