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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Ryuzaito, Jun 3, 2014.

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    It's really late and I'm exceedingly bored so I was like why not :p
    To reduce clutter, we should try to have a system of answer-create where the only person who can write a new puzzle is the one who just answered the last one (meaning the author must confirm that it was correct) but people are lame and can't follow rules so my hopes are not high for this =_=;
    Please help me find my friend :( She'd been having some fishy behavior a while ago, but I didn't expect her to take it to the ultimate degree since she usually has her guard up when things get dangerous. I hear she recently joined up with some guys to go around looking for a fight so please try to bring her back before she gets hurt too badly :( She's usually great with recovering from incidents like this but I'm afraid that she's taken it too far this time. If you have any idea where I could find her please let me know!
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    All threes (333,333,333)
    Does it have to be PAD related?

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