should I sell them?

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    My personal experience has been that most all godfests are good, especially from a new player's perspective! I was not particularly finicky about godfests when I started out (though I was very careful not to roll outside of godfests), and I feel that it gave me quite a nice variety of a lot of quality cards. Many godfests have unique bonuses to them (all the cards pop out at +50 to a random stat, or they pop out at max level, etc.) – so you might decide based one whether you like that particular bonus or not.

    That being said, one of the more valuable Godfests to roll in for new players is the Player's Choice Godfest, where players vote in who they want to see in the REM lineup. Those happen twice a year (one already happened a while back, and I think the next one will be around Thanksgiving?).

    You might also want to avoid rolling in – or only roll very lightly in – the specialty REMs, such as collab REMs (Final Fantasy, DC, Rurouni Kenshin, etc.), Holiday REMs (Chrismas, New Years, June Brides, etc.) There's some great cards in these REMs, but my understanding is that they are a bit harder to actually get, and you can get trolled by useless cards even more easily than you can by a normal godfest.

    Visit the Puzzle and Dragon FB page (NA's is linked here) to get the full details on what monsters are available during any particular godfest that's going on (Day 1 of a godfest usually has a different line up than Day 2). As you get more and more cards and it becomes a bit more obvious what teams you're trying to formulate, you may wish to begin looking out for a particular pantheon that contains what you're searching for.

    You can also take into account what 'Gala' is going on at the same time as a godfest. For example, if a water gala is going on during a godfest, I think there's a greater likelihood that you'll get the water-based gods from that godfest?

    That's all I can think of at the moment, hope it helps!

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