New reroll, need help with causal teams Lumiel/LMeta

Discussion in 'Monster Lineup' started by LostTie, Aug 12, 2017.

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    I rerolled just last 2 weeks; lost my old account from old phone. Here's the lineup:

    Notable leads: Lmeta, Lumiel, DQXQ
    Notable subs: Famiel, Muse, Minerva, Pandora, Acala, UmiYama, Horus, Diadem
    Fun Trash (for skill transfer?): newlywed Ruka (clear status), Light wisedragon (Lmeta), Kagugtschi (Horus), Blue wisedragon (UmiYama)
    Trash Dark utility: Cursed Wyrm (#1358) Dark+, Henry Boram (#1290) Water->Dark

    I ran mostly Lumiel with best friend Sima Yi for speed farming and low level descends. I got to play with 4 color and +combos but DQ and LMeta. My last account I got a full Ronia/Ronia+Ronia team and was a different play style; I got bore with full +dark board. Currently I have not beat Evo descend yet but will be next week with Umi/Pandaro pulls.

    ?Farming with Lumiel question:
    +TPAs or Pandora/Diadem Dark Rows
    +Muse God 2.5x enough for descends to farm UV materials with Lumiel/Sima leads?

    ?What is a good line up with Evo material farming (Tues/Thurs/Fri) with Lumiel?

    ?Should I keep UmiYama/Pandora (from the 10 stone pulls) not UV and keep their max skills for transfer? Their speedy max board changer can be ready on first and second floors.

    ?I've using MP to buy tamara for my leads. Should I save to buy any listed from 100~300k MP? I am not IAP so only free stuff.

    ?Descends: LMeta or DQ? What's good line up?

    ?If I tamara egged my DQ for her current form, then downgrade for UV, do I lose the extra awokens?

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    The main advice for new accounts is just to save up stones--lots of them are available in this event, and challenge mode provides many more--and find the right godfest or other event to roll a bunch more. Get advice on whether a particular godfest is worthwhile before rolling. Don't roll in special REMs (like June Bride). Any plans you make now will likely change wildly, depending on what you get.

    A few randomly ordered thoughts:

    Horus is pretty good early on, since you can just run whatever subs on him. This is particularly true once he is awoken/reincarnated, but if you can at least find reincarnated horus friends, you should do okay.

    I like light cross LMeta (the one who loses Healer typing) a lot these days, though it may be difficult to make a good team early on. Reincarnated DQXQ is great, and (farmable) Valkyrie is solid. Wisedragon wouldn't be used on that team because you don't need the damage enhance.

    Pandora with dark rows is still a good lead for the stuff you want to clear right now. You need dark orb-changers to make it work well. I don't know if anyone leads with Lumiel.

    Almost no one runs UmiYama. Good luck getting value out of it, to be honest. Certainly Awoken UmiYama is reasonable strong if you can find friends. I don't think there's any reason not to go awoken.

    Evo material farming is pretty easy these days. I wouldn't overthink it.

    Never spend MP on tamadras. They are very easy to farm from the special tamadra dungeons, which we get about once a week and which you can also buy with gold any time you want.

    For farming tamadras and similar dungeons, things will be easier if you play multiplayer mode (costs half the stamina). Imho, the easiest way to find multiplayer friends is on the discord server, though it may take you a while to get the hang of it:

    No, you don't waste tamadras if you unevo something. The tamadra count is always saved.
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    As someone who rerolls for sport, if I get them, I evo at least one wisedragon. They pair very easily with so many leads, and 25/125x (with a mirror lead/Active skill) gets me very far, very fast without fatiguing myself with demanding LS or 7x6 when the account is just trying to blow through trash normals/techs through Legendary Earth and Lifive and also to A1.

    @MisterDrgn has great advice.

    My reroll just hit 10 days.
    Horus is my 2nd priority lead, for reasons cited by Mister. The bird isn't 1st priority just because Oda Nobu just makes things too easy.

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