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Discussion in 'Q&A' started by Cheeseghost, Jul 27, 2020.

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    Title says it all and I hate making multiple threads at once.

    First question is time sensitive. Should I trade for Dante or Vergil in DMC? I pulled a Nero and 2 Lucia already. The collab wont be coming back anytime soon so I figured I would try to grab one. I'm leaning towards Vergil as a sub. I feel Dante will be phased out as a leader and based on the rates, unless you traded for him or whaled you dont have him. So I guess is Vergil worth grabbing for his sub potential and if not what monsters over shadow him in a role he would have on a team.

    Next I got a Latent VDP awakening from pad pass. Who is a good candidate to put it on? I have Dyer or maybe Lucia? Any other popular candidates or meta builds? Also does your team have to have all the colors covered or can you just match all colors and heal? If so I might just throw it on my Rehven.

    Lastly I pulled Azuha. I also have Archery Club Apollo. Any popular light green subs for a team? I have 2xBride Zela, Shinji Hirako, athena another, amd more, but I need 18 sb too..15 not counting leaders, athena another can give 5..Avalon drake gives 4 but feels like a waste unless I use 4 for a farm team.
    I think that's all my questions for now.. Thanks!
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    Depends what you are giving up in the trade. Vergil and Dante have excellent actives so they should hold value as subs down the road.

    Latent VDP should go on your highest damage dealer on a team you use a lot. Good examples would be Aten or Dyer. Aten is the prime candidate if you use him a lot (his damage is unmatched in NA (maybe even JP?)).
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    I think Dante’s a top JP lead right now, so he won’t be phased out any time soon. Of course, everyone is eventually.

    Kio’s a good L/G sub with lots of SBs, but difficult to come by—the light dracoblade equip with dragon killer evolves into it.

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