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    With the introduction of Killer Latents spawning on Floor 8, many people want to farm A3 now. Myr is an obvious choice as she has good tankiness and deals quite a bit of damage, too. I have a decent amount of experience running A3 in coop, and recently, I've been clearing it solo with good consistency too.

    important edit
    Myr has since fallen way out of meta, but she is still a capable A3 leader. I will no longer be updating this (well actually, I stopped a really long time ago) but she should still be somewhat successful with TPA/7c subs and maybe god killer latents on the leads themselves.

    There exist plenty of better options now, however, namely the farmable Mizustune hunter.

    With some experience, Myr or Bmyr A3 runs should take ~20-30 minutes solo.
    To get a single clear, you do not need anything fancy in terms of inherits - a burst combo will do. However, for consistency, there are a few things you will want to invest in, namely inherits and latents to deal with Hephdra and various other things that can happen.

    Solo vs coop - Which way should I go?
    Coop is more consistent but slower. It also costs half the stam.
    Solo is faster and doesn't need you to have a friend there so you can do it whenever you want. You can also use a badge or dc for the same stam efficiency.

    Either way you are getting ~400k exp per run, so it is ~8k exp/stam for coop and ~4k exp/stam for solo.
    If you have 300 stam, running solo 3 times gets you ~1.2m exp, enough to rank up for a long time.

    Theoretically, you could endlessly chain A3 in coop until past rank 900 (but it takes such a long time that it isn't very advisable)

    It's good to have a few friends that you are used to cooping with, as it goes faster and you are less likely to die.

    What if my friend prefers the other Myr?
    Bmyr/Myr pairing in coop is fine. You lose out on a bit more than 1/6 of your total team damage and gain a few tiny advantages:
    • You can kill Parvati with relatively little pain
    • Your friend can deal with the dark spawns and you can force them to deal with the green ones or
    • Your friend can deal with the red spawns
    • Your friend can deal with the blue-absorbing mech on floor 11 or
    • Your friend can deal with Zaerog if he light absorbs
    It's certainly worse than 2x of either but the clear rate for A3 is still close to 100%. I've done this a few times and it works, just not ideal.

    I want to use Myr but my light subs suck and I have good blue subs
    Whether Bmyr is worth the 500k MP might be questionable as with a changing meta, buying a year-old card when she rotates back might be a bad decision, even with the increased accessibility of MP nowadays.
    You can simply farm Myr and use blue subs on her and pair with BMyr. Will it be harder? For sure, but it's still possible.

    Use Padx. Padx saves lives.

    Team Building

    Basically, what will you need in the subs?
    A few board changes and orb changes, and perhaps a utility slot.
    You can also look at the Myr guides in the Team Guides section of this forum, this is just a guide on how to make a team for A3.

    Certain amounts of HP you might want to hit
    With the 15% increased HP badge it's near-impossible to have HP under 30k so I won't be going over those.
    Here you can see that what that extra bit of HP from that one sub is going to save you from.

    32 326 - Heradra (6th turn)
    34 027 - Noahdra (Third Judgement)
    35 612 - Gaiadra's hardest hit (30-50%) unshielded
    36 723 - Himalayan Anger (Parvati) unshielded
    37 313 - Tanking final hit from Leviathan
    37 713 - Tanking a hit from the Killer Latent shielded followed by taking a hit unshielded
    37 928 - Heradra (8th turn)
    38 347 - Kali (>65% rage)
    38 583 - Tanking Defoud's Nebula Inferno shielded (you can stall on him this way)
    40 642 - Ilsix's Abyssal Tempest shielded
    41 564 - Gaiadra's hardest hit (20-30%) unshielded
    44 669 - Tanking all 4 Tan hits unshielded
    44 755 - Tanking an Evil Slash from f5 unshielded
    44 756 - Tanking Beelzebub's hardest regular hit
    45 255 - Heradra (10th turn)
    47 827 - Tanking Vishnu's hardest regular hit
    47 935 - Kali (<5% rage)
    54 001 - Tanking both Predra hits
    56 711 - Noahdra (Fourth Judgement)

    88 698 - Sopdet. Good luck.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    In your subs, if you are aiming for a row or hybrid team, you want to have at least 6-7 and optimally 9-10+. Although it is widely accepted that TPA builds are much more orb-efficient, you have to damage control much of the time on the Radar Dragon floor, and rows can do the high burst that keeps everyone on your team at the same multiplier.
    As long as you have a few TPA subs, I would highly recommend going at least the hybrid route, as pure row is rather inefficient in comparison.

    TPA are very good as you want to be able to sweep floors with as little orbs as possible. Try to have 1-2+ on most or all of your subs. It is also quite handy in breaking defense such as EKMD.
    A TPA-focus team is very effective in terms of orb efficiency. Light Myr has more unbindable and TPA-focus options that can build a very efficient team in that regard.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Because your leads already provide six of these (out of five needed to attain 100% enhanced skyfall), you do not need to put priority on more as row and TPA will give you more damage for less awakenings. I am going to say this now. Bride Escha and Beach Escha are bad subs for A3 Myr in general.
    This does not mean Sumire and Paimon shouldn't be used - they provide very valuable actives for the team and they are still great subs.

    Another thing to note is that when you orb change, the effectiveness of these drops and when predicting your team damage you want to take into account the number of enhanced orbs on board.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Unbindables are very nice, but something to note is that 0 of Bmyr's major subs are unbindable, unfourtunately. Light Myr has access to Kanna and Ariel.

    Try to have 7. BMyr has issues with this but Myr has Kanna, Apoc, Wukong, etc. There is one situation where you will die for sure on floor 1 if you don't have 7, which I will go over later. Any more than that doesn't matter really.

    Obviously you want 5. But what about more?
    There are many random binds and skill binds in Arena. If you bring extra of these, you can carelessly sweep through floors even with subs bound. There is another unavoidable death scenario on Floor 7 (tamadras) that can be prevented (to some extent) with more SBR.

    The +4s total from your leads should be more than enough for your combo needs. Any more than that is optional (but it does help against time-reduction enemies like DIza).

    This is quite helpful to have somewhere, but you do not want to waste a slot on a dedicated unbinder or unbind active IMO.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    These killers all have an absorb of some sort in A3.
    In particular, don't bring god or dragon killers. This will make you die on Heradra and makes your life much harder on Zeus, Noah, and to some extent Gaia.
    Don't do it.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    They only exist on a couple light Myr subs but they can be used to survive Kali ragehits or the later Heradra hits in solo.
    -Put dark subattributes on the very left of your team in case of absorbs.
    -If you are bringing Navi in coop, put her on the very left for absorbs.
    -When using subs without a subattribute like Sitri, Paimon, etc, if you choose not to bring a defense break of some sort, just beware as A3 does include quite a bit of pinging down and more subattributes certainly help there.
    -Board Change/Orb Change/Orb Change/Utility is a good template to follow.

    No particular order, but I tried to put the main one first for subs.

    Orb Change :water::heart:

    The obvious choice. Every team should have at least one if you have her. If not, it's no big deal, just use her cheap replacement.

    Cheap Andromeda replacement.
    The autoheals are the main issue as they are a waste of awakening space. But it's also a pretty nice passive damage reduction, especially if you are shielding because it is effectively 4x more that way.

    Sumire is a very nice sub, the main issue I see is no row or TPA for extra damage and no stats outside of HP.

    Orb Change :heart:

    Not really an orb changer, I'll just put her here.
    Navi is quite a nice sub, providing 2 SB to have actives up turn 1, 3 rows, and heart OE that provides a nice passive RCV boost. Her active being 3 turn 5 CD means you can have heart skyfall up most of the time, which can mean the difference between wasting an active or having enough for a cross.

    In coop, although the multi-boost makes her more attractive in a way, it will make your life harder on Parvati and the radar dragons.
    In my opinion, you should never have Navi on both sides in coop but one is still good, she can be used to cancel the various annoying skyfalls as well. Another thing is that if you get Kappa, you can let him give you skyfall with no regrets, ride it out until the Radar floor, and pop Navi if you get Noah/Zeus/Hera to damage control better. (And when Gaia drops her shield).
    Be aware of her no SBR.

    Orb Change :water:

    Sitri has a very good active in a versatile orb change that combos with many actives to form a burst board. However, her awakenings certainly leave something to be desired and add that to the fact that she lacks a subattribute, you might want to consider inheriting her off.

    Barbarossa has nice damage with triple TPA and his delay active, although it has a good chance of removing a few hearts, can be fairly useful in various parts of Arena.

    Hatsume cannot be used because of her Dragon Killer.

    Board Change

    2 rows 2 TPA with high attack, and an amazing active. She is definitely a very good sub choice here. The best board change option, thanks to being buffed to having SBR, there is little reason to use Skuld over her on any team that isn't pure TPA.

    Skuld is pretty good, just inferior to Ryune because 2 rows > 2 OE, no haste, and Y'shtola being more common of an inherit than Sitri.
    However, if you are going for a TPA build, Skuld tends to be better, as the OE will contribute more to the team and she has an SBR (Orochi being the strongest TPA sub, does not have any)

    Summurd is also a solid sub, although her awakenings are inferior to Skuld and Ryune. If you have better subs I recommend inheriting her on BMyr as you also get a nice stat boost.


    The very best burst utility for BMyr. Only one team should have him in coop. Very good awakenings and an all-around useful active.

    The other best utility for Bmyr. 1100 ATK and 4 TPAs makes his TPA attack very strong, his other awakenings are very solid (like the second SB), and his active is the best delay in the game.
    Just be aware while teambuilding that he has no SBR, and that a single TPA will make him overdamage the 2m absorbs (Vishnu and Heradra)

    She is one way you can deal with Gaiadra. She also makes Kalis easier. But her awakenings and stats are rather lacking and it is using an active slot essentially purely for that purpose, which could have gone to a sub that also orb changes, etc.

    Inherit Bases
    The thing about using someone for an inherit base here is that you also sort of want their base active to be useful, as the delay from Hephdra will force the inherit down.

    In coop.

    Although she breaks hearts, she brings very high HP and very high TPA damage for a TPA build. Her base active is bad, but you can inherit something like Facet on her that doesn't need to be used until much later on anyways, and doesn't need to be used multiple times. The lack of awakenings outside of TPAs plus the lack of SBR is rather unfortunate. If you are looking to make a TPA team, she is worth a consideration.

    Unbindable inherit base. More filler than anything. You can use her for actives like Sitri and Y'shtola, where she is better as the base for it. Unlike many other teams, Orochi is better used directly than inherited on Isis, though.
    Hopefully she becomes better with a Reincarnated form.

    Similar in being just a filler sub + inherit base. The TPA are nice.
    I don't like how the base active is completely useless.


    Not much to say here. They're all usable in some way but they aren't good. You can still clear A3 with a team made entirely of these, it's just that ideally, you have none on your team.

    I&I are actually decent if you have no ASQ.

    Only an issue for Bmyr, as I assume LMyr has no issues with reaching 7+ SB.
    To avoid the dumb red cap->furi + >5 hearts on board floor 1 death, you sort of want a dual SB sub somewhere. There is a 4 x 0.whatever the chance is for a starting board to have <5 hearts % chance of this happening, so whether you ignore it or not is up to you.
    Your options are pretty limited.

    If we are really scraping the bottom of the barrel, Blodin, Amon and UUvo Nepdra works, but unless you are lacking better sub options in the first place, please don't use them.

    The SB badge can also be used, it's up to you.

    Thanks @aFireBlaze for the writeup for the light team.
    Orb Change:light::heart:
    [​IMG] - An all around great base and core inherit for many teams. Not only does DQXQ combine with Apocalypse and Cecil for a bicolor board, she also cleans up junk orbs that may hinder the board otherwise so if used alone.

    [​IMG] - Similar to Awoken DQXQ but has one less row, a TPA, two more skill boosts, can't clean up junk orbs and can clear binds if he himself is not bound. He has a little bit of better stats than DQXQ, unfortunately compared to DQXQ he has no home to combine his orb making with a board changer, but otherwise is still good for a base sub as usually people inherit utility onto him.

    [​IMG] - Hastes skills by 1 turn + 3 lights and hearts generated on the board. While at first seems mediocre he can be used to fix a bad board change active to guarantee more hearts/lights otherwise. His awakenings play somewhat of a double-edged sword - While they contribute a substantial amount of damage, on damage absorbs such as Parvati it can be incredibly annoying to pop a skill for unenhanced light orbs to kill her or stall 99 turns if you don't want to use your active skills to kill Parvati. Also a light skyfall on a radar dragon/Vishnu with absorb/nullification could easily do too much damage depending on how much you've matched your board.

    [​IMG] - While the best way to use LAkechi is to inherit him onto a base monster - Ignoring mediocre stats and awakenings, he himself presents an irreplaceable and powerful active skill that enhances lights after changing fires to lights, and the only one to rightfully do so without breaking hearts(Ana Valkyrie). When combined with a Saria board, the pairing can deal incredible burst damage to a boss.

    Orb Change:heart:

    [​IMG][​IMG] - The only difference between the UUevo and Uevo version is 200 HP, so unless you're cutting it close to tank something that absolutely cannot be passed, either one will work. A second Myr provides strong stats and solid awakenings for a row/TPA team along with a substantial amount of orb enhances that could once again work as a double edged sword similar to Paimon. Her active skill guarantees a leader skill activation, however is underwhelming and can also serve as a base inherit instead.

    [​IMG] - Ignoring his attack being nonexistent, Moogle has a very short cooldown of 3 turns making 3 hearts - Granting you the ability to spam his active whenever you need while saving other actives to kill or stall through a floor. His awakenings while niche can prove effective at some times, and being on a very short cooldown promotes the usage of inheriting onto him better skills.
    Orb Change:light:
    [​IMG] - Farmable - Elia dosen't generate hearts and has pretty bad HP all around, however has good stats otherwise in ATK and RCV, a SBR awakening + changes darks to lights on a short cooldown while hasting everyone up by 1 turn. 2 TPAs allows her to contribute a significant amount of damage on her own with the rest of the team. Usually her primary purpose is for combining with an Apocalypse or Cecil Board, and her 10% of dark resist can guarantee a little more survivability on Hera Dragon or to otherwise tank a DKali 65%> hit. She can be used however in conjunction with a Myr heart orb making active should the board not present enough hearts to sweep a floor, unfortunately Elia is pretty outclassed by DQXQ if you need hearts as well in 1 active and need to save up your other actives for upcoming floors.

    [​IMG] - LSatsuki hits hard with a TPA and has respectable stats, however lacks a board changer for combining to utilize her for full potential. She does however convert junk and water orbs into offensive usage and also hastes a turn of other skills up by 1.

    [​IMG] - Similar to Wukong, Baal cannot combine with a board changer, so the value of his role for a orb changing active is greatly diminished + being on 8 turns dosen't help due to the extreme niche of his counterattack coming into play. His stats and awakenings are well respected with the exception of the co-op boost awakening, which can prove annoying at times when you need to damage control while in co-op mode. For these circumstances he is usually preferred as a strong base inherit.

    [​IMG] - Mediocre stats wise, he has alright awakenings of a TPA and row with niche jammer resist, a orb change that cannot be combined except with Sylvie and Physical/Machine killer awakenings. Fuma will have some trouble with Gaia Dragon, so take note of that, otherwise he's respected to be placed on a team if you really lack any other good options for orb changing(At that point, you may as well consider Elia as she just outclasses Fuma in every way possible).
    Board Change
    [​IMG] - Topping out with respectable stats, Apocalypse is one of the best board changers for his haste, awakenings contributing heavy to hybrid offensive power, double skill boost for ensuring your skills are ready on Floor 1 along with combining with DQXQ/Elia for a great burst board on a hard boss.

    [​IMG] - Similar to Apocalypse, he creates the same board on a 1 turn cooldown shorter, however his autoheals become a significant waste and lacks rows for full hybrid potential. The dark sub attribute can play a nasty role in the case you knocked Athena below 75% as he will get bound for a whopping 10 turns, and can make the difference on a color absorb scenario(speaking of Zaerog and Noah Dragon as they're notable), so take caution of his sub attribute.

    [​IMG] - Saria has pretty niche stats apart from HP and her awakenings don't fare well in today's standards especially for SBR. Her board change however hastes combines with LAkechi who is near irreplacable for a late-game Myr team, creating a powerful burst board for insane damage. She is usually preferred as an inherit on a monster due to the reason presented of mediocre stats and awakenings.

    [​IMG] - If you have Saria, you can't go wrong with LGadius as he is unbindable and presents all around great stats and awakenings for a row based team along with the rare ability to row bind clear teams with the only downside of missing an SBR. Quad color board changers are always disgusting to use, but it's also where you can inherit Saria to make him be much better in that aspect on board changing.

    [​IMG] - Full rainbow board changers most of the time are not really worth mentoning, but Lightning plays a sole exception should you use her as an inherit for Arena 3. In the situation where you want to board change for guaranteed 3 hearts and lights and kill through things with less than 10,000 HP like predras, Arena 3 is Lightning's suiting choice as an inherit usage for her.

    [​IMG][​IMG] - Regardless of which Kanna you have, both Kannas hit extremely hard with just one TPA and yield unbindability. A must have to put one on any team should you have a Kanna. Their actives are pretty underwhelming for a burst, so usually a better burst skill is inherited on top of them.

    [​IMG] - Unbindable, provides double SBR and TPA and massive stats in RCV and ATK department while lacking in HP a little. The nature of his active skill is usually preferred as an inherit base, however his active skill can be handy at times when you need an enhance + 100% shield.
    Inherit Base
    [​IMG] - A dream monster that's out of reach for the majority of Myr teams, Orpharion is beyond ridiculous with his monstrous HP which Myr teams usually lack without skill assist stats, solid awakenings including unbindability and a relatively short cooldown that can also be of niche but effective usage(e.g. remove osiris skyfall). He could get rid of hearts which can be annoying/useful in some circumstances(e.g. fixing a bad bicolor board), so take caution when using his active skill.

    [​IMG] - Presents very high weighted stats especially in recovery. Her active skill can be of niche usage apart from serving as a base inherit, but when used is very powerful in the situation it's needed for enhancing damage. Her awakenings aren't that bad either, with only 2 autoheals gone to waste.

    [​IMG] - Unbindable, hits hard with a TPA and has a short base cooldown active skill. Her active while removing hearts can also fix a bad board change similar to Paimon and Orpharion's active skill. Ariel's a pretty solid base inherit overall, with only SBR missing to make her the best of the best base inherits subs.
    You want at least 2 SDR on everyone. In general as many SDR as possible should be used.
    I see this sometimes, if you have issues with the movement time of your team, go ahead and use these. Just note that they aren't very high-impact unless you add quite a few.
    This is a relatively common latent setup. Only needed on one lead (or unbindable) The dark is for Zaerog, (Sonia Gran if you somehow manage to get her to 100% grav you) and the blue is for Hera-Is. The other three colours do not have 100% gravity in A3 (except for light - Zhu Baijie - but is it really worth it for her?)
    You might think "but I'm shielded, I don't need resist latents" but you will be surprised at the amount of times you manage to knock Hera-Is or Zaerog into rage zone, and would prefer to spend a turn clearing the board for more hearts.
    Generally the best filler latent.
    Filler latents for monsters that don't have particularly high HP

    When planning your killers (if you want to use any) remember this
    God Killer: Devil/Machine
    Dragon Killer: Healer
    Devil Killer: Attacker/God
    Machine Killer: Physical/Dragon
    Balanced Killer: Machine
    Attacker Killer: Healer
    Physical Killer: Attacker
    Healer Killer: Physical/Dragon

    Note that you should not be using killer latents for god, dragon, devil, balance, attacker, or machine* as A3 has monsters that absorb + are of that type.
    *Gaiadragon doesn't matter for light Myr
    If all of your subs can equip Dragon or God killer something interesting you could do is put one on everyone as a passive 1.5x attack on many enemies.

    This image also helps.
    -Within your subs and inherits, try to have a board burst combo. 2 is better.
    Ryune + Y'shtola and Urd + Andromeda as the main ones
    Sitri + Skuld, Urd, or Gabriel works also, as does Hatsume + Ryune.
    Saria + LAkechi and Apoc + (A)DQXQ as the main ones
    Sylvie + Fuma, Saria + Hanzo, Apoc/Cecil + Ellia/Verche
    -You also want a damage enhance of some sort
    -1 or 2 Orochis is really good.
    -Indra or even Susano can be quite helpful.
    The only issue I see is that they deal a bit too much damage. You can always just match less but it does slightly raise the risk of skyfalls doing too much damage.

    Myr does not have a really good active. It's fine for when you need more hearts, but something that makes attacking orbs as well is preferred, plus you need inherits for SDR anyway.
    - etc
    I don't particularly like bind clear on Myr as your leads are already unbindable and these actives don't create attacking orbs either. There aren't really any dangerous binds in A3 as long as you play it smart. Go with Snow White if you can if you choose to use one, due to the lack of major orb changes that affect green orbs plus the inherit stat boost.
    Light Myr can use Sleeping Beauty or Snow White, as again, there are no major orb changes that affect green. Cinderella does provide a small stat boost, though.
    The issue with Megumi is that she just takes so long for a relatively marginal benefit over the base active. She is still a nice inherit, just not optimal IMO, especially somewhere like A3 that wants good orb flow to repeatedly burst floors.

    The best orb changing inherits for BMyr, as they create a unique orb changing effect that combos with major subs while not being a good sub choice in themselves.
    Summurd is preferred to Urd as she provides an inherit stat boost. Unfortunately, she is somewhat difficult to obtain.

    Also good but be aware she doesn't create hearts.

    Same story with the "bad base but unique active"
    Sylvie is very similar to her cousin Saria, however requires Fuma to orb change for a bicolor board and is off-color. Not a recommended inherit, but if you need a board change, she exists.

    If you really need something to inherit, they make hearts + blue and light respectively. 4 att board changers are really unreliable and if you have something else, please use that instead.

    These work too if you have extras after your subs are filled and considering using it as an SDR inherit on itself.

    Some also choose to inherit their utility on their lead. Orochi is definitely a good choice especially if you're cooping, as he charges faster there.

    Have an inherit on everyone
    This is very important in killing Hephaesthus. It is also best that inherit CD + # of SDR >= 15.
    After having your utilities covered, the first priority is more Orochis. The second is an unskilled dupe of itself. If you have other long-CD useful actives, like Indra, Susano, Baldin, A.Thor, they can be used, as well. Finally, if you have some other orb changer that isn't going on the team but serves a similar function, you can inherit those on a more suitable base. (For example, Sitri on Andromeda, Urd on Skuld, Y'shtola on Sumire)
    Have none of those? I hope you kept your late bloomer dragons. Those have a 29 turn CD which makes them quite handy for an SDR inherit.

    In coop, only one side needs to do this, just make sure that's the side that kills floor 22.

    Orochi is really, really good. Some of the best stats in the game for an inheritance stat boost if you are playing BMyr. Consider his B/B unawoken form if you want a longer CD (and delay). Other just using an unskilled dupe, he is the very best SDR inherit for blue teams.

    Indra is nice as you can survive a few turns of Kali ragehit.
    He can also be used to tank a Hephdra rage if you screw up/run out of actives and can't kill him in time. Also used to let Bmyr survive Gaiadra (the strategy is noted below)
    He also gives a stat boost to light Myr teams.
    Unawoken vs Awoken:
    Always go unawoken unless you need the Awoken for another team & don't have a spare Indra.

    Another random thing you can put on. Having two uses can come in handy, for example, you can burst Kali and take a rage hit from her at the same time. It's a shame the burst only affects a few of the major subs.

    More inherit options (thanks again to aFireBlaze)
    [​IMG][​IMG] - Depending on the teams available or running in co-op, these teams are the go-to for ridiculous damage outputs and Carat is near irreplacable for single player. The only downside is understanding the damage potential for your team(especially with Facet when you're in co-op) and less room for skyfall mechanics to happen, but if you have at least one of these two, I'd highly recommend as it puts less of a demanding requirement for a board fixer when using a board changer(see: apocalypse + DQXQ for example).

    [​IMG] - If you lack Carat or Facet, Vajrayaksa is hands down the best inherit you can get ahold of for your team. He boosts light damage by 2x for 3 turns and also hastes your team, outclassing Awoken Thor in every way possible.

    [​IMG] - Awoken Thor similar to Vajrayaksa boosts lights by 2x, except only for 2 turns and also boosts water which can play a very rare but significantly niche role in getting you killed on Noah Dragon. He's actually one of the few exceptions for a base sub as his awakenings and HP prove solid, only with his attack being way too high that it ends up getting absorbed by Parvati. If you plan on using him as a base sub, make sure he's all the way to the left so he dosen't make Parvati your nightmare.

    [​IMG] - As the majority of Myr teams contains Dragon/Machine Typing, Baldin's a pretty solid base inherit since he also provides a 50% shield in case something goes wrong when you're trying to burst, or the other way around when tanking a 500% gravity from someone like Gaia Dragon.

    [​IMG] - Can be inherited to sweep through predras in a mere instant + 1 turn 50% shield similar to other shields' purposes.

    [​IMG] - Since the majority of Myr teams contains God typing, Muse can work to a degree and be effective for his 2 turn burst of 2.5x damage to Gods.

    [​IMG] - When the Hello Kitty buffs come out for NA, TAMADRApurin only buffs for 1 turn, but provides a substantial 3x enhance.

    [​IMG] - Delay is near irreplaceable as it can mean the difference between stalling on a floor for actives before the encounter with Radars, or for making Vishnu an easy breeze to sweep through.. Any version of Orochi works, but usually Awoken/Reincarnated Orochi is more than enough to delay a floor. Great alternative: [​IMG]

    [​IMG][​IMG] - Wee Jas provides a great two-in one active skill: Delaying enemies and guaranteeing you full activation of Myr's leader skill. The only downside would be one turn delay, but in situations where you need use heals to heal up/bind clear/delay, he's your go-to inheritance skill.

    [​IMG][​IMG] - While a shield isn't necessary, if you need one, the best one to inherit would be Indra, followed up by Susano. Some 100% shield options work, but they usually last for only 1 - 2 turns. A 75% shield/50% would allow you to survive a hard 500% gravity or hit on a floor should a terrible situation pop up instantly.

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] - While Myr leads are unbindable, you may want to unbind subs while/or provide enough hearts to burst on a board if there's a light TPA. The Fairy Tail girls prove respectable, with Megumi being the best as she not only clears 5 turns of bind, she also converts junk orbs to heart orbs as well.

    [​IMG] - While not preferred, Raphael can also work as a base inherit and boasts a tremendous 5 row awakenings along with an active skill that grants 100% damage for 2 turns. Unfortunately when using his active skill, he also floods your board full of hearts which can also mean wasting a turn without using another board change in conjunction to him. Due to these niche situations he's usually preferred as an inherit for some players who lack better options aside from Raphael in their box.

    Sample Teams

    -More than 40k HP with maniac HP badge thanks to Revo Orochi bringing nearly 9000 himself and the Andros keep up the RCV.
    -Good TPA damage in Orochi and Ryune and 11 rows
    -Urd + Andro and Ryune + Y'shtola can be used as board combos
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    -You can have a ridiculous HP total here, something like over 45k with maniac HP badge
    -ASQ can be something else like Barbarossa for extra TPA damage, their active isn't necessarily needed thanks to it being left alone for Carat/Facet anyways.
    -Inherit on friend can be anything really, Ryune, Urd, Orochi, etc should all work well.
    (Credits to clayx)

    -Barbarossa can also be a good delay option, compared to ASQ, he has higher ATK and a blue orb generating active
    -Facet removes the need for a burst combo to deal high damage
    My options are rather lacking, but this something I built with my box I have. When Reincarnated Orochi arrives, I'll look to switching the team up, but now, it's still an example of a non-ideal team that can still clear solo with high consistency.

    :awakening28::awakening28::awakening28::awakening17::awakening17: :awakening28::awakening28::monster6::monster6: :awakening28::awakening28::awakening28::awakening28::awakening28: :awakening28::awakening28::awakening5::awakening5::awakening5: :awakening28::awakening28::awakening17::awakening17::awakening17: :awakening28::awakening28::awakening28::awakening8::awakening24:
    Inherits are at the bottom, base at the top.
    Physical killers on Ryune to deal with Meimei.
    Board combos are Urd + Andro and Ryune + Y'shtola.
    I use the maniac HP badge, it's also the one I recommend, as blue tends to have very good high-RCV subs and more HP never hurts.
    Ideally Urd would be Summurd and Thor would be I&I.
    Stack TPA and bring as many unbindable members as possible. Between the 2 teams, you'll need a gemstone (Facet/Carat) and a big delay.

    Myr(board change)/Kanna(gemstone)/Ariel(delay)/Paimon/flex, for both sides.
    • Myr is very orb efficient, and by far the least AS reliant cross lead. Her team has very good natural HP/rcv to allow hoarding orbs without having to use a cross, thanks to Myr/Paimon/Orpharion as enormous stat sticks. The strategy is simple for most floors, hoard 5 hearts and 4 lights. A single TPA deals 8m+ damage, which is sufficient for most things.
    • With 50k HP combined between the teams, you can literally tank everything, like Ilsix's Abyssal Tempest and altogether giving you 10 turns to kill Heradra.
    • Linking 5 orbs is perfect for controlling damage to <1m per unit, very useful against Vishnu and Heradra. And the team has very uniform base attack stats (Myr, Paimon, Kanna, Ariel, Apoc all have 1650-1750 base attack).
    Credits goes to @wangatang0830
    Hybrid team (@aFireBlaze)
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    With Maniac HP Badge:
    -Hits up to 39k HP
    -Mixture of Rows and TPAs - uses TPAs to sweep through floors, 3 TPAs + Kanna inherit for killing predras, use rows for killing through Radar and Kali when using a burst active.
    -2 board changers and fixers for back to back floor bursts
    -3 turn enhancer can burst all the way from Radar Dragon to Kali and then kill two pys with 1 TPA or all pys with 2 TPAs
    -Always stalls on floor 18 back up for skills, pops Orochi when heart trolled while stalling and then kills floor when down to 1 turn left on enemy counter.
    Full TPA Team(Credits to Trizkial1):
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    -Maniac HP Badge hits up to 35k+ HP
    -Friend myr depends if co-oping, usually has Orochi or a board change otherwise
    -Fully Unbindable with 100% SBR
    -1 TPA dishes out more than 10 million damage in just a couple of combos
    -1 TPA kills predras with Facet
    -Wukong can be used early for a sweep through a floor, then Ganesha can be used to survive against Gaia Dragon should the case be necessary + enhance for even more damage on a floor that's necessary

    What should I know about the floors?
    (Skip to radar if you don't care about the others)

    Your choice whether you let him give you skyfalls or not. With Navi you should just let him. If you don't have her, you can and will get screwed over, especially on Noah and Hera dragon. If you are targeting Hephaestus or Gaia dragon though, I guess he's a good thing.

    80% grav into 20k+ hit, ouch.
    There is a 4% chance you get this spawn, as it has to be in this order, too.
    If you don't have 7 SB or don't have SDR, and there isn't 5 hearts on the board, you will die.

    If you're in solo, don't be stupid and don't cross. They hit for a combined total of 44k+.
    The cross carries over, you can pop an active and just break through their defense.

    Cross carries over. They hit too hard if you don't cross. The usual stuff.

    Bind->Skill Bind
    Another stupid way to die, this is very possible if you only bring 5 SBR and even more possible if you're holding 2 of those SBR on one monster (like Andro).
    The Grodin and Ra tamadras have a 2 turn timer, so if you do not have 5 hearts on board, make sure you take the turn to clear for more.
    If you got Blodin + Grodin and he breaks your hearts, GG, Grodin Tama hits for almost 30k damage.

    She rages for 51k+ every 6th turn. Just try not to stall on her too long.


    He likes to give you a nice 99 turn of free wood skyfall.
    Do yourself a favor and kill him right away.

    They hit for 54 000 combined. Just be careful. I usually Orochi delay here.
    Your cross carries over, you can use that turn to burst their defense, as well.

    :light: - Just use a TPA or something
    :water: - TPA 7 combo with Ryune (no additional OEs) 6 combo with A.SQ or 4 combo with Orochi.
    Combo requirements slightly more relaxed if you have something like Sumire/Summurd with OEs.
    If you have none of those, use a row.

    Everyone hates Sopdet.
    You can pop an active and use a cross and 1 completely unenhanced combo only, which will stay under 200k and get rid of >half her HP.
    Doing ~2 rows without a cross will also stay under her absorb and deal decent damage.
    Clear for jammers before lakshmi

    2nd Left col [​IMG]:fire:; 2nd Right col [​IMG]:fire:
    This means that if you have 1-2 jammers, you can place them in those columns and he will get rid of them for you.

    :light: - A free round. You can wait for her to give the board, pop a heart maker, and make a TPA or two
    :water: - Really annoying. Row + TPA does it but you need either ~6 combos or a good number of the orbs being enhanced.
    She's literally the reason I have physical killer latents on Ryune.

    On Hino sadly your main option is grind him down with rows if you don't have an Orochi up.
    Try to have an Orochi up.

    She is very annoying. How do I save orbs for my partner (or for my next turn)?
    If she used Trishula, you should look at the orbs you're trying to save and put them in a way that avoids Calming Mountain Wind.
    Look at the board in columns and leave them like this:
    :fire: :fire:
    :water: :fire:
    :heart: :fire:
    :water: :water:
    :light: :heart:

    You need a non-red orb beneath, so that it does not go away making your attacking orbs fall to an area that gets removed.
    To kill Parvati with a Myr team also, you match only 1 light match and a heart cross, 2 combos in total..

    For those who have paimons or too many light orb enhances, they are forced to use skills for unenhanced light orbs. Unenhanced allows players to combo up to 5.
    1 blue combo and less than 8 combos total will get rid of a bit more than half her HP. You can also connect 5 but that makes skyfall combos slightly more dangerous.

    Damage to kill:
    :light: - TPA
    :water: - Row or 4+3

    If you have the mortal poisons left over from Grisar just be aware that he will hit for 45k and turn them into hearts.
    Free turn for coop, dangerous for solo (you should cross)

    Make sure you have enough HP to take his hits, otherwise delay or cross. ~48k needed. Use Heradra absorb orb combos for him.

    If a subattribute is absorbed, especially one at the very right of your team, he will have very little HP left.
    Please cross/make sure you have >46 238 HP or a little bit of skyfall into DQ Hera will kill you.
    Remember that he prioritizes the absorb above all if there is not one up. If you delay him, and he absorbs, try and remember what move he used before the delay, as the next in the moveset is what he does next, don't expect a 99% grav and get killed.
    Another thing to note is that his 99% hit is effectively however much HP you have at the given time. Many people choose not to cross there, but it tends to be larger than his other two hits, and shielding it will actually save you more HP, effectively.

    A single TPA will get him into 30% unless you aren't running enough TPA subs.
    :light: - Wukong or Paimon works, as he is dark, at the very most he has ~3m HP and 1.5m effective. Board change + Myr if needed also works.
    You can just tank the rage in coop.
    :water: - Enjoy the free board.

    He will rage when his timer on the combo absorb says 93, you just need 38k HP and you can tank it with a cross. (somewhat difficult in solo)

    Dump excess Orochi delays here, get that extra bit of stalling needed before radars.

    She puts up a status shield when <90% so try not to hit her if you want to delay her.

    Beelzebub is annoying. Don't make a single attacking combo and think you'll be safe because the truth is you are probably going to get like 5 more skyfalls and he will give you a full poison board.
    All of the radars + Kali have status shields so let's hope you used up your delays!
    Please note that all of the radars other than Hephdra and Gaiadra will dispell before their "final hit" so Indra can't save you there!
    You will have to accept that due to the nature of absorbs, there will be some times that RNG will screw you over. Nothing you can really do about it.

    Lots of people hate this guy. For good reason too, as that's why we're forced to inherit something on everyone in the first place!

    78 000 000 HP
    Blue Halve
    50% Resolve, will heal 50% if his HP is <1%.
    Turn 1 - 11 861
    Turn 2 - 23 958
    Turn 3 - 36 288
    Turn 4 - 48 856
    Turn 5 - 61 655
    Turn 6 - 74 694
    After that - 425 012

    Hopefully you have enough actives up. Other than that, the strategy is fairly obvious, burst hard and use your burst active/inherit as needed. Killing him off completely right off the bat isn't too bad as he only heals to half and you can do a bit of ping damage the next turn to get rid of that resolve.
    This is just common sense but be aware of the attributes your available orb changes convert; sometimes it is better to spend a turn clearing everything but that + your main orb type so you'll have more to burst with the next.
    Only radar where Indra will save you from the final rage hit.


    99 turn stall not required contrary to popular belief. Do it if you want to be completely safe.

    31 500 000 HP
    5m void
    Will hit for a combined damage of 17013 every turn when above 50% HP, alongside a random 1-turn bind, orb convert that has a chance of breaking hearts, and two random absorbs.(Actually there is a limited amount of combination of absorbs. Not too relevant)
    She will use each of her Judgements in order, so if you knock her <30%, she isn't going to Fourth Judgement you right away, she will have to go through the first three in order first.
    <90% - 51 039, 10 turn skill bind. Don't have a sub with SBRs bound going into this.
    <70% - 68 052, blind.
    <50% - 136 104, 5 turn skill delay
    <30% - 226 840 (56k+ shielded), 2 turn awakening bind
    And with each of her Judgements, she uses a 1-turn 75% shield.
    However, when below 10%, Final Judgement takes priority over all, no matter how many she has used already. It also includes a dispell so you are dead no matter what if you manage to get her within that.

    So how do you kill her?

    1. Stall 99 turns
    Good luck. There isn't much to it, just stall the 99 turns, wait til she doesn't absorb anything on your team, and go for it. Try not to fall asleep.
    2. Kill her through the shield.
    This is the way I do it.
    Wait until she doesn't absorb your main attribute. It is up to you to find out what stays under 5m for your team, (Cross+row+3+3 usually is fine, or cross+tpa if you don't have a quad-pronger) but this should get her to ~30%. You now have 2 turns to kill her through a 75% shield (so her absorb is effectively 20m at this stage).
    Assuming she is at 30% HP, she has ~40m effective HP at this point. You need to be sure not to get her <10% because she will kill you.
    3. Grind her close to 50% as you can and then finish off.
    It's sort of annoying but you can do this too. If you get some unneeded skyfalls, it can result in a 5 turn skill delay or instant death, depending on how badly you mess it up.
    Also, getting her right below 50% by accident tends to result in death, most likely.


    She's apparently one of the easier ones for light Myr. Just kill her through the shield and try not to deal too much damage.

    For BMyr, many think she is impossible, but I have actually gone 2/2 on her solo so far.
    In coop, BMyr should have no issues at all. There are a few ways to get around her, here's a few.
    • Carat etc. 2x burst works too but not so consistent.
    • Indra/Susano/Balboa (whatever shield you brought with you)
    • Charite
    • SDRs
    • Take some skill delays and just stall it back up when she's <50%
    Gaiadra has a confusing moveset. I'll try my best to explain.
    39 000 000 HP
    7 turn 75% shield
    The first 7 turns she will do the same thing, regardless of her current HP
    6m void
    1st turn - Spawn 3 jammers
    2nd turn - Do nothing
    3rd turn - 68 255
    4th turn - Spawn 3 jammers
    5th turn - Do nothing
    6th turn - 68 255
    7th turn - Blind.
    Shield goes down.
    >50% HP - Gaia Beam + Inhale.
    After that, as long as she is above 50% she will always use Skill Break - 25 719 + 3-5 turn skill delay.

    When <50%:
    If you have not taken a Skill Break yet, 500% gravity (one time use)
    If you have taken at least one Skill Break, she uses her regular moveset.
    Regular Moveset
    (Will use one of the two
    30-50% - Hardened Sign (33633). Randomly locks 6 orbs of any type.
    Earth's Mantle Press (35611). Blind
    20-30% - Cell Mending (41546) + she will heal by 10%
    Great Vine (40577) + binds one sub for 5 turns

    When <20%
    500% gravity.

    If you are using LMyr or a high damage enhance on Bmyr
    Just kill her through the shield.
    Good luck, it shouldn't be too hard.

    If you are using Indra (etc)
    Pop Indra on the 7th turn (after the blind) and use your burst combo but not a burst active, this should get her easily <50%. There are two more turns of the Indra shield, so she won't kill you, just use this time to finish her off.

    If you do not have Indra etc
    Let her do the absorb + skill delay. If she absorbs blue, each team member must take a total of 9-15 turns of skill delay, ouch. After that, you should knock her below 50% and try your best to stall, it's not very easy in solo as even her lightest hit is almost (or more than) your entire HP.


    Zeusdra is well-known as the easiest radar to deal with. His absorb is a fairly large margin and he doesn't have any overly complicated mechanics.

    78 000 000 HP
    20m void
    >90% Dispell + 500% grav
    He has different moves for every 10% of HP, not going to bother listing them all, use padx for that.
    I'll list the important ones.
    <50% HP (one time use): <8 combo absorb, 3 turns.
    If you don't think you can 8 combo (it's quite hard with a cross) don't try, if you end up doing too much damage without getting 8 combos you can actually heal him back to full and get a 500% grav.
    <40% HP - 36 465, changes all orbs to heart/poison
    Many people choose to stall here. It's possible to skyfall a row or something and knock him right into 20%, do this at your own risk. Try to make your cross in an upper corner and leave as much of the rest of the board unmatched as possible.
    <30% HP - 63 204, locks half your board randomly
    <20% HP - Dispell + 500% grav

    What are the ways of dealing with him?

    Let's do the math, he has 78 million HP. Your team has 6 sources of damage, 78/6 = 13, so you must do, on average, at least 13 million per team member. Additionally, thanks to the 20m void, you should try and make sure nobody is dealing more than 20m damage (this is actually fine if only one monster does too much, he will just void it and hopefully the rest of your team will do enough)

    This damage range is easily attainable with a burst combo + 2x enhance active. However, if you get a lot of skyfall, it's possible that everyone on your team does more than 20m damage. Because you need ~7.8m damage to knock him into safety zone on the first turn, you could still be safe if you have 3-4 same-attribute subattributes on your team (this is rare).

    There is a risk to this strategy as I just mentioned, but it's the one I use because it's quick and easy. So far, I've been lucky and it's worked every time (about 10 encounters since I started doing this)

    Grind to a (lower amount of HP) and finish off
    Pretty similar to the strategy above, just safer. Depending on the board and what Zeusdra chose to change himself to, might not need an enhance active.

    If you need some actives the 30-40% zone is a good place to stall them back up as you can essentially stall forever there.

    What if you accidentally get him in 30%?
    If he is <20% he will kill you the next turn
    If he is 20-30% he will lock half the board the next turn. Neither of which you want. At that point, you need to either 8-combo and deal enough damage to kill him or not do 8 combos and heal him out of 30%.
    If you are going for the 8 combo, make sure you actually get it, as if you deal enough damage without, you will heal him >90% and die anyways.


    Heradra is fairly straightforward, just that RNG can screw you over here as it is an absorb, not a void. She's a nightmare for most teams due to the very hard hits but heart cross makes her trivial.

    39 000 000 HP
    34 480 pre emptive
    2m absorb
    1st turn - Heals you + skip
    2nd turn - 86 200
    3rd turn - Heals you + skip
    4th turn - 107 750
    5th turn - Heals you + skip
    6th turn - 129 300
    7th turn - Heals you + skip
    8th turn - 151 020
    9th turn - Heals you + skip
    10th turn - 181 020
    11th turn - Skip

    From the damage numbers, we can see that in coop you get a very large 9 turns to kill her, while in solo it should be 5 or 7, depending on your team HP.

    First doing the calculations for coop
    39 000 000 / 12 = 3 250 000
    3 250 000 / 6 = 541 666

    So you want everyone on the team to be dealing an average of ~550k damage per turn. This should be very easy for light Myr as even simply making a cross and a single light match per turn plus a few combos does that. It's a bit harder for BMyr but you can use row or TPA to your advantage.

    Solo, assuming team HP is > 32 325
    39 000 000 / 7 = 5 571 428
    5 571 428 / 6 = 928 571

    This puts a bit more pressure on, but it shouldn't be a problem for light Myr, still. Bmyr might have to pop her shield, for the later hits, but it's definitely possible to have a very high clear rate on her, still.
    :light::light::light::light::light:, <8 combos

    :light::light::light: + :light::light::light:, <9 combos

    :light::light::light:, <7 combos

    :water::water::water: + :water::water::water: + :water::water::water:

    :water::water::water::water: + :water::water::water:, (as long as no Orochi), <6 combos

    :water::water::water::water::water::water: (as long as no Navi), <5 combos

    :water::water::water::water: (as long as no Orochi), <8 combos

    (assuming all orbs are enhanced. If there are a large number of unenhanced orbs, you can do more combos)

    Here is a video that demonstrates a few of the ways to kill the radars.


    Congrats, you made it, it's Kali!
    Sometimes, if you're not used to it, you might be out of actives at this point.
    If you're in coop, don't worry, you still have a decent chance.
    If you're in solo, tough luck.
    In coop, you should spend one turn crossing and saving attacking orbs, then the next turn you attack (when her shield is down). Your chances are decent this way. If you're completely out of actives and there's <5 hearts on the board, nothing you can do.

    Tanking a <5% ragehit in coop requires a bit less than 48k HP, so just be aware of that.


    Yay, you made it! The piis hit for >20k combined so try not to die here.

    You should know these boards:

    Additionally, if you are going for max damage, a few of them should be corrected as the boards above take only row into account, and as long as your team has a few TPA it should be something different.
    For 7 and 9 hearts it should look like this:


    However, use your own best judgement when bursting radars, as you need to make sure there isn't someone doing too much damage.

    Urd (ryune, apoc, saria) only gave me 4 hearts D:
    Something like this is your best bet. There's a bit less than a 1/6 chance of it working, good luck.

    If you don't need to kill something, you should not pop your board fixer, leave it alone. Try something like this to slightly lower the chances of RNG screwing you over.

    On Beelzebub: If you only have Myr up
    If you delayed him:
    If not:

    Zeus Dragon: 8 combo shield. Use these if you want.
    Combo Shields (in general)

    How to tell if someone is about to rage hit you
    30% is the most important, take note that it is on the main-attribute orb of your third team member.

    Have fun farming A3! :)

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  2. LazarusPD

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    Feb 15, 2016
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    Did two runs in the past 2 days, died both times in co-op.

    First time to Zeus, because we were stalling with his poison/heart boards and I skyfalled a water 3 match that apparently brought him under 30% WHILE HE WAS GREEN ATTRIBUTE, didn't heal enough with all the poisons to tank. Fking skyfall.

    Second time, literally 20min ago to Heph Dra, didn't have inherits on everyone (lol), only my partner had skills, and I had 2 turns where I literally couldn't do a thing (no hearts and/or no lights), and then on the second last turn, I crossed, saved lights, cleared other things, and then skyfall took away the lights I saved. F you again skyfall.

    Does anyone know where to find optimal TPA boards for Miru?

  3. graps

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    Feb 16, 2016
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    385 693 374
    Right here
    TPA just has a bit of damage control issue, which is why I like row-TPA hybrid builds.

    Let's run A3 with Re.Lak sometime :p Feel free to message me on Discord sometime tomorrow, I'll probably be around
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  4. Kerumi

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    Dec 4, 2016
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    NA - 377,576,246
    I've been trying to clear A3 with BMyr for awhile now :1 Somehow I always die to the RadarDra.
    My team rn is BMyr (Sitri inherit)/ ASQ/ AOrochi/Sumire/Gabriel.
    Since inheriting is now easier I think I can clear it, but I need help on inheriting..
    I have Navi, another Sumire, another Sitri, Nut, ReLak, also Neptune and AFreyr as burst in box.
    do you think inheriting ASQ on Orochi or Orochi on ASQ is a good idea? Then I can slot in a Navi and inherit maybe a Sumire or Sitri..

    Sorry for long post and thanks for the guide :>
  5. graps

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    Yeah I'd put Navi in there for either Orochi or ASQ.
    If you have an urd, she should go on Bmyr.
    Something like
    Bmyr(Sitri)/Navi(Orochi)/ASQ(Freyr)/Sumire(Sitri or dupe Sumire)/Gabriel(Orochi)/Bmyr(urd)
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  6. HeartlessIndigo

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    Aug 13, 2013
    How would this work :u

    bmyr(urd) / orochi / navi / andromeda / gab (thor)

    I can inherit sitri and skuld

    Also, how does A3 compare the the one shot dungeons we've had with the radar dragons? Those were decently easy with bmyr, and if A3 isn't too bad compared to those, I think I'll try it
  7. graps

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    It's harder for sure, as you need to deal with Kali after the random radar dragon, but if you found the one shots pretty easy, I don't think you will have any problem with A3. Just that you might want a couple more inherits to improve your chances against the more troublesome radars (Heph and Gaia), the answer to both is pretty much just add more inherits.

    I'd go Orochi/navi(sitri)/Andro(optional SDR inherit or maybe a shield)/gabriel(thor)
    2 burst combos in urd + andro and urd + sitri, assuming you pair with a Bmyr inherit urd.
    You could also use skuld inherit orochi instead of orochi himself.
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    Aug 13, 2013
    Huh, so I have andro with another andro inherited on her (for SDR), would an Indra on her be better though? How would I value him vs an andro active (she's effectively a 75% shield along with damage boost on her own, so not sure how much an Indra inherited on her would help)

    Also, how does A.sq compare to orochi?

    The team right now is

    Besides the team comp, how do I manage with assisted skills? When should I wait for the second skill and when should I use the first? Haven't really touched those much tbh, I've only used the second skill when they were direct upgrades from the first, yet they aren't exactly so in this case.
  9. graps

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    Indra stacks with your leaders' shields. It's there to take a 500% gravity from Gaiadra and lowers the pressure of dealing damage on Heradra, as you get 4 more turns that way. He also makes Kali easier if you get neither of those, as it's basically buying you 3 extra turns to get her <65% into safety.

    Giving advice on how to manage inherits and when they come back is sort of difficult, it's more of an experience thing, but for the first 12 floors or so you can pretty much use whatever base active. If an Orochi is close to coming up I just let it charge and pop it when needed, as he makes the base skill almost come up anyways. I'd start charging Orochi up at maybe floor 16-17 ish so that he's up in case of Vishnu and if not, can delay floor 22.
    You can cycle Navi's active whenever you need to stall, I would stop using it at floor 20 though (Hera Ur/Is/Vishnu/Shiva) since that's the last time there's a chance of a bad skyfall (Hera Ur) that she can cancel. After that you should probably let Sitri charge.
  10. wangatang0830

    wangatang0830 Well-Known Member

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    Apr 18, 2014
    Copy and pasted my posts from

    Additional notes:
    • IMO Venus is a very bad sub, at least in coop. Ariel is much better as a base monster.
    • Orochi on Ariel works better for the reasons stated above.
    • No need for Saria + LAkechi when you have a gemstone.
    • Kaede is a tier below Myr/BMyr due to orb hungry, AS reliant and bindable leaders.
    • Latents on Kanna should always be 3x atk 1x SDR and flex. 3 atk is copy and pasted from Radra team (full activation + TPA + 7 combos + 2x enhance = just enough to kill predras). And 1 SDR because 1 SDR + gemstone inherit = her own skill is up after 15 turn delay from Hephdra.

    My personal team for coop is:
    Myr(Saria)/Kanna(Carat)/Ariel(Orochi)/Apoc(unskilled Apoc)/Paimon(unskilled Saria)

    If I have all the subs available, my idea of an ideal team would be:
    Myr(Saria)/Kanna(Facet)/Ariel(Orochi)/Apoc(unskilled Apoc)/Paimon(ADQXQ)
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  11. graps

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    Makes sense.

    I also think Saria + Akechi is a bit overkill, as I have found a burst combo + 2x enhance has been sufficient for pretty much everything. It's good to have someone with experience with the light based team weigh in.
    As for the Venus = bad sub part, that is what I thought too, but many people seemed to be using her (I guess I should already know that it's not good to base it off that)
    What's your strategy for Noah dragon?

    Your TPA team looks like it works very well, I will add it + your description to the example teams section.
    A blue version could be Bmyr(Urd)/A.Sun Quan(Carat)/Orochi(Orochi)/Sumire(Andromeda)/Skuld(Ryune) ?
    Rather unfortunate there is no similarly hard-hitting TPA monster in blue.
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  12. wangatang0830

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    Apr 18, 2014
    Venus used to take Kanna's spot on the team before her Uevo arrived. So I'm guessing it's mainly people who don't follow the meta are still using the old team?

    My team has 38k HP with maniac HP badge, so technically i can tank the 136,104 hit. However, I've yet to kill her solo in A3, but I did manage to in OSC.

    The team only has a fire sub-attribute, so I went with grind to near 50%, wait for non-absorb and kill from there. 4/6 of the team is unbindable is very useful there.
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  13. HeartlessIndigo

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    Aug 13, 2013
    yay, cleared A3 first try w/ that team. Was actually pretty easy (I got zuesdra spawn). I'll post pics in a bit

    for the floors, I think I got
    hera ur

    So basically some of the easiest spawns for bmyr, lol

    This is where I realized that I could actually clear the damn dungeon, lol. Started taking pics from here. (Note how navi is up, I need her sitri skill, but I didn't realize that, oops).

    (Also note how my skuld with orochi is fully charged, double oops. I didn't have to use her once in the entire dungeon, and at this point w/zuesdra and kali left, she's pretty useless)

    A close all where I would've died if auto-heals hadn't gotten a buff. Yay for gab. though, I if I hadn't used navi earlier, I would've have needed to stall 10+ turns to get sitri back up

    The best opportunity possible, he's on fire, sitri is back up in 1 turn, and all my other skills are charged, weee

    the one shot (after ages of stalling)

    The board that one shots her (don't have pics of damage, but yeah... Compare this pic with the next)

    Boring page w/ proof that I one shot kali


    forgot to take pic of loot, but ended up with flametan, machine killer, green predra, and woodpy

    Now all I have to do is clear A2
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  14. graps

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    Okay, I finished up the floor-by-floor guide (well, I pointed out all of the enemies that had anything significant to watch out for)
    If someone who knows about the subs for light Myr could do a quick writeup of the main subs for me, that would be appreciated. :)

    Have you tried doing gemstone + row to stay under 5m, then using the 2nd turn of the enhance to finish off (with the effective 20m shield)? Not sure how well that would work though.
    If I get a Sumire ever, I'll give the blue version of that team a shot.

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  15. honestrade

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    Jul 31, 2013
    Is Tamapurin a decent replacement for a gemstone enhance on a light Myr team? Not sure how big a difference the extra turn makes. I'm gemstone-less unfortunately. Currently using A Loki enhance on Kanna.

    EDIT: Also while I'm thinking about it, is there any point to bringing a bind clear when 4/6 of my team is unbindable? I currently have Sleeping Beauty on Ariel but maybe I should change it to ADQXQ or Indra.
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  16. graps

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    I'd rather use Loki as 2x over 2 turns does more damage increase overall than 3x for one.

    IMO with 4/6 unbindable, 2 of which are your leads, there is very little reason to use a bindclear. If you aren't short on orb changes, Indra is quite nice to have, otherwise DQXQ are always nice.
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  17. PADRagnarok

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    Is the Reincarnated Minerva from the chart (seen as the most consistent) the cheese team or a normal Minerva team? If it's normal, how does she deal with Vishnu and Parvati?
  18. ainvar

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    Thanks for writing this! Still processing. I'm thinking I'll probably try to solo farm A3 with either Ra Dragon uvo or DAthena eventually, but I might try a few Myr runs. My only clear of the dungeon is with Ronove, but the team I used is automatic death on certain spawns due to God killer and other issues.

    Anyway, just looking for some advice.

    Here are my sub options:
    Myr, Myr dupe, Apocalypse, LGadius, Wukong, Paimon, Elia. I have other cards but I think they aren't as good as the ones listed.
    My available inherits are pretty good:
    Baldin, Indra x3, Hydra and AOrochi, Raphael and Ganesha x2, Loki and Thor and DDYomi as burst options, and various Wee Jas, fairy tale girls, etc as possible inherits as well. I also have a Gadius I can inherit.

    Main missing pieces are ADQXQ, gemstone, LAkechi, Saria, and Kanna.

    What would you recommend for an A3 build?

    Currently I'm running Myr.Baldin Apocalypse LGadius Wukong and either Elia or Paimon in the third slot. But I think for A3 I may want to go more defensive. I don't think I want to run Elia despite the fact that she combos with Apocalypse. But I could run an LAkechi inherit friend and combo him with LGadius.

    Proposed Team:
    Myr.Baldin LGadius.Gadius Apocalypse.Indra Wukong.Orochi Myr.Hydra Myr.LAkechi

    Gadius -> LAkechi is my kill board. Baldin is my burst and actually hits the whole team (!)
    Then I have two delays and an Indra. Alternately I could run Myr.Thumbelina for bind clear and/or Gadius board fixing. I also rather like Paimon. I could run something like Paimon.Apocalypse or put Paimon in the dupe Myr slot.

  19. graps

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    Dath and Radra are definitely the better A3 farmers IMO. the main advantage of Myr is that she's accessible compared to the better A3 farming leads.

    I'm no expert on the regular Myr, but I don't think Gadius is really good, other than being unbindable he really doesn't have anything going for him, as the active is rather unreliable and he does no TPA damage either. Ariel is definitely better if you have her. Myr doesn't really need an unbind as the leads are unbindable and any unavoidable bind in Arena can be stalled out.

    The main issue I see with your team is the lack of burst board, replacing Gadius with Ellia to combo with Apoc is probably what I would do, I'd also definitely replace the dupe Myr with Paimon.
  20. ainvar

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    The issue with Elia is I would struggle to even hit 30k HP. Since I want to run solo that's just unacceptable. Gadius is OK in my experience. Paimon or Myr fix if you're in a do or die situation. Obviously not ideal, but...

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