[PSA] Kaede owners: Today is a very good day to max-skill an Indigo for farming

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    King Bubtans are guaranteed invades in Indigo Descended today. It's a good day to max-skill Indigo.

    Why would you want to max-skill Indigo?

    When Indigo is evolved, you can tack her on to a Tengu or other wood-attribute monster with a short CD as an assist for farming with Kaede and a Dios army.

    Pop Dios, pop Indigo, line up the locked orbs in a column but make sure they don't match. On all subsequent floors, pop Dios and swipe green orbs.

    It makes more sense to see it in action.

    If you already have a wood row farming team, you can farm Indigo with Dios swipes. Just make sure you bring full SBR AND you heal up to at least 11,076 health before entering the final floor. (If your team HP is high enough, ALB's active should suffice.)

    It's also a good idea to bring an orb refresh skill to unlock and clear the locked jammers and poison orbs on the final floor.

    Here's a sample build:

    Team A: LB / Dios / Dios / Dios / flex

    Team B: LB / Dios / Dios / laser / Raguel (full SBR)

    Tweak for your box(es) as you see fit.

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