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    I generally delete friends that are inactive for multiple months, but since we're getting another reset on best friends, I took a look at my friends list and made some observations (across main and wife's account/my alt):

    Bless your heart, the friend that rolled Christmas liu bei 3+ years ago and still mains him to this day. Active every day and now I make it a point to use them for daily gift dungeons.

    Thanks to bondyy for maining non-mega red Odin for years, never having an assist or anything, perfect for those days I want to button a dungeon.

    I have another friend with king plesios main, almost from the day they were available.

    Special shout outs to the handful of friends who never seem to rank up. I added you back when we were in the 500s and you're still there, 3+ years later. At this point I only show up on your list for a few minutes a day and you still keep logging in and you haven't dropped me yet.

    Finally a dark downpy to the 6 or 7 bfs I've deleted due to inactivity, especially the early ones, I kept you for a year and you never came back...

    Anyone else having amusing observations?
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