[LF] Street Fighter Collab Friends

Discussion in 'NA Add Me!' started by 20matar, Feb 24, 2019.

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    In my Free roll I got Akuma, And in my Bundle pack I got Sagat.
    Also Ken & Kane.

    Aside the SF characters, I play the following leaders ( in order of most used)
    Reeche, Valk(Ciel), Dmeta & Yuki.

    Also available sometimes (or uppon request):
    Sarasvati, Sonia(s),Zela,Kaede,R.Sherias,(D)Athena,Ideal,Ney(s),Superman, Saline,Ganesha etc.
    Also many 5o1e or Cross leaders like acala,myr etc.

    Right now, I mainly interested in Sagat friends, but other leaders are welcome as well.

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