Okay ladies and gents: shivadra or yomidra

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What do I dooooooo

  1. Shiva

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  2. Yomi

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  3. Hold on to it

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  1. SNG^_-

    SNG^_- Kirin oooooh kill'em!

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    Feb 10, 2014
    Just want some opinions. I have 300k mp and all dragons are coming back. I already have a radra so lining towards shivadra for farming reasons esp with 10x descends. My dark box has quite a few subs but I don't have akechi and the downside of shivadra is I have to bring up an entire team for him which could suck. Ie ares rvalk urd etc all that good stuff. Another option is just holding onto it and they might release a mp dragon 2.0 that is Co op focused as some have suggested. Oh and I'd hate to roll my soul away for two eschmali now that I think about it....still yomidra is darks only bind clear. Plz halp onegai
  2. Revelate

    Revelate Well-Known Member

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    Nov 6, 2013
    Shivagon farms better than Yomigon, but Yomigon's either 2nd or 3rd most likely in terms of farm clearances. Constellations also do well, though not at the high descend level that either of the other two do typically. I would suggest though that Yomigon's probably #3 or #4 on the dark bind clear list, HAlraune / Snow White are both excellent depending on team, and Aamir does not suck. Heart-row bind clear is in all ways suboptimal, though I haven't found it to be a problem on the alt with Yomigon.

    I'm pretty much in the same boat on my main (Radra with mp in the bank), but raising an entire new team for Shivagon sucks, hard. I tried and roughly 3m wasted exp to Ares later I gave up, and I'd have to do that twice? No thanks, if I get an Ares skillup that doesn't involve sacrificing stupid numbers of Red Super Kings to the RNG Gods, I'll reconsider.

    I am considering Yomigon though, but that's in part because my alt has one, and co-op is inbound sometime. It would be a farm upgrade as well, as I built out Castor but Castor is starting to be a better Yomigon sub than lead apparently, the RCV just isn't there for serious content and I'm pairing with a Yomigon for pretty much all content as is anyway.

    Eschamali is a very very nice to have, but not a requirement for Yomigon.

    I'm leaning towards just holding it though. The MP purchases will be back, I need to egg out the Radra team anyway and get into the Arena and go on with life.

    Then I'll figure out future MP purchases is my thinking, once I actually have the pie access to build the supporting cast.
  3. Neon

    Neon Member

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    Oct 30, 2013
    Since you have a radra for the hard descends, I would go with shivadra.
  4. jlarimore

    jlarimore Well-Known Member

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    Jan 8, 2014
    If you are like me, 95% of your time in PAD is spent farming. And, Shivadra is the undisputed king of farming. Get him and harvest like you have never harvested before!

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