I finally cleared Colosseum with the real Anubis

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    This is a challenge I've been trying to complete on and off for over a year now. I tried and failed 250 times before this run. I only made it to Orpharion 3 times in all those runs counting this one, and made it to Seraphis maybe 10-15 times total. And yes, this is my first ever Colosseum clear lol

    This is the team I used:

    I used a different variation with 2 Nohimes, Skuld, and Mito for around 120 attempts before overhauling the team because Gungho changed the base movement time from 4s to 5s. I had already come so far and invested so much time and effort into this dungeon that I did not want to cheapen the accomplishment for myself by having things be easier so I rebuilt the team to have no time extends on any of the subs while also addressing some bindability, HP, and damage issues in the process. The past 130+ attempts have been using this team, more or less, with some small tweaks like leveling Ana Ceres to 110 or giving Enra a Super Awakening.

    Eventually, I want to do Alt Arena with this Anubis, but that's for some time in the future once I can figure out a good team. I really think I need Zela and Ideal, but I might be able to make something else work.
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    One True God clears Colosseum with One True Dog

    Very impressive!
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    came in to say, good job my good old friend
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