Shinji and Rei from new Eva Collab. SS Tier?

Discussion in 'P&D Discussion' started by CloudnineXXX, Jun 26, 2020.

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    I haven't followed PAD too closely lately, but the leaderskill seems super powerful to me. SS tier or I'm just out of the loop? Can even equip Bonta-Kun for a reasonable 24 turn 7x6 switch. 22 if you subtract his own SB. The other form looks super powerful as well, but this one appeals to me because of the flexibility.

    • Flexible (powers 2 colors with no color requirements for activation)
    • Reasonable 7x6 switch
    • Tanky
    • Reasonable damage
    • Good awakenings
    • Active is meh but not useless

    [6275][​IMG][​IMG] Shinji & Rei

    Active Skill: (6 max CD)
    Change all orbs to 5 att. + Heal orbs; For 1 turn, no skyfall combos; For 1 turn, 1.5x ATK for Water att.

    Leader Skill:
    2x HP & ATK for Water and Light att.; Increase orb move time by 2 seconds; 8x ATK and slightly reduce damage taken when matching 6+ combos
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    It's pretty strong but to me the other version is just much better. It is the third effdective 9/XXX/9 leader we have had (other 2 being BZela and Phenom), but by far the most efficient in getting the shield. You only need to match 3 colors for 75 percent shield, and the big attack boost in LS comes from matching 7 combos. This combined with the extra hp and rcv makes the team incredibly tanky, and allows to stall without doing damage, unlike the base evo form. I suspect because of all the machine killers this will be a great lead for new Shura Realm and for the coloseums. The active to me is also great because it has a quick counter to atk debuff from AA4 and A6 while also providing a rainbow board to your VDP latent stick if you choose to bring one. Being also able to focus on blue can also augment the damage when VDP not needed. And as a bonus finally a top tier leader that is not transform lol. Only downside is not having autofua, but base form doesn't have either.
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