LF BF triangles for me and a few friends

Discussion in 'NA Add Me!' started by MrIronGolem27, May 14, 2018.

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    Still looking for a couple of best friend triangles for me and a few others.

    Me: Yusuke (soon! I have enough to trade for two, and will be getting at least one, and it's going to be triple dragon killer), Gronia, Kaede, triple devil killer BH, Ganesha

    Friend 1: LIdeal, L/B Raijin, Nohime, Romia

    Friend 2 (<3): VKushi, Revo Sakuya, Revo Leilan, L/X Aten

    Friend 3: Nees, Arianrhod, No.6

    If you are interested, just comment and I will forward any questions and concerns.

    I would personally appreciate Fujin actives on your Yusuke or Gronia.

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