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Discussion in 'Q&A' started by Maaqa, Sep 10, 2018.

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    Hi there,

    I quit PAD a while ago & i just returned with a lot of new evos/cards which i don't know.

    Anyone could help me & tell me which are the tendancies at the moment ? Team wise ? best leaders ? best evos ?

    I have quit a lot of units so i should be able to gather a decent team... once units are evo'd !

    Thanks a lot ! :D

    EDIT: PADHERDER is still somewhat relevant, even if missing a few units !
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    Well Gronia and Blonia got new evos recently that has made them very good:

    They do require dragon type subs though - so you'll have to look through your box to see what you can make. Fortunately, some ideal Gronia subs can be bought from the MP store (Ragnarok Dragon and Odin Dragon).

    You could also look at Awoken/Reincarnated Sarasvati. She would also be a dragon type for Blonia. (Reincarnated Andro is also dragon type and a good active.)

    Of course you also have Kushinadahime which is a good end game leader if you have the healers to support her. Reincarnated Isis is a good start. LKali works as well.

    As another side note, if you are just looking to get back into the game - Reincarnated Horus can get through a whole lot of content and is pretty flexible. Fortunately he also matches well with a lot of the combo/rainbow leaders being used right now. So finding friend/helper pairings shouldn't be too hard.

    In the end you probably want to just save up stones and maybe wait for the upcoming Super Godfest. Hopefully you can snag an Anubis (very popular) or one of the other top leaders right now.

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