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    I just started playing again after a long hiatus. Who is the recommended squad now or the go to team for almost all dungeons? I have put my box below. There are a few higher ones in my box that I don’t have favorited. Sorry for image size as I post from mobile.

    7CFFD683-1B0C-4F1A-BB2C-FEBB1D808159.jpeg 554C05B0-C646-4977-8C34-D9988CFB79CB.jpeg 4831D3A1-3DC4-400B-965C-37012C8E066B.jpeg F33C0D56-6FA7-44B5-BD76-0D3B886687E5.jpeg 6B34BDB9-58C1-4993-B10B-70420B9693E0.jpeg 1A871C24-A63F-436C-A6FE-58E64105360B.jpeg 3DCD5998-43C4-4FEC-8FA1-2CB4336D2087.jpeg
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    I think you best bet is going to be DMeta initially. Then once you can evo her Super Revo Venus can actually clear most things up to A5 and with the right team maybe more. Just at a glance you can run Dmeta/Izanagi/Durga/Lumiel/Eir. First thing is to get and skill Eir which is going to be a pain but I recommend trying to farm the highest level of arena you consistently clear and trade latent tama and pi for badpi. Also need to evo the whole team.
    The main thing for you is pulling a Fujin active. Farmable options like Panera or Borma don't really work with any of your teams. If you can clear Borma then you can use Scheat and pair with Madoo and easily farm A3 for pi and latents. So maybe use Dmeta to get Borma?!?! Also clear story mode to Evo Ronia and can pair with several red leads(Raoh, Valentine Red Sonia) for a passable team. You could put Borma on there. Or try to pair with people who have fujin actives on their leads.
    Another option is Orochi who pairs well with Beach Veroah or Minaka which a lot of people run. Hardest part there is going to be clearing Senri to super revo him.
    A fun off beat option is Super revo Venus who pairs well with Karin Shindou and Tifa among others. You have Diachan who is a great sub for lots of teams so definitely evo her ASAP. But again to super Revo Venus you need to clear Eris and that is going to be rough with what you have. Look up videos of clears using Madoo teams.
    Another off beat fun option is Skuld who is actually really good but nobody plays her but she can pair with Minaka.
    If I had your box I would work on Dmeta first and look to use Madoo to get Eris for Venus. I actually farm A5 with VenusXKarin Shindou alot. Hope that helps.

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