Tanked Goemon's preemptive on AA floor 13 with an Akine team and no shield

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    After successfully clearing A3 and A5 with Akine, I decided to investigate what "gear checks" I'd need to clear to run AA.

    The biggest hurdle? A possible 145,185 damage preemptive on floor 13.

    My A3 farming team had full hazard resists. My Akine had jammer resist, I paired with a friend Akine with blind resist, and I tacked a Rathian equip assist on SR Bastet for full poison resist. Unfortunately, that team didn't have enough HP to run AA.

    I ended up switching my Akine's SA to poison resist, pairing with a friend with jammer resist, and swapping SR Bastet for PAD Academy Orochi. Almost there!

    The next step was to feed PA Orochi 3 HP+ latents to give him a total 12,440 HP! So close!

    The final step was to purchase Sleipnir, evolve it to equip assist form, and tack the equip on to PA Orochi. Done!


    PA Orochi with triple HP+ latents ftw

    The challenge is that I have to be healed to full when clearing F12 to survive the preemptive. Healing back is easy peasy thanks to Kanan's heart OEs and Goemon heals when knocked down to 1 HP.

    Here's the full team:


    Cramming 2 Fujin actives on to the team was not easy.

    Kunpoo equip assist is for the 40-turn cooldown and team HP awakening. Grodin and Sleipnir equip assists bring additional team HP awakenings and Kanan has 2 of her own for a total of 5.

    Latents and SAs are as follows:

    Akine - Poison resist+, 2 SDR, 2 devil killers
    Kanan - Cloud resist, 3 RCV+ latents
    Lightning - L-unlock SA, 2 SDR and 2 dragon killers
    DKali - TE+ SA, 3 devil killers
    PA Orochi - Unbindable SA, 3 HP+ latents

    My clear rate with this team is greater than 50%, but not by much. I estimated I had 6-7 clears and 4 failures.

    Regardless, I accomplished what I set out to do: Collect at least one of each row burst active (Hashihime, Ibaraki-doji, and Camael).

    And that Sleipnir I purchased has earned its keep. The void attribute absorb portion of the active is a perfect solution for Drahklist and the 75% shield unexpectedly saved me when I flubbed a solve and failed to OHKO Kali:


    This is what second chances look like.

    It's been a wild ride running AA with a rainbow team and I'm in no rush to run it again, but I'm excited to post proof that rainbow leads are viable for endgame content like A3, A5, and AA.

    Do I have any interest in running AA2 with Akine? No, not really. The rewards don't justify the increase in difficulty and I've had my fill of AA for a while. I'm cool with casually farming A3 with Akine or Reeche teams.

    Do I have any interest in running AA3 with Akine when it debuts in NA? No, not really. Going to give powercreep some time to do its thing then take a look at AA3 when the mood strikes. :)

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