Irrational desires of an light IAP long-time PAD player

Discussion in 'Rants and Accomplishments' started by Tek7, Aug 19, 2019.

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    I'm approaching 2000 days on my main and 1800 days on my alt.

    I traded for Zela Kitty on both accounts during the Hello Kitty collab. I have a crazy strong wood box to back them up, including 5 Zelas on my alt and Raizer on both accounts.

    I've cleared A5 and AA2 on my main.

    I have a wide variety of strong leads, including DMeta and Skuld on both accounts and B&J on my main.

    I collected a bunch of goodies in 25 rolls per account during the FF collab. Aside from max-skilling my rolls in the skill-up dungeons, most pulls have gone mostly untouched.

    I understand why Akine caught my attention: She's GungHo's latest effort to make rainbow leads viable and she looks amazing! But she's also a 7* GFE and the odds of a light IAP player (less than $75 total over the course of 5 years) pulling her are extremely low. (I guess I could pair her with Mega DKali, but the issue of DKali's very strict LS requirement remains.)

    But Blujin? I already have 2 Fujin (one G/B and one G/x) on my main and multiple Fujin actives on my alt. I have some amazing blue and red subs for B&J teams on both accounts. Why am I so focused on a new toy when I already have so many to play with?

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