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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by NickPoseidon, Aug 13, 2019.

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    Hello old player here played for several years. Haven't played how ever in almost two years. Are most of my characters out of date at this point? Should I post pics of the characters I have? Is there a thread that shows the changes/updates I can follow in this game?
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    All of your cards will be out of date due to power-creep, but some of your godfest exclusives and collab cards, e.g. Final Fantasy, might have new evolutions that would make them relevant. There have been a lot of changes and I'm not familiar with anything that contains a list of said changes. As far as finding a team now, you can sort your cards by monster points and post pictures of everything that's valued at over 3,000 mp, which will be all your cards that came out of rare egg machines. Someone here should have an idea for how you can start putting together a team from what you have.

    Other than that, a lot happened about two years ago, so depending on exactly when you left, there may be more or less that you missed. Off the top of my head, some of the bigger changes include:
    1) Follow-up attack awakening, aka bonus attack or FUA (https://ilmina.com/#/AWAKENING/45): If you kill an enemy with resolve (which prevents it from being one-shotted) while matching a column of hearts, you'll hit for an additional one damage to finish it off.
    2) Void damage penetration awakening, aka VDP (https://ilmina.com/#/AWAKENING/48): You match a 3x3 block of orbs, which allows the card with the VDP awakening to hit for full damage against enemies that void damage (not to be confused with damage absorption).
    3) The skill inheritance system that allows you to add an active skill from one card to another was updated and renamed skill assist. There are now specific assist evos that let you transfer awakenings as well as actives to cards. A lot of these awakenings have utility functions like preventing poison or jammer orbs. Cards whose awakenings can be transferred have this awakening: https://ilmina.com/#/AWAKENING/49
    4) This is more of a quality of life thing, but you can now use your own duplicate cards as your friend lead. This means that if you have two copies of a dated lead, you can pair with your own cards.
    5) And then there is limit breaking (cards go to level 110) and super awakenings (extra awakenings that only work in single player). This is a little more complicated, but you can read more about that here: https://mantasticpad.com/2018/02/22/version-12-6-1-update-super-awakenings/

    I guess the other thing to know is the direction in which the game is moving. Currently, the defining features of most of the strong leads are that they're super tanky (2x hp or a combination of shield and hp), have high attack multipliers (at least 12x per lead), and their leader skills can be triggered on most natural boards without actives. Because you often don't need actives to trigger your leader skill, there is a lot less stalling (which is wonderful) and a lot of your teambuilding considerations are made around the particular needs of your team and the requirements of the dungeon (damage enhancement, protection from hazards, etc.). Strong subs usually have powerful offensive awakenings like the 7 combo awakening (https://ilmina.com/#/AWAKENING/43), killer awakenings, etc. As for the dungeons we're tackling, resolve is really common, so most players have a card with FUA (see above) around at all times. And VDP (also see above) is required for a lot of the tougher content as well.

    PAD always sounds more complicated in writing, so your best bet for figuring things out is to just dive right in and play some PAD.

    And welcome back!
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