Shinrabansho Collab: Which Monster?

Discussion in 'Q&A' started by BaronDan, Sep 17, 2019.

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    So, I need one more gold Waferman Medal to get a fifth rainbow one. Which monster should I buy? It was tough grinding to get five Rainbow Waferman medals, so I will probably only get one shot.

    My main team consists of:

    Reincarnated Ishida Mitsunari (His leader skill is decent.)

    Great Witch of the Forbidden Cavern, Madoo (My second strongest with a plus one combo and two-turn delay skill.)

    Reincarnated Gabriel (For Healing)

    Guardian of the City of the Gods, Athena - Non

    And Reincarted Hades (My strongest dark monster, and his 25%-heath attack has saved me many times.)

    Thanks for the help brothers and sisters!:)
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    Dec 25, 2014
    I hope you see this before tomorrow night when the collab ends

    First of all, Madoo is your strongest leader, try to find fire monsters to put on her team and it will be much stronger than Ishida.

    As for which one, looks like you're new so I'd trade for Geim over Soleil. At the very least he's a budget dark VDP option until you roll something better, and MH has a rerun coming up so he could be a good sub if you were to roll fatalis. Soleil on the other hand has fairly underwhelming awakenings overall, and her active has a unique void RCV element that tends to be counterproductive outside of extremely niche endgame farming setups.

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