In case you were wondering which form to use for Chidori.

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    Having more than one Chidori, I've kept on in her base form and evo-ed one.
    And I've been wondering which evo was overall better, considering the number of TPA the base form has.
    (Note: She also have a TPA as Super Awoken Skill).

    I've done some test attack against the endless dungeon spawns.
    Some global information:
    - Each attack had exactly 10 combos.
    - The team has a total of 7 enhance orbs; I only use a board changer for the final attack.
    - The base form has a +219 bonus ATK whereas the evo form only has: +14 ATK bonus.

    First test: 10c, 1 blue TPA, and 1 additional 3-orbs combo:

    Evo form: 44.8M
    Base form: 43.5M.

    Second test: 10c, 1 blue TPA only.

    Evo form: 25.4M
    Base form: 39.5M

    Third test: 10c, 2 blue TPAs, 1 blue VDP.
    (I used Chidori active)

    Evo form: 323.8M
    Base form: 66.5M


    Even though the base form can out-performed the evo form when you don't do 10c, or when you do all TPAs.
    It's clearly not worth keeping her in her base form; the evo form can burst so much higher.

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