Reality check: Monster Hunter collab REM for non-whales

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    Osiris 2162 * 2.25 * 2 9729
    2x Vihsnu 2425 * 3.375 8184
    Mei 2299 * 2.25 * 2 10345
    Diablos 3657 * 2 7314

    w/ artemis 2864 * 2.25 6444. Total 2 prong damage = 46,922
    w/ Rathian 3166. Total 2 prong damage = 43,756
    7% more team damage with Artemis

    Artemis has OE which increases team damage but there are many non prong green matches on a 7x6 board. We'll call it a wash since I don't want to do more math.

    So it's roughly ~ 7% more team damage vs, imo, a better active. I would snap take the better active in this situation. Team damage is fine at 20m+ per turn without Artemis. I don't feel a need for 7% more.

    Artemis isn't bad. I just like Rathian more. In reality I would generally use Romia as the last sub and use Rathian when I want delay or poison and I don't see a situation where I would use Artemis.

    Side note: Maybe I suck at large green glob boards, but I don't like double orb change when I'm trying to max combo.
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    I Reincarnated all my Greek Gods (except Ares, obviously) and SI'd a constellation card on them, since the jammer/poison/heart conversion +haste is more useful for me.

    As for Romia, it is awesome she has 4 TE and I would swap her in the team *if* there is a high combo shield, otherwise I already have a lot of TE (8) on my team. She is a good SI too.
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    Yup. Like I said, time delay is still useful it's just with the prevalence of status shields I think the active is better putting on the team when you actually need/going to use it versus an everyday every dungeon sub active. (I.e. Situational)

    Some mechanics are repeated a bit too frequently for my taste and status shields (as well as res badges) fall in that list. So I would rather have an active I can actually use versus an active that is gimped many times when I actually need an active.
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