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Discussion in 'P&D Discussion' started by Sunsphere, Mar 25, 2020.

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    I generally delete friends that are inactive for multiple months, but since we're getting another reset on best friends, I took a look at my friends list and made some observations (across main and wife's account/my alt):

    Bless your heart, the friend that rolled Christmas liu bei 3+ years ago and still mains him to this day. Active every day and now I make it a point to use them for daily gift dungeons.

    Thanks to bondyy for maining non-mega red Odin for years, never having an assist or anything, perfect for those days I want to button a dungeon.

    I have another friend with king plesios main, almost from the day they were available.

    Special shout outs to the handful of friends who never seem to rank up. I added you back when we were in the 500s and you're still there, 3+ years later. At this point I only show up on your list for a few minutes a day and you still keep logging in and you haven't dropped me yet.

    Finally a dark downpy to the 6 or 7 bfs I've deleted due to inactivity, especially the early ones, I kept you for a year and you never came back...

    Anyone else having amusing observations?
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    I've had someone who had Ronia up for years until D.Athena came out and even to this day, they still have D.Athena up. I have another BF who also used to have GOdin up all the time and has now transitioned to having Saline up all the time.

    It's really quite amazing to me that these people are still active to some extent and continue to use the same leads. Granted, for a long time, I used to long on to TOS simply to just get the log-in bonus but never played but I soon gave up on that like after a year or so but these guys have been on my friend's list since I started which has nearly been as long as PAD was available in NA.
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    I have a friend who keeps the little guy who plays the drum up, and I appreciate him enormously when I have to pick a lead to bejeweled swipe through skill up freebie dungeons and freebie daily login py dungeons. A hero of the people, that guy. I waste a random team 11 slot just so we can run drummer leads skilling up misc festival sub cards.

    Still have my first BFF. Deleted a lot of others, but I still look at his hasn't logged in for more than 1300 days and keep him just in case he comes back after a truly epic break.

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