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Discussion in 'EU Add Me!' started by TheTeacher, Mar 13, 2015.

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    Dec 14, 2012
    Hey, everyone! We hope you're enjoying your new recruiting forums!

    We want to lay down some basic rules for their use, so that they stay a neat and organized center for finding friends on your server.

    1. No more than one thread from each user. The exception to this is the Club or Leader threads; only one of those may exist for any given leader, regardless of who posted it. Each user may have one personal thread to use for recruiting.

    2. You may edit or delete your own thread at any time, but do not create a new one unless you don't already have a thread!

    3. Please do not bump or up your threads any more than once every 20-24 hours. Users who spam bump their own threads will find them warned or possibly deleted!

    By following these guidelines, we're confident that everyone can experience a pleasant and convenient process for finding the leaders you need to puzzle successfully!

    Take care, and puzzle on!

    The Moderators
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