My notes on Monster Hunter Quest Lv10-Fixed Team

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    This quest isn't really that hard or anything, but I did fail my first attempt, so I figure this might help somebody.

    Nergigante starts with a five turn 50% damage reduction. Personally, I wouldn't bother seriously fighting Nergigante until that wears off. Even if you're super good at this, there is a second reason for just waiting things out: You want to wait for Male Hunter, Demon X Gear's Charged Slash active skill to charge up. Once you activate his skill, and Nergigante's damage reduction is gone, you should be able to oneshot him.

    So what to do until then? I'd try to hoard wood and dark orbs, and get rid of every other orbs. Why? Because most of this team's damage comes from Male Hunter, Demon X Gear's leader skill, which requires you to make cross of wood or dark orbs. Ideally, you want to make two wood/dark crosses when Nerginante's shield drops and when your Charged Slash is active. That's how I depleted his HP bar in one turn.

    Btw, I don't think Charged Slash will stack, so don't bother using both. One should be enough anyway, provided you can make two wood/dark crosses. Since each will last two turns, you basically have 4 turns to take Nergigante down quickly.

    Also Nergigante likes to turn the middle row into jammers, so keep that in mind when hoarding wood and dark orbs.

    Female Hunter, Narga X Gear's active skill can generate 5 dark orbs, if you really need them. They might replace your wood orbs though, so I wouldn't use it unless you really need it.

    Female Hunter, Barioth X Gear's active skill can give you a breather. Use it whenever you need. In my experience I didn't even needed it.

    In summary:
    1. Don't bother fighting seriously until Male Hunter, Demon X Gear's Charged Slash active skill is up.
    2. Until then, just try to hoard wood and dark orbs. Get rid of every other orbs. (You want to do this in order to keep the healing orbs coming too.)
    3. When your Charged Slash active skill is available, activate one, and make two wood/dark crosses, and you should hopefully oneshot Nergigante.
    4. If not, well, you've got 1+2 more turns for taking him down quickly. Good luck!
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    Multiplayer, make 2 crosses and 5 combo total = Dead Nergigante.
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