PCC (Tails) vs. Dragons! Same old adventure, NEW journal!

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    WARNING contains JP spoilers

    My old blog: http://puzzleanddragonsforum.com/th...-after-70-rem-rolls-a-3rd-gf-exclusive.46958/

    That blog is pretty outdated now and I am starting to lose track of my REM pulls now, so I think, why not start a new blog afresh?

    Basic Information about me as a PAD gamer:
    Started playing NA, stopped and switched to JP around Jan/Feb 2014
    Rank 34, 109/110 Friends, 620 box space (as of 16 June 2015)

    These are the most common teams I use, along with monster box with highly leveled monsters. I am not posting my entire box, so you may definitely miss something, but I assure you I will update my box for you guys, and the more useful monsters will eventually be leveled up and show up here!

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