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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by MorningSun, May 7, 2018.

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    I am struggling to figure out where to go next. I have a pretty solid team but have not been able to tackle anything harder than mythical. So I am looking for current team advise along with help build a new team if there is something that jumps out. Beyond that. What should I be looking for to complete teams(monsters or godfest to roll in). Overall I am just looking for a little help. Anything will be much appreciated!

    I have a few monsters level limit broken but it would not let me enter that into the system.

    Tried posting a link to padHerder but I do not meet the requirements for that yet.
    Please search for my account (303,838,445) I will add links when I can. :)
    I see that there is a link on the side <---- :)
    Thank you for all your help!
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    I'm still too new to provide advice, actually going to be asking for some myself in the near future. But you might want to clarify, are you really only max level on like 7 monsters?
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    You have some great leaders. The problem is those leaders might not suit your playstyle.

    Enra needs two fire combo and have to stay above 80% HP to deal damage, but when you do everything will likely melts.

    Awoken/Reincarnated Andromeda is a TPA powerhouse but you have to make heart cross and match blue and green to deal damage. Fitting a heart cross, TPA and combo the rest of the board is very difficult but the rewards is great.

    Then you have Typhon, Yog, Sonia Fio, Sonia Clea, Anubis, Durga, Erika, Yusuke, Maeda Keiji, Raphael, Bastet. All are capable of clearing Annihilation-tier dungeons. Just find the right subs and those leaders will shine.

    Make OdinDra into his Attacker form. He fits into many teams as a cleric and stats sticks. If you have MP to spend, buy RagDra. He fits well on Sonia Fio along with OdinDra.

    Example team from your box:

    Dantalion or Enra lead/Krishna/Gainaut/Shiva/DK Tsubaki


    Fio/OdinDra/Sylvie/Runelis/Wee Jas

    The problem is you lack on-color FUA subs, but you can use any FUA you have (Skuld, Sylvie, Saria, Verdandi etc) as a fill in until you got a better option.

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