Hello, I am back after 900 days, a little overwhelmed

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Moozie, Nov 26, 2020.

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    Looking for some guidance on what to improve or upgrade.

    Is there a good app or website to document my box? I have a bunch of the old school good stuff, yomi dragon, hera dragon, shiva dragon, you yu, kanna, myu, machine athena, machine hera, dark athena and more.

    I see lots of cool super reincarnated stuff, would love to be bonia up and running again.

    Looking for advice on good leads in each color. not great at comboing, ra is about my limit.

    If anyone wants to add me i am 327 896 299, most of my friends and best friends are gone. Used to love running coop and making special teams to waltz through co op dungeons.
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    Welcome back. The forum's pretty dead these days, so I'll just repost my response to someone else who was coming back to the game.

    Sorry, the forum has been pretty dead the last couple years. Actually the whole NA community isn't what it was, but you may have better luck engaging with people on Discord, for example https://discord.com/channels/243014364129525760/303395020621348866

    Here is some general advice for returning players:
    1) Thanks to new evolutions, many of your old monsters will be substantially better (although you won't have the materials for some evolutions). However, you almost certainly won't have any of the best leads or subs. (PS: When you're viewing a monster, you can see all of its evolutions, if you didn't know that.)
    2) The best monsters today are either very rare godfest exclusives, or from special REMS (collab machines or season machines, e.g., Valentine's or Summer).
    3) Getting the best monsters in special REMS requires fantastic luck. Therefore, your best bet is to save up stones and roll heavily in a godfest event. This will give you the best chance of getting top monsters because (a) you may roll them directly, and (b) you may get trade fodder. During most special REM events, godfest exclusives can be traded for the top monsters from those events, so that's the most reliable way to get them.
    4) You can get a lot of free stones right now, so start saving up. Make sure to run the daily freebie dungeons. Check out the Quest dungeons. And also
    make sure to tap on "Achievements" at the top of the screen and do the 8th Anniversary Achievements while they're available.
    5) As I said, Discord is a good resource if you have questions. You can also check out https://mantasticpad.com/ which features reviews of rare egg machines and events. The latest review is about the King of Fighters collab, which almost certainly is not worth your stones. Wait for a good godfest, maybe a seasonal godfest.
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