Returning Player: Need help focusing my Team Building

Discussion in 'P&D Discussion' started by Infestation_12, Dec 28, 2020.

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    Hey guys, as the title suggests, I am a returning player to PAD, after about 2 to 3 years of inactivity. During this time, I lost access to my old account, so had started up a new account a while back. I have been pretty busy lately, so I have only been logging in to collect free stones and rolling in godfests or other good events as they came around. Now that I have had some more free time, I have been charging through the normal/technical dungeons with a very generic mono-red team without much thought in team building. I have several teams I would like to build, but was hoping to get your guys opinions on how to focus my teambuilding.

    If there is a relatively simple way to share my box, please let me know and I will update this post accordingly. I have what appears to be several strong leaders in my box:
    • Great Witch Madoo (lead I am currently using)
    • Shelling Ford (The light Ult Evo seems to be a pretty strong rainbow leader)
    • Super Reincarnated Ra
    • Mega Awoken Fenrir Viz (The jammer playstyle seems fun)
    • Super Reincarnated Anubis (I second guess my skill at hitting 8 combos consistently, but I do have a fairly strong 1 turn cd skill sub in Magical Mechanist Menoa)
    • Additionally, I can use the monster exchange to grab Holy Night Gift Tamadra
    In terms of subs, my most complete team would likely be a monofire row or TPA team with Great Witch Madoo is lead. Shelling Ford, Fenrir, Anubis and Holy Night Gift Tamadra also seem like really fun leads. Please let me know your thoughts on these leaders. I know it is difficult to give advice without access to my box. Please let me know if there is an easy way to share my box and I will update this post accordingly. Thank you!
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    If you're having bad time at using SR Anubis, you can pair him with Diablos or any strong 7x6 leader that doesn't need 5+ linked orbs. And also add subs that have extra time+ (that finger with a +).

    Shelling Ford is pretty strong, but lacks of damage reduction and no increased RCV. Which can be annoying in some situations.
    Fenrir Viz was fun at first three floors... then I raged and almost sold him. lol

    Holy Tamadra is kinda annoying... you gonna need a L of light AND a L of fire for that 20x. You also gonna need an extra L of light for the extra 2 combos. No extra REC, no damage reduction too. If you are really going to exchange, I'd recommend you to exchange for Green Romia that imho seems to be a way better option.

    Depending on what else you got, Madoo, imho, is the best leader in this list.

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