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Discussion in 'Q&A' started by ryerye, Jan 13, 2019.

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    Mar 13, 2013
    Ok, can't believe I still don't get this but:

    1. If a VDP card like DMeta has two color, if I make a box based on the secondary color, does the main color damage still goes pass? I.e. if I make a light box for DMeta would the dark still Pierce through?

    2. Do + on an assist card transfer to the main like the base stats? I noticed that adding a few + on the assist card doesn't make any difference to the base cards stats. Do you +297 your weapon assist cards?
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    I was meaning to ask about the first question myself. As for the second question, it does transfer but only 10% if it has the same main attribute as the monster it is assisting. So in the end, you really don't benefit a whole lot from giving +297 to your assist monster/equip but it is something; I would probably say it's only saved for equips that are useful enough to be used somewhat frequently, usually 6-7 star collab monsters that has an equip evolution option or equips such as Ed's Pocket Watch or the Heart Box.
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    No it does not unfortunately. Only the color of the box gets through. However, it sometimes is enough. If you have a bad board (let's say 13dark/17lights), set it up as a light 7c VDP and if you have a burst or lucky skyfalls, it may be enough.

    If not, your best bet is to have a +combo active like Morrigu. For light VDP like Yusuke, Pixel Lightning is a wonderful active.

    Another option is to have a 100% consistent setup, like for farming certain dungeon where you may need that 7-8c VDP and can spare the actives. Example: http://pad.dawnglare.com/?s=LN1QOR1

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