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    Mega Awoken evolutions haven't been a thing when we last left off. There are several interesting units where the REVO actually looks more appealing than the newer Mega - with the caveat that a REVO is not reversible.

    Relevant for me are DKali and Sherias Roots. I am currently running Aljae/Matier with a coop partner very early in the game. The REVO is very tempting in both cases since they give me a lot of time extenders, but the prospect of losing access to the Mega permanently is a thorn in my side. Sherias Roots in particular seems to have a more unique Mega, considering how rare 3x God Killer is. And while REVO Sherias can equip God Killer latens, he would still fall short by a lot. Admittedly, I don't know how good God Killer actually is nowadays in Arena. He is also water which I currently lack in my team and the active skill is technically better.

    DKali is a bit strange in that I gravitate more towards the REVO despite having less SB; I must say that I have no idea how many 3+ times 7-combo I am supposed to have on my team nowadays since I have that one covered with Aljae and Lucia, same with the active skill and Lucia. The REVO does bring innate Guard Break to the table.

    So far I gravitate towards REVO DKali and Mega Sherias Roots but I'd like to have secondhand opinions to that topic.

    One off note: Dantalion also has this problem where the Mega has better personal damage and arguably better active skill, but the REVO has Poison Immunity. Both forms seem kinda nice for a Dante team.

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    Honestly, I feel like Mega Kali is better. The fact that she has green as a sub color makes building rainbow teams easier and she doesn't have 'dead' awakenings such as TPA on the REVO version. If you're concerned about time extension, there are other ways to get it or just work with what you have, time extension after a certain point is too much of a crutch anyway. Or, if you really want/need it, Mega D.Kali's SA has a TE option as well but you would have to give up a Guard Break option. Also, I'm not sure if or when you would want to, but Mega D.Kali's LS is actually pretty solid so you might want to keep that into consideration.

    That aside, lately, GH has been really pushing unnecessary REVO options onto us and if I'm not wrong, without warning; there are some GFEs that I had evolved into a certain form and just haven't used them since and now, they're suddenly REVO and I can't revert them. So the way, I see it, the less REVOs you have, the better, because that way, you can at least still change your mind, especially if you're on the fence about which one to go with.

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