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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by HolyDanna, Mar 2, 2018.

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    I've been playing PAD for 3years, now. Though I lost my original account last year and had no way to get it back at the time.
    I've recently started anew, and have gotten back to the point I was when I lost everything (still missing my Sakuya and Leilan T_T)

    I now own a team much stronger than what I used to play with (B/W Isis leader).

    I was there during the last MH event, and managed to get a fem Nargacuga, and a male mizutsune (currently being used as my leader).
    I now find trouble beating normal dungeon (Starlight Sanctuary>Queen of the Gods), and find myself unable to beat legend-rank and beyond dungeon.

    Thus, I'd like to request your assistance, in order to form a team that would allow me to increase the items I'm able to farm.

    My current team is :
    Mizutsune male hunter (+288)/Creator god, Vishnu/Narcacuga female hunter (+297)/Guardian of the mirror world, Firem/Marvelous Red Dragon Caller, Sonia

    I usually go for a 2nd mizutsune male hunter as my Helper. I have a 5c average, rarely doing less than 4c.

    My padherder is : /user/HolyDanna/monsters/
    (Sorry, can't post links yet)

    I thank you for reading and for the help you may be willing to provide.

    Have a nice day,

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    Hi Danna, and welcome to the forum!

    So you are currently using a Blue Hunter team. Blue Hunter is definitely one of the better leads in the game, but he really shines with a mono-color team. The playstyle (combo based) will definitely help you get better at the game!

    I noticed that your box is strong in green, and I noticed that you have Bastet. Bastet is a great, combo based card, that you already have the cards to build a strong team around, especially at your current rank.

    I would focus first on getting your Bastet awoken, then Reincarnated. People can help you get the mats if you cant get them yourself.

    Then, you have two Rathian, who has great stats, doesn't need to be evolved, and has two Time Extend awakenings, which will help you make your combos. You also have Vishnu, who, once you get him evolved, has two Time Extend awakenings. The more time you have to make your combos, the more combos you will make. As a fourth team member, MeiMei would be great for the time being. Her Reincarnated form is very powerful and also makes an excellent board. As you get more comfortable, you might want to sub Verdandi instead of one of the Rathian as you get better at comboing and need less time.

    As you get better cards, you will undoubtedly move away from these, but Bastet is a really powerful and popular card who a lot of people still use for endgame stuff now. Most importantly, learning to play her will help you to get better at the game.

    Again, welcome!
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