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    I still have to fix my typos and update the descends when I get to run them. I will be making it more appealing to the eye the next few days.

    Upcoming descend video links

    I will try my best to find videos without JP only monsters​

    Vulcan Zeus

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KoApi6awgGs ​

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xZwpe0ta_zg ​

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VZ5QgWz2P2U ​

    Hera Sol

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=S58mmD_rT6o ​

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6v_-6c_OhzI ​

    Unfortunately it seems Zaisha has either quit or is on an extended break. The current Dmeta guide has become out of date and will only get worse, so I've decided (with some encouragement) to do a reboot.

    Table of Contents

    Page 1
    • Pros and Cons
    • Why Dark Metatron
    • Understanding row enhancements
    • The attacker subs (had to split do to image limits)
    • Team development - Starting out
    • Team development - Intermediate/advanced
    Page2 <--Fast travel to any page
    • Non attacker sub options
      • The Sonias
      • The Chinese girls
      • Dark orb creators
      • Non attacker utility
      • Multipliers
    Page 3
    • Reserved for new attacker subs.
    Page 4
    • Building teams with limited REM subs
      • Pitfalls of non REM subs
      • Hanzo woes
      • Process of forming a team
      • Non REM most useful sub listing
      • Sample teams with non/low REM
      • Links to low REM teams for KoG and descends.
    Page 5
    • REM sample teams for KoG
      and weekday dungeons

    Page 6
    • End game and descends

    Page 7
    • Friends list
      • Link to the old one
    Page 8
    • Life without Hanzo, provided by Karmakazae
      • Links to Hanzoless builds that work

    • She is one of if not the best farming team.
    • We are slowly getting attacker utility
    • Damage, she can dish out some serious damage totals
    • She has been out long enough that there are plenty of
      297 Dmetas willing to accept fellow Dmeta players
    • Style of gameplay doesn't become boring
    • She is a proven end game leader
    • Not only is she a fantastic leader she also doubles
      as an excellent sub for multiple teams.
    • No weakness to any color

    • Conditional leader skill
    • REM subs are required for tougher descends
    • Over healing at the wrong time can mean failure with no way to continue
    • Certain descends will require a very specific REM utility skill
    • Descends are designed against her
    • No skill ups for riders
    • Hanzo is an irreplaceable sub for
      descends past Hera-Is


    Why Dark Metatron

    The leader

    Hand of the Dark God, Metatron

    Skill Enhance dark and light orbs.
    Skill ups Her skill ups can be found at Friday dungeon mythical.

    Dmeta is one of the most coveted leaders in the game for good reason, her base stats are 3230/1881/331. She is a truly a stat stick and can be used across multiple teams. Her leader skill (4x attack for attackers) is active at below 80% health, and when she is in her so called zone, damage is her forte and no row or spike team can compete with the damage she can dish out. T5/T6 farming is trivial for her as just your 2 Dmetas are able to supply enough damage to take down these bosses, you just need to feed her the dark orbs.

    Running a 3rd Dmeta

    This has long been a controversial subject with many Dmeta players as you're either for it or against it for whatever reasons.

    The benefits

    She is a true stat stick that can help your team in many ways. Running her as a sub will boost all your stats and awoken skills across the board and she gives you the added dark/light attacker that will go a long way with clearing trash mobs while conserving dark orbs. For descends or dungeons she can help with reaching HP thresholds and knock 2 turns off your skill cool downs allowing you to get skills up early for fast stable 0 stone clears. With her having 1 of the highest attacks in the game she will considerably raise your overall team damage lowering your need for so many orbs


    Having 3 redundant enhance orb skills is never a requirement and an extra orb changer could make more sense in most cases. The Sonias will give you 2 skill boosts, a dark row enhancement, and a skill that will more often then not create boss burst all on her own. Most cases never call for the power of 3 Dmetas as 2 is usually more than enough.

    Personal opinion

    Before the introduction of the Sonias I was on the side of running a 3rd Dmeta as she really would speed things up for me and help me tank so much damage. I ran a 2nd Dmeta often enough that i started to plus egg her (114) before the Sonias. When i got my Sonias up to speed my 2nd Dmeta never made my team anymore, so about a month ago I fed her away for her eggs knowing I wouldn't need her anymore. I've said this before, but different people run different things for different reasons and it's not a matter of right or wrong, but preference. If you like to run her as a sub then keep doing.

    Why you should try Dark Metatron

    Many people are under the impression you can only run a Dmeta team with her REM only subs (namely Hanzo and Gryps) and if you don't have them you can't make a team with her. This is a myth and far from the truth, like all myths there is a little truth behind them, and in this case the truth would be you need REM subs past Hera-Is. The majority of the PaD community is nonIAP so they form Valk teams for a few good reasons. She is farmable, a great sub for a number of teams, her team can be completely farmable, and she can clear some descends and dungeons relatively quickly and easily. Valk can only take you so far into the game, and is rather boring to farm with every day. Anyone who was lucky enough to roll a Dmeta you can and should form a team as she is the ultimate farming team and much more powerful and fun when compared to the popular Valk and Sonia teams. It's very very easy to make a team to farm all the way to KoG with little investment. Please take the time to read this guide and compare the ideas I give and compare them to what you have in your box, as I think everyone is capable of running a functional team.

    Understanding row enhancements

    The formula provided by Karmakazae

    Teams Attacker ATK x 16 x (1+(A-3)x0.25) x (1+(B-1)x0.25) x (1+D*(0.1xC)) x (1+(0.06A))
    Teams Attacker ATK x 16 x orb damage factor x combo damage factor x row awakening factor x orb enhance factor

    A = number of orbs matched
    B = number of total of combos
    C = number of row boosts
    D = number of rows matched

    Numbers in action

    If you're anything like me I will just glance at equations and never plug the numbers in to see what they really mean. This is an important part of her multiplier and you need to understand this. You don't hear about other 16x teams outclassing 49x and 25x spike teams, row enhancements are extremely powerful and Dmeta has the highest base multiplier for them and this is why she is capable of hitting well over 1-2 million damage on just one sub consistently without the use of a slime like ability, but rather a simple orb change.
    I'm going to use this formula to show you the important role of row enhancements in her team and how they effect her multiplier. I'm going to use 2 sample teams, team A will be like running a team where the subs have no row enhancements, so this team will have 4 row enhancements supplied by the two Dmetas. Team B will be an average descend level team of 8 row enhancements so we can compare the diffrence. To keep this simple I'm only using a simple 1 and 2 row match with no other combos.

    Team A
    1 row (16x1.75x1.4)= 39.2
    1 row enhanced orbs (16x1.75x1.4x1.36)=53.3
    2 rows (16x2x1.8)=57.6
    2 rows enhanced (16x2x1.8x1.72)=99

    Team B
    1 row (16x1.75x1.8)=50.4
    1 row enhanced (16x1.75x1.8x1.36)=68.5
    2 rows (16x2x2.6)=83.2
    2 rows enhanced (16x2x2.6x1.72)=143

    Spike teams don't make good use of enhanced orbs the way row based teams can, they can really boost your damage. These are just an example and obviously combos would increase these numbers. When building a team just try to remember to keep a happy balance of row enhancements, orb changing, and utility. NonIAP players please take note of Team A, and see how 4 row enhancements is enough to farm a lot of content in this game, all you need to do is surround her with orb changers and she will do the rest.

    Hybrid pairing options

    Moonbeam Fang Witch, Lilith
    Pairing with Lilith will give you an unconditional 3x attacking bonus. She does have a couple less frustrating Twinlit builds that bypass the 1st floor binds and takes away the pure smile blues. She is a very situational pairing.

    Goddess of the Bleak Night, Pandora
    She is a much better hybrid pairing than Lilith cause she has an orb changing skill with a higher multiplier. Pandora's heart making ability is very helpful when dealing with -99% gravities and preemptives. Having access to her unconditional 4x attack sometimes can be enough but her style is a little different than Dmeta's and does take a little time to adjust. I mainly run this duo during skill lock descends as it's very hard to pack in 4 skill lock resists and still have orb changers and utility if you need it.

    The Linchpins

    Moonlit Shadow, Hattori Hanzo

    Skill change fire orbs to dark.
    Burst pairings Sonia(Red Trifruit), Goemon, Haku(Dark Chaser) ,Ares(Octopus)
    Skill ups His skill ups appear in Tengu, Waterey Temptress, War Dragon (light, wood, and water)biweekly dungeons.

    Hanzo is so good for so many reasons, and you will see him often if not multiple times in team builds. He is the most sought after Dmeta sub for good reason. He is a rare collection of talents all packed into 1 slot, impressively he is able to out damage even the powerful Dmeta and that gap can be increased even more if you make good use of his two prong awoken skill. With his short cool down orb changing skill (5 max skilled) he's easily available 1st turn which is required for certain dungeons, and you're able to make use of his skill multiple times per descend/dungeon. When paired with a red orb creator like Goemon, Sonia or Ares you have instant boss burst. His skill boost and row enhancement only add to his already long list of beneficial abilities. The only downside to him is his low HP (1389) but his abnormally high RCV (480) is very helpful healing through descends. This is the one guy who you don't leave home very often.

    Life without Hanzo
    You definitely need to be creative if you're missing Hanzo sometimes, but you can still clear a lot of content without him as he isn't a must have for everything, he just makes it easier. I've always had Hanzo and never experienced the hardships of running a team without him, so I've asked Karmakazae to share his experience and achievements with a Hanzoless team. A world without Hanzo

    Satan, King of the Underworld

    Skill 300x attack and reduce HP to 1.
    Skill ups Satan descended

    This is another guy you will see very often. Considering Dmeta has a below 80% leader skill being able to clear hearts and not worry about healing really speeds thing up. Satan's 0 RCV approach also makes simple things like farming OoH and Hera so much safer. He brings along a boat load of HP (6666) to help with tanking extra damage and the added 3 row enhancements are a just also nice bonus, if you plan on farming with Dmeta you really need to get your hands on this guy. I would take a look at his descend and see what team you can acquire him with. Dmeta runs his descend fairly well check the descend guide for team builds.

    The Riders

    Gryps Rider,Vector Finn

    Skill Change light orbs to dark and hearts to light.
    Skill ups No skill ups for NA version.
    Burst pairings Arthur, 2nd Gryps, Vampire, Valk, Fuma, and Baal (need skill ups)

    Here is the #1 rider to have for many reasons, his skill lock resist is a huge asset as Dmeta teams have very limited options to combat this very annoying dungeon mechanic. Gryps matches perfectly with Dmeta being a primary dark and sub light attacker, as having a 3rd sub light attacker on the team usually means a simple 1x5 light match will wipe the floor helping to conserve precious dark orbs. With him being a primary dark attacker he will also chip in with boss burst attacks unlike all the other riders in his family. The dual two prong attack has the potential for some fantastic attack numbers and can be used for an easier way around high defensive mobs and bosses alike. While he is an orb changer he will create unwanted light orbs which could potentially lead to a hard to manage board if you don't pair him with with another Gryps/Arthur or a complete board reseter like a Sonia. He has really poor RCV (86) that will effect healing during descends.

    Dragon Rider, King Arthur

    Skill Change dark orbs to light and hearts to dark.
    Skill ups No skill ups for NA
    Burst pairings Arthur, Gryps, Raphael (Angelit), CDK, Healer sticker girls, Flower dragons, Angelion (CoC healer), Drawn Joker, Heart makers.

    Here is the 2nd best rider of the family, his primary light attack coupled with his two dual two prong attack will go a long way to help conserve dark orbs. Arthur can be pretty powerful in his own right if you plan accodinly and play to his strengths. Unlike Gryps, Arthur comes with options other than pairing with a 2nd rider, you can pair him with AB bllack bird, Flare Drall, or a heart maker for really nice dark orb creation, and Raphael gives you access to a full board. I use to give Arthur a hard time when I 1st started using him, but after playing with him more I've discovered his is really useful if used correctly.

    Personal opinion

    I'm not a huge fan of the riders, I really dislike how their orb changing skill works and the fact we don't have skill ups for them. Usually I will run Persephone over a rider mainly cause I run Ares/Hanzo quite often and don't want the clutter of light orbs. I do believe they are valuable and I love their new dual two prong attack, they are both worth running.

    Dark orb creators

    Super Saiyan - Vegeta
    Rumor has it we won't be getting the DBZ collab, if this is confirmed I will delete this sub

    Skill 80x dark attack to 1 enemy, and change fire to dark orbs
    Skill ups He can be obtained/skilled up at Dragon Ball Z collab
    Burst pairings Sonia(Red Trifruit), Goemon, Haku(Dark Chaser) ,Ares(Octopus)

    Vegeta is going to unfairly be directly compared to Hanzo. They have the same awakenings with Vegeta having an extra awoken skill as a light row enhancement. Stat wise he has a +1069 HP and 7 ATK edge while being 316 lower on RCV. You can't compare a 5 turn skill with a 14 turn skill as this is the giant downfall of Vegeta when comparing the two. More than likely we will never see skill ups for him so a max skilled (10) would be a very expensive endeavor and is still no comparison.

    Comparisons aside he still is one of the top subs cause of his orb changing skill and he is easily paired to create boss burst. His long skill cool down means he is saved for one of the last few floors and you're not getting multiple uses out of him. If you don't have Hanzo but do have Vegeta he will be a great boost for your team. Personally if he changed water to dark instead of fire to dark I would try an get him but with him having an available skill that is on a lower cool down I won't be trying to get him.

    Unconventional attackers​

    Deathly Hell Deity Jackal, Anubis

    Skill Counter 3x damage taken with dark 5 turns and change grass orbs to dark.
    Skill ups His skill ups can be found at GunHo collab
    Burst pairings Sonia (Green Trifruit), Zeus Dios, Genbu (Green chaser), Michael (Hominal Beast), Artemis (Squid), Sasuke (Kodama)

    Anubis isn't your prototypical attacker sub as he lacks a dark row enhancement, and his HP,ATK,RCV (2948,1350,588) distribution is rather odd with him having a low attack and high HP and RCV. For him to be useful you really need to painfully skill his extremely long skill cool down (20). Cathy is hard to get and her evo mats aren't exactly the easiest to collect on short notice, so this is quite a task but totally worth the investment. His true value is when taking on descends as his auto heal and high RCV combines to make healing for or from preemptives a lot easier, and given the fact he is an orb changer can help with taking down a mini boss or pair him with Sonia/Zeus Dios for a full board. Being primary dark and sub light he matches the team beautifully, giving you the 1x5 light attack option and at the same time contributing to overall team burst for bosses. Anubis is a unique combination of stats, awoken skills, and orb changing ability. He is 1 of my favorites for descends.

    War Deity of the Night, Tsukuyomi

    Skill Move orbs freely for 10 seconds.
    Skill ups His skill up appears in Eco collab.

    Apparently GungHo made 1 male and 1 female Yomi. The attacker is the male and he has really nice stats (2472,2036,295) but again doesn't fit the mold of an attacker you come to expect when running a Dmeta team. He lacks dark row enhancement and his skill really isn't useful for making rows, but his skill could come in handy for Izanami descended (see descend guide). I do believe his skill will become more important as GungHo implements the void damage if less than 5,4, or 3 combos respectfully, as he will allow you to pop a Sonia skill and make both rows and combos rather easily. His skill lock resist is both valuable and rare, but he is basically just a stat stick in most cases if you use him. Overall when you need him he is really convenient and valuable, but he offers little help to the team far as his skill except in certain situations.

    War Deity of Fury, Ares

    Skill Change water and hearts to fire.
    Skill ups His skill up is found in the Groove coaster collab.

    Ares is only a secondary dark attacker and lacks a row enhancement, his primary red attack does not fit in with Dmeta's dark heavy approach, but his red attack will help with conserving dark and light orbs by adding a 3rd color to clear mobs with. His true value is setting the board for Hanzo, as the Ares/Hanzo pairing is extremely powerful and can take out most bosses in the game. His skill can be maxed at a 9 turn cool down so you can feasibly get two Ares/Hanzo combos during a dungeon. If you plan on farming Fagen with Dmeta Ares really shines here. It's no secret his weighted stats are among the worst in the game and his 0 RCV hurts for descends, but i believe his skill more than compensates for all of this. Ares is one of my favorite subs, as most people prefer Sonia and it's hard to argue who is better when you compare Sonia vs Ares. I always choose Ares for farming and Sonia for descends past Zeus.

    Conquering Martial Deity, Cao Cao

    Skill 1 turn delay and change water orbs to fire.
    Skill ups No skill ups for NA yet.

    Cao is a bit like Ares in that he doesn't fit with the dark heavy team chemistry, and he doesn't offer as much burst potential as Ares. His skill lock resist is a great asset for the skill lock dungeons. His delay could give people an added turn to kill a boss off. His RCV (27) isn't much better than Ares's but his HP (3195) is pretty impressive. With him having a skill lock resist it's nice to have someone feed fire orb to Hanzo if you bring him along, but i believe Ares is the better choice outside of the skill lock dungeons unless you need Cao's delay skill. He could be a better farming option as a leader and an occasional Dmeta sub unless you don't have Ares or Sonia.

    Dark attacker dragons

    Dark Twin Star Tiamat

    Skill 20x attack and dark attack x1.3 for 2 turns.
    Skill ups Tiamat's skill ups appear in Dragon Zombie, Beelzebub descended, and Gift from heaven and also appear in Rusted Mech dragon, and Ancient dark dragon.

    His stats aren't terrible (2500,1754,198) and his 2 dark row enhancements are always welcomed. His 1.3 attack boost for 2 turns could be enough of a multiplier for most situations, I can really see people with under developed teams using him as an option for KoG teams for floors 9 and 10. His skill however does require to be skilled as 30 turns is a lifetime to stall with Dmeta, if you plan on using him he could be worth the trouble of skilling up. Ideally a max skilled (10) Tiamat would be best, but you could get away around a 15-17 turn cool down depending on the dungeon and skill boosts on your team, just do the math and make sure he will be ready when you need him. Having both a dark attacker and a multiplier is a nice luxuary as other options could mean running a non attacker for a multiplier.

    Dark Samurai Dragon, Nobunaga

    Skill 30x attack to all enemies and 1.3x attacker type for 2 turns.
    Skill ups He can be obtained and skilled up at Extreme dragon rush, and dark war dragon.

    For those who don't have or don't want to go through the long skill up process with Tiamat then Nobunaga would be a good alternative. His Massive HP (4540) could help with reaching HP thresholds and generally just helping tanking damage. His skill cool down (19) still requires to be skilled (10 max) if you really want to use him. He lacks row enhancements like Tiamat but is easier to skill up if war dragon ever returns. He can also fill the same role as Tiamat for people looking for a boost for KoG for floors 9 and 10.

    Omega Night Skydragon, Elysion

    Skill Dark damage of 5x attack.
    Skill ups He can be obtained/skilled through Skydragon rush.

    Elysion adds another primary dark sub light atacker to the team and his attack (1871) is pretty nice , but it comes at the expense of low HP (1591). His skill is rather useless but if you're just looking for another dark/light attacker to boost your damage and you're short on options he could work for you.

    Personal opinion

    I'm really not big on dragons (I'm sorry Ronsonson) I think Tiamat and Nobunaga have their uses for certain people in certain situations. If you're limited with dark attackers they make sense, but if you have other options they could be better especially if you don't need their multiplier, as another orb changer would be best.

    Utility attacker subs

    BAO Batman+Remote Claw

    Skill Delay 1 turn.
    Skill ups Can be obtained at Batman collab REM.

    Batman has average stats (1990,1700,183) He is probably best know for being a low cost lead more so than a Dmeta sub. He does have an always helpful row enhancement, with a delay skill that could help give some the extra time they need to finish a boss off. For people with under leveled teams or just not a whole lot of attacker options Batman can be a huge help with a consistent KoG team, giving you an extra turn if you need it during the boss stages.

    Moonbeam Fang Witch, Lilith

    Skill 1.5x attack for devil type. Poison all enemies for 1x attack.
    Skill ups She is 100% drop at Satan and you can find her skill ups at Batman collab and Poring tower.

    You bring her for 1 reason, her poison skill for high defensive mobs or bosses. You have a choice of her and 10th angel, the trade off would be 10th angel only attacks 1 target while Lilith will attack the whole board but can't get through preemptive shields. She has an RCV (608) advantage but has 1543 less HP. Oddly enough she is used in Twinlit builds but her attacker form isn't recommended because of her sub light attribute that makes her a bind count risk. There is an alternate build where she is used as a leader as opposed to a sub for Twinlits that could be an option for some.

    Awoken Phantom God, Odin

    Skill 50x dark attack and 10x attack poison to all enemies.
    Skill ups Odin's skill ups can be found at Legendary seaway.

    Like the rest of the Odins he has some beefy stats (4059,2043,154). Unfortunately he doesn't fit in very well with a typical Dmeta team, but with his 3 fire row enhancements he does make fire rows worth going for so you can get use from both fire and dark attack on a Sonia active. He does have potential luxury builds when max skilled (15) with his poison and 3 skill boosts making things much faster, just be aware his skill doesn't use a turn like Lilith's poison skill. My experience with him is limited, once we get his skill up I will use him more for a more in depth opinion and uses

    AB Black Bird Bomb

    Skill Fire and dark to hearts.
    Skill ups He can be found at the Angry birds collab.

    He isn't going to help you with awoken skills or stat wise (883,1560,0). He is a good heart maker that is a primary dark attacker and could be handy for something like Satan or when you need a heart maker and can't afford to run another non attacker. You can always pair him with Arthur for some really nice dark orb production. For people with little options attacker wise and happen to have Arthur i recommend trying this pairing as it is a nice boss burst option.

    Scorched Claw Dragon, Flare Drall

    Skill Wood to hearts.
    Skill ups Can be skilled at Eco collab.

    Well he is a heart maker maker attacker option. He's not quite as good as creating burst with Arthur as AB Blackbird, but does offer an extra color to attack with and the ability to make hearts.

    Rei&Eva Unit-00, Suicide ATK Mode

    Skill 50% damage reduction for 2 turns.
    Skill ups She can be found at Eva collab's REM machine.

    Her primary light attack can help with conserving dark orbs. The main reason you would run her would be her 50% damage reduction. It's nice that we get a damage reduction attacker but her skill isn't as good as the non attacker options. If you find yourself needing damage reduction and 2 turns is enough try to remember her. I often forget about her as I've become accustomed to Kushi.

    The Tenth Angel - Assault Mode

    Skill 15000 to 1 enemy ignores defense.
    Skill ups He can be found at the Eva collab.

    This is probably the most useful sub out of the Eva collab. Just remember he only attacks one target so he's good for the descend bosses with high defense. He does have nice HP (2970) compared to Lilith as these two will be your main choices just compare them and pick the one you like.

    Team development
    Starting out

    Why she is so different than other teams you run

    Let me 1st start off by saying Dmeta is the most flexible team in the game. Most teams will settle on a line up that doesn't change according to what they run. They might sub in an extra delay or damage reduction but for the most part everyone will run the same basic team for a certain leader. Dmeta breaks this mold and way of thinking as you tailor make a team depending on what dungeon you're running, as you set your team up for what you like and how you like to run it. If you asked 10 Dmeta players what they run for say something like KoG, you will more than likely get 7 different builds that are all successful. There is no 1 best line up or cookie cutter team. you will however notice their are happy pairs that often create 2/3 or full dark boards. With her being so flexible and forgiving anyone can form a functional team.

    Early team formation

    For simple T5/T6 farming your 2 Dmetas alone will provide all the damage you need and more for the bosses, it's your job to surround her with orb changers and keep feeding her and watch her work her magic. I can't stress this enough they don't need to be attackers just take a look in your box for anything that can create dark orbs. I'm sure most people have a Vampire or 2 and a CDK as these are both easily farmed and max skilled. You want to look for what boss burst options you have. These are the ones that create 2 rows or more consistently, quick examples would be Sonias, Persephone, Chinese girl pairings, Ares/Hanzo, Pandora/Vampire just to name a few. If you're unable to find any of these boss burst options than you would have to consider Tiamat, Nobunaga, maybe Loki, or some other multiplier to squeeze more power out of the small orb changing production problem you're having. Depending on your team's levels and what you're running try to keep in mind you want to balance dark row enhancements with orb production as both are important. When talking about team formation most people prefer different subs for different reasons. Two people could have identical boxes yet run 2 totally different teams for the same descend or dungeon. This is cause people play differently and you're given the freedom to tailor your team the way you like. Your best bet is to play around with multiple set ups and see what suits your play style.

    Developing your team

    You really want and need to fully awaken your Dmeta, if you can't fully awaken her you must at least awaken her to her third level to unlock her row enhancements to run an effective team. Remember her true multiplier is hidden away in her row enhancements and try to get as many onto your team without sacrificing orb changing abilities. The good news is the two Dmetas alone make going for rows beneficial, as 4 row enhancements should be enough to easily take you to Junos Island if you're team isn't really under leveled. Like any other team in the game you really want to fully awaken and level your subs. Dmeta's achilles heel is her HP pool, this will sometimes limit what you can run, or be the difference between a stable 0 stone run and an unstable one. You need to forget about the whole experience curve most people talk about as this will have dramatic repercussions with your damage output and survivability with tougher content later in the game. Work on max skilling anything you can as this will go a long way in helping your team later down the road. Dmeta isn't a good stalling team especially when she is in her zone, and if you have a skill on a long cool down you might not make it to the boss stage or you could get there and not have the skill ready.


    Since her leader skill activates below 80%, your health is your biggest enemy. Over healing at the wrong time can spell certain doom, and if you're at a boss during a descend you may not be able to stone to continue. Hopefully you have Satan as his 0 RCV approach really makes your life so much easier, cause once you're in the zone he takes healing above 80% out of the equation. Satan will make most dungeons run smoother, faster, and sometimes safer. If you don't have him you really should get him, as life without Satan isn't an easy one when farming with Dmeta. Healing really slows her down and she is built for power and speed. Without 0 RCV as an option you will need to know your dungeon before you enter, if you can't tank the boss's hit then you have to take appropriate measures that healing out of the zone at the wrong time won't happen. You could run a damage reduction safety net like Kushi or Susano. Another good tactic is to simply tank the mini boss before moving onto the boss stage. Now if you're unable to tank the mini boss you could clear all the hearts on the board leading up to the mini boss stage, and just take damage until you're happy with the level of your health. Be careful not to wipe the floor to early as it's really hard to stall with her in the zone. I'd clear some off color orbs or not clear anything at all if your skills are up and you're happy enough with how the board is set up for the next stage. Nobody likes to leave a plus egg behind or waste stamina, play it smart and don't take chances with over healing.

    My team starting out

    When I first started running my Dmeta team we didn't have as many options available to us as there are now, so technically it should be easier for some to start a nice little team now as compared to when I first started. My starting team was Hanzo/Vampire/Arthur and a mix of Satan and CDK depending on what I was running. I was able to farm all the way to Junos with no sweat, for KoG I was missing a crucial boss burst as CDD would get most of the time. Then Ares got his attacker evo and I could instantly farm KoG and started clearing mythical descends. With all the swift changes in the game you never know who the next game changing attacker will be, and it could really vault your team to a new level.

    Team development

    How far will she take you?

    It's no secret that Dmeta's best subs are REM only and I'll explain more on this in a little. This is where you want to evaluate your team and ask yourself how far can she take you. Two heros, Hera, Valk, and Zeus can be cleared with 0 REM, Goemon and Hera-IS can use a little REM help but doesn't require the list of REM subs for say something like Athena which isn't a hard descend by any means, but without a poison orb maker the only way to beat her with Dmeta is a REM only team with a boat load of plus eggs. GungHo likes to put things in descends to nullify a team from doing it. If you believe you have enough of her subs to take on tougher descends than challenge yourself and take them on. If you feel like you don't have the collection of subs to press on then pump the breaks and simply use her as your farming team for things she can do until you get that piece, whether from REM or an evolution from a god sitting in your box to vault your team to the next level. Now If you find that Dmeta isn't the team to take you through the tougher descends she is still a great target for your plus eggs, as she can be used as a sub across a number of teams and if you have a list of Dmeta friends she is a great PEM point getter. For those of you looking to go to the next level of descends and beyond your plus egg targets should be #1 Hanzo, if you have him he is the most used sub and his RCV really helps with descends, and he could also use the HP eggs as we all know he is a little light in that department. Second choice would be Sonia if you were lucky enought to roll her she has full board compatibility with Hanzo, she is also a popular lead and can net you some PEM points, and finally she subs very well on a number of teams. She will be in your descend line ups very often for many reasons. #3 Sonia I know she is really rare but if you do happen to have her she is worth every HP egg you can get your hands on. I've stated this before, reaching critical HP breakpoints can be a problem for Dmeta and Sonia is the best option out there to combat this. Adding RCV eggs wouldn't hurt either as she starts with 0 and all the healing you can get will help you more than hurt you at this point. These are my personal top 3 candidates for plus egg investment, just remember everyone likes different things for different reasons, so my top 3 might not be your top 3. After these 3 it's really up to according to what you have and like and what you run the most.

    Why REM subs are so important

    By now you've probably noticed that farmable dark orb changers not only lack the attacker sub type but they also lack row enhancements. When you start to get into descends you need to create boss burst back to back to back and running non attackers will really diminish your damage out put and not OHKO bosses. Unlike T5/T6 farming you can't get away with just feeding Dmeta dark orbs with no extra row enhancements on the team and expect her to just wipe everything. This is where you have to realize the importance of row enhancements vs dark orb creation. Row enhancements are the number one reason that Dmeta with a 16x multiplier is able to consistently out damage the likes of Ra with his 49x multiplier (sorry Xirt) and Kirin is also no comparison with her 25x (sorry Iron H). You can still get away with running 1 or 2 and even 3 non attacker subs for descends. Let's examine the team with 3 non attackers as it's an exotic build that can clear a lot of content and shows the difference row enhancements make on your team. The subs on this team are Hanzo and 3 Sonias, this team is dubbed Hanzo and his harem. You only have 3 attackers doing all your damage, but all 3 non attackers have row enhancements bringing the total for the team to 8. you also have to consider the Sonias also have great orb changing abilities and this team has 2 boss bursts and a full board built in. This is a good mix of row enhancements and orb changing, I only used this team as an example cause i wanted to show you that if you have enough row enhancements and orb production on your team you don't need a lot of attackers in your lineup to make an effective team. Now let's take this same team and take the Sonias out and sub in 3 Persephones. By doing this you're lowering your damage output by at least 30-60%. This team has amazing dark orb creation but it only has 5 row enhancements and it's not going far at all. You need to take into account when you're forming a team for a descend your row enhancement total, orb production, attacker count and if you need a utility skill.

    Max skill your girl

    You would think this is fairly useless with all the skill boosts available on her team. There will be times you will need her to be up fairly quickly and if you want to farm Legendary Earth you want her up and ready to go before your 1st move to ensure stable runs. I'm not sure if all Dmeta players are like this or if I am the only one, but if i get a friend request from another Dmeta user the 1st thing I will look at will be It's skill level. The reason being it shows the level of commitment the person has in the team, I'd accept a +1 max skilled before i would except a +150 unskilled request. I would find your best Twinlits team and look to farm it when you can, ideally you want to wait till 2x drops are active for the added bonus of baby Tamadras, but you can still farm outside of 2x cause it is 100% drop on the boss floor. Take a look in the descend section and look at some of the sample teams there and see if you're able to put one of them together.

    RCV on your team

    In hindsight I made a big mistake with my pluss eggs on my team. I 297'ed my Dmeta and started to apply HP and ATK onto my commonly used subs and fed my RCV eggs away to other gods on different teams thinking I didn't want RCV on my team. When I got to the point where I started running descends past Hera-Is I found myself wanting to heal more not less as I had originally thought. The lack of RCV on my team cost me some 0 stone runs. If you plan on running descends past Hera-Is I'd store your RCV eggs and add them in as you feel you need them. With the way preemptives are set up on the later descends you need to heal a considerable amount leaving one floor to the next just to tank another preemptive strike. Three prime examples of this would be Hera-Ur, Zeus Dios, and the Golden Keeper dungeon. If you don't have the needed RCV you will be forced to slot a damage reduction or heart maker both of which means you must take out an attacker or valuable orb changer while possibly losing an important row enhancement. You need to gauge what your team heals at and if you think it's to low add some RCV as you need it. Try your best to keep a happy median as RCV is pretty tricky and definitely has it's consequences. A perfect example for this is my KoG farming team it's RCV has gotten so high that I've been forced to run Satan, Kushi, or Lu BU cause my team was over healing pretty often and I couldn't tank their hits.
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    RE: [under construction] please don't post

    Non attacker subs​

    The Sonias

    With the introduction of the Sonias they have really unlocked a ton of possibilities for many teams including Dmeta. Before the Sonia age some descends needed ultra luxury builds that included 1-3 Dmeta subs with heavy egg investments. The reason for these builds was to reach HP thresholds and to have enough skill boosts on the team to have a needed skill ready for use on floor 1 when you needed it. With all the Sonias having 2 skill boosts, a dark row enhancement, and an orb changing skill that creates massive amounts of dark orbs (usually). They have really made running multiple Dmeta subs questionable and just about obsolete. I would still hold onto your duplicate Dmetas as you never know what will happen with evolutions these days, even though GungHo has said they have no plans on releasing evolutions for rare gods.

    Extant Red Dragon Caller, Sonia

    Skill Change all orbs to fire and dark.
    Skill ups Her skill ups can be found at Thursday mythical.
    Full board pairing Hanzo (Hamahime)

    It's no secret that she pairs with Hanzo for a full board removing the randomness of her skill against a boss when a full board is enough for a OKHO. She is the most common of all the Sonias and with so many people missing Hanzo she is still very worth slotting her in your team.

    Eternal Jade Dragon Caller, Sonia

    Skill Change all orbs to wood and dark
    Skill ups Her skill ups can be found at Thursday mythical.
    Full board parings Anubis(Cathy), Pandora(Cattleya)

    Sonia is rarer than Sonia so not as many people will have her an an option. She does have 141 more HP and 110 more RCV than Sonia both of these stat gains are small but if you're looking for more HP/RCV and don't have Hanzo maybe Sonia would be a better choice. She does have full board compatibility with Anubis if you happen to have him and you invested in skilling him up you can have a full board combo.

    Endless Blue Dragon Caller, Sonia

    Skill Change all orbs to water and dark.
    Skill ups Her skill ups can be found at Thursday mythical.
    Full board pairing No attacker orb changer, Chaos Devil Dragon

    Sonia is the rarest and best in my opinion of all the Sonias so not many of you will have her. She dosen't have an attacker who can convert her water to dark (CDD) so you're relying on her skill not to be a bad one when you use her skill. Her biggest asset to you is her HP (5180) it's just massive and helps with reaching those pesky HP breakpoints. If you're lucky enough to have her she will be a staple of your descend teams.

    7 Star formation pairings

    For people missing a Sonia, the Chinese girls and their 7 star formations are a nice alternative. I don't recommend trying to convert a full board with these girls. The Sonias require 1 orb change to convert their skill to a full board and when comparing that to the 7 star you would need 2 orb conversions. That would mean you have to save 3 skills just for a boss leaving you short on skills getting there. A 2/3 board should be plenty of firepower to take down bosses. 7 star opens a lot of options for people and it's not uncommon to see their pairings taking on Twinlits.

    Soul Guardian Byakko, Haku
    I personally used this pairing for Twinlits before the Sonia age and her skill ups became available. With Haku's devil evo she will bring 2 dark row enhancements alog, but as of right now she only has 1. She is the easiest to max skill of the 3 the problem for most will be having Hanzo. For people that really desperate for burst CDD is an option but far inferior.

    Tortoise Mountain Genbu, Meimei
    or This will probably be the most used Chinese girl as she has 3 options and Hanzo isn't exactly common. You have two pretty solid options here if you skilled Anubis. Gryps requires no skill ups and is commonly ran with her for Twinlits. CDK could also be used in place of Gryps.

    Ethereal Guardian Seiryuu, Karin
    This isn't an easy one for most cause it will require a skilled Anubis. Seiryuu brings a dark row enhancement and 4005 HP. Like Haku she creates water orbs so CDD is a lesser alternative.

    Non attacker dark orb creators

    Most people that run Dmeta are usually not going to have all her attacker orb changers. I've used all these guys during my time playing and they fill their rolls nicely. None of them have row enhancements so they will have limits on what descends you can enter with them as subs. For T5/T6 farming they all have the green light so deploy them as you need them.

    Queen of Condemnation, Persephone
    Persephone is awesome as she can produce boss burst all on her own. She is definitely the class of this group. Some people will have her not skilled up but that might not be a problem as she is used for boss burst not to create dark orbs incase of orb exhaustion or breaking hearts. She mimics the Gryps/Arthur effect at the expense of running a non attacker. You can bring her in descends past Hera-Is as her 510 RCV helps and she is a burst in 1 slot. I have all the attacker options and she still makes my teams.

    Duke Vampire Lord
    Any evolution of him fills the same roll so just insert whatever you want. He's a 5 turn orb changer that will break hearts for you and speed things up and at the same time give you more ammo. If you have Gryps but you're missing Arthur inserting a Vampire will give you the same effect. Any heart maker will make Vampire's skill capable of killing a boss.

    Chaos Dragon Knight, Voice
    This is another 5 turn orb changer that you should get 2 uses per dungeon. Like Vampire CDK also pairs with a rider if you happen to only have one and not the other. If you happen to have Arthur CDK can act as Gryps if you're missing him.

    Non attacker utility subs

    Sometimes you will be forced to run a non attacker simply for their utility or active skill. Attackers are slowly getting some utility but the non attacker version is sometimes superior. Here are a few of the ones that are superior or not available to us in attacker form.

    Goddess of Rice, Kushinada
    Kushi's skill up is always available at Twin dragons so skilling her up shouldn't be any trouble. Her 75% damage reduction for 1 turn is a must have to run Athena and Fagan. Her skill can be useful in a number of situations, tanking big preemptives you can't heal for, tanking a boss that would OHKO you, and for a safety net for over healing.

    Warded Storm God, Susano no Mikoto
    Susano's 50% damage reduction for 5 turns could be more helpful than Rei's 2 turn version. He can't replace Kushi for Athena or Fagan but for everthing else he will fill in just fine. He is actually a better choice than Kushi for the Golden Keeper cause those last 3 preemptives are hard to heal for sometimes. If you're missin Kushi, Susano, and Rei you could use a Mech warrior in their place their version is 3 turns and they have a lot more HP.

    Keeper of the Sacred Texts, Metatron
    You bring her for 2 reasons. The biggest reason is bind removal for descends like Hera Ur and Zeus Dios. The other reason would be for her RCV, auto heal, and her active skill to heal for preemptives. She is also an unbindable sub for something like Goemon to give you an extra turn vs Mitsuki and also for Hera Ur on the 1st floor.

    Goddess of the Bleak Night, Pandora
    Hopefully she gets an attacker subtype as she is an awesome sub for Dmeta. Her skill lock is useful but her real use is the ability to both create dark orbs and hearts allowing for burst and healing from one floor to the next for a preemptive.

    Dark Golem Mk.III
    You can use the light version if you like, his use is mainly for Legendary earth runs. You need to have him max skilled for stable runs and he's a 100% drop on Valk and really the best way to skill him.

    Jade Oracle, Parvati
    Any 5 turn healer is fine. They are useful for the 0 RCV dungeons or dungeons that have a lot of preemptives. For Satan descended if you can't tank synced Krakens and Satan's preemptive running a heart maker could save you from certain failure.

    Divine Flying General, Lu Bu
    This is another option for people worried about over healing as his skill will lower you HP to 1 and considering it's on a 16 turn timer it's not out of the question like other options. I've been using him on my KoG team in place of Satan and it's been working pretty good.

    Multiplier options​

    There will be times when people will need a multiplier for many reasons, a boss with massive HP, an under leveled team, limited orb changers needing more punch, there are so many reason why someone could need one so here is a list of them.

    Attacker multiplier/enhancers

    King Flamie
    Flamie is probably the first multiplier you will think of when you think of a multiplier for Dmeta. His stats (1037,757,122,) won't help you much but his skill will lay anything to waste. If you have to reach a HP threshold, sometimes Flamie's terrible stats means you can't bring him. A 3x boost is really overkill on Dmeta so if you need the HP don't sweat the lesser multiplier. He is farmable and easily max skilled.

    Mari&Eva Unit-08
    She has much better stats (2135,1700,162) when compared to Flamie. She will give you a 1.5 attack for 1 turn which should be enough. With her being green she probably won't figure in damage wise for the attack.

    Tiamat and Nobunaga are both options as well (see attacker dragons)

    Dark orb enhancers
    These 4 will give you an extra dark orb enhancement, 9th Angel also has a row boost and the always rare skill lock resist so he will probably the most used of the 3. Cerberus also has a row boost but Beelzebub while having the highest attack (2015) of the bunch lacks a row boost. Dragon Zombie brings 5003 HP which always can come in handy but lacks a row enhancement.

    Non attacker multiplers

    Loki, the Finisher
    Loki has 2 dark row boosts and a skill boost, he will give you a 1.5 dark attack for 3 turns. I've never ran him on my team but for people who have limited orb changers he will boost your team damage for 3 turns instead of 1 helping with more than just 1 boss.

    Ancestor of the Gods, Izanagi
    Izanagi will boost god attacks by 2x for 1 turn. When I needed a multiplier for Satan I used this guy because of his 3345 HPs.

    Champion of Olympus, Heracles
    God type attack 1.5x for 4 turns while dropping your HP to 1. He is a farmable option so you could max skill (15) him. I'm not sure how many people will use him as the 4 turns is nice but the way preemptive strikes are the lowering to 1 HP limits his use.

    BAO Batman+BW Attack
    Dark monsters attack x2 for 1 turn with a bonus dark row enhancement. His multiplier is bigger and better than Izanagi's cause it effects dark instead of god types. With 2998 HP's he should help with making some HP thresholds if you happen to need him.

    Evo coming soon for a 1.5 god attack
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    RE: [under construction] please don't post

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    Building teams with limited REM

    It's really hard to address this common problem with all the variations of problems different people will face as everyones boxes are going to be drastically different from one person to the next. Usually I'm giving advice to people who are missing a few REM options and now I'm giving advice to a group who could potentially have a couple REM options. Hopefully this section can give you direction with forming a team. I will cover the pitfalls of running a low REM based team and ways to compensate for this dilemma. Fortunately just about everything outside of descends and mythical difficulty dungeons doesn't require a heavy REM invested team. You will however have to be a little more clever in building your team and I will try to give you tips on the thought process behind putting a team together. I'm going to start off by alerting you to the potential problems of running nonREM builds please take these problems with a grain of salt as they are problems you need to consider but they aren't glaring problems I just want you to be aware of them.

    Orb exhaustion

    A typical REM farm team is going to have it's fair share of attacker orb changers/subs that might not be available to you. This means you face the problem of orb exhaustion more so than the REM builds. Let me explain why, for the REM teams a simple x3 dark or x5 light orb match will wipe the floor. Some people won't have this luxury and you can't expect to make mass attacks all the way to the boss stages. Sure the Dmetas will supply you with all the damage you need for the bosses, but they only attack 1 target at a time. There are a few steps to combat this problem.

    Low cool down orb changers

    Common dark orb changers like Vampire and CDK can be 5 turn orb changers and a normal T5/T6 dungeon has 10 floors giving you plenty of time to pop them 3 times and have them up in time for the boss floors. . The 2 Dmetas alone (if fully awoken) will give you 4 skill boost and if you can squeeze another one on your team your 5 turn orb changer will be ready 1st move, if you can't get an extra skill boost in your line up it's no biggie as you need to make a move and take damage anyway so he will be ready soon as you are take damage. Simply use an orb change on floor 1 and try to conserve the extra dark orbs, then when floor 5 comes you can pop him again and do the same thing as floor one. This gives you a steady stream of dark orbs, and all you need to do is stall 1 turn for 3 uses. If you plan on using the 5 turn orb change on a mini boss than you will need to stall 2 turns which isn't very hard either.

    Off color attacker

    I don't like the idea of running an off color attacker just for the sake of running one. You really want their skill to contribute to a burst somehow. A Rowdy red goblin is a very easy one to raise and max skill if you pair him with Hamahime or Hanzo he can break hearts, give you a 3rd color to attack with, and feed red orbs to be converted for burst. He also falls under the same basic rule of the 3 time usage per dungeon giving you plenty of fire power. Octopus is also another good option if you happen to have Hama/Hanzo but are missing Ares. His HP (3150) helps but his attack (325) is laughable but after the 16x is applied for a 5x match his attack becomes 7800 and will rise after off color combos so he will help. He is basically a 1 and done deal but he will create your boss burst and save dark and light orbs. A 3rd option is Dino and Marine riders paired with Hama/Hanzo as they will give you plenty of colors to attack with and if you were to run both riders together they will feed you massive red orb to convert and you can simply sub in Persephone or a Wicked Lady for mini boss burst and not have a worry about running out of colors to attack with. Try to remember about two prong attackers as well. This skill is proving very valuable not only for the ramped up damage but the added fact they will attack an additional target. Arthur is also another great option if you have him as his primary light attack and dual two prong attack will go a long way helping save those precious dark orbs.

    3rd attacker

    You really should always try to do this anyway even if their skill is useless or on such a long cool down that you can't use them. Lilith is a prime example as she is a common attacker sub and her poison and 1.5x devil attack won't do much for the team in most situations, but she can help out in so many ways and is worth running. If you run a 3rd D/L attacker this gives you the x5 light clear and will knock out 3 mobs on a floor with a simple 3 dark orb match. It's also going to help with your overall team damage output as sometimes for whatever the reasons might be your board might not be so great for creating your burst you want and the extra attacker will lower your need for dark orbs.

    Poor awakenings and stats

    When you start to sub in collab and farmables into your lineup they don't have the stats and awoken skills of their REM counterparts. Outside of descends this is pretty much a non issue if you have your Dmeta awoken, it just leaves you less room for error in some situations. Your HP pool will be smaller and RCV will also be lower so you must be aware of this fact if you plan on doing the taboo and stall for a skill on a long cool down. A prime example would be people missing a Sonia and insert a Trifruit in her place on a 20 turn cool down. This means you will have to stall at least 6 turns if your Dmeta is fully awoken if it's not then it turns into 8 turns that you must stall leading up to the boss stages. For normals it's really easy to stall for these turns it's just not the way you want to run her as she is a speed farming team. With the lower HP pool this will mean you might not be able to tank damage from the mini boss or boss himself, so you need to make sure your health is low enough before moving on to the boss waves.

    Hanzo woes

    Either you have him or you want him. Truth of the matter is he's they key to unlocking certain dungeons and a lot of end game content for your team. When someone says "I'm missing Hanzo" the first response to this is run Hamahime in his place. This isn't good advice for everyone, the only time you should run Hama for Hanzo is if you're running Ares or some other red attacker that is going to create red orbs for conversion. I wouldn't pair her with a Sonia either as for normal dungeons a full board isn't required for anything and you can get away with just a simple row in most cases if you use your Sonia on a mini boss and follow that up with a Persephone type skill this should be a perfect one two punch. Dmeta players don't use a full board cause of the damage as it's known that the Ares/Hanzo combo is quite capable of out damaging a full board. We use the full board to take the randomness out of Sonia's skill as you can get a perfect board or a board with just 7 dark orbs and there are times you will need 2 rows and you can't leave it to chance cause you can't tank the hit if you don't get the two rows you need from Sonia. If you're taking Sonia into an early descend and want the full board than using Hama here would make sense, just not for farming anything outside of descends.

    Hanzo is awesome because he is the only 5 turn attacker orb changer, if we somehow were to get another 5 turn attacker orb changer that changes anything to dark he would instantly become the #1a or b sub option over night. Just because you don't have Hanzo doesn't mean you should chase after his skill cause you can't replace him. You should instead focus on the strengths of your team and adjust your team and play style to fit the available subs you do have. There are plenty of ways to create burst and full boards without him, just tailor your subs to feed the orb changers you do have and you will be just fine. It's a scam GungHo has made Dmeta so dependent on 1 sub for descends past Hera Is as this has to be frustrating for anyone who doesn't have him. Read Karmakazae's life without Hanzo piece as I remember him having to be really creative with teams but none the less he did accomplish a lot without him.

    Process of forming a team

    This is for putting a team together for farming outside of descends, there is a different approach when taking on descends. The requirements for T5/T6 , Bi weekly, and collabs are much lower allowing for the use of non optimal subs. Many people get confused when trying to put a team together for her so I've decided to give you a thought process of what goes into making your team. You will not need row enhancements for what you will be running, sure every row enhancement you do have will help so if you have them you really should use them. When i say T5/T6 farming I'm not including KoG as this isn't a typical T6 dungeon and does require a decently put together team.

    Attacker options

    1st thing 1st you need to look in your box and find all your attacker options and then build around what you do have. Ideally you would want the attacker orb changes as your 1st option and slot in someone to help feed orbs for conversion later. Everyone ins't going to have an attacker orb changer they can use here so then you would want to run another attacker. Normally when building teams you want to go dark heavy with maybe 1 off color attacker. An example for this would be Ares as I use him very often for his off color attack and his ability to create massive amounts of red orbs for Hanzo to convert to dark. You want the off color attacker to contribute to the team somehow other than just having another color to attack with. Running an additional dark attacker is always going to help even if he doesn't have an orb changing skill and is worth considering. If you find yourself short on attackers raise a Helldark blood demon as he's very easily skilled/awoken and he has a row enhancement. He isn't an orb changer but being a dark attacker he will help with clearing trash mobs and overall team damage. You really want to get into the habit of running multiple attackers if you can as the more you run the easier your life will be. Figuring out what attacker or attacker orb changers you have available will dictate how you build the rest of your team.

    0 RCV or utility

    You need to know what dungeon you're going to be running and build a team accordingly. If there is a high defensive boss or a boss you can't tank you really need to slot Satan or damage reduction as you need to take steps to prevent or fix if you over heal. OoH is a popular dungeon people like to run and you will need either 0 RCV or utility for this. Neptune requires very little to kill so losing a slot here is inconsequential. Satan also has 3 row enhancements which can help if you don't have your Dmeta fully awoken or is just gravy for the extra row based damage.

    Boss burst

    Now you need to consider how many bursts you need to bring, T5 requires 1 and T6 will need 2. Everyone should have a Persephone or Wicked Lady as either of these 2 is instant boss burst and only takes up 1 team spot leaving you 3 slots to play with. Don't worry if your Perse or WL aren't skilled as they are a one and done deal usually saved for the boss anyway. Right now you should have a good idea what your team is looking like and how many slots you have left to fill with the remaining bursts needed if any.

    Low cool down orb changer or something else

    Do you have a spot available for a 5 turn orb changer like Vampire or CDK maybe even a Rowdy red goblin. Running an extra 5 turn orb changer will go a long way with providing you a steady stream of dark orbs and if you lack the burst pairings they can fill in with either Gryps or Arthur for a Persephone type effect. Vampire and Rowdy will break hearts for you helping to speed things along if you don't have Satan.

    If you're new with building a team with Dmeta and you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by all the options available to build a team, don't worry about it. I've said this before but there is no best line up or cookie cutter team for her. Your team will change constantly from dungeon to dungeon. My teams change depending on my mood or if I just want to try something different. Personally I run KoG fairly often and I don't run the same team all the time. I have about 7 different teams that all run it well and I just like to play with line ups sometimes. Play around with different subs and builds and you will find things you do and don't like and build your team by what you like.

    Sample teams

    I was going to do a redundant listing of nonIAP farmable alternative options for the REM subs that commonly appear in Dmeta teams. I believe this list for the most part isn't needed as most people will know what the alternates are. I'll do a very small list of useful non REM subs that can be commonly used and show some you how to build a team with little REM. I'm also going to show a few combinations of teams to give you an idea of a few teams just keep in mind there really are endless amounts of team builds I'm just showing a few so feel free to experiment as that is where the fun is.

    Charming Temptress, Wicked Lady
    Wicked Lady is very easy to get and gives you access to a consistent 2 row burst option. She is the Hanzo for the nonIAP community or people just starting out and lucky enough to roll a Dmeta. This is the one that will appear in all your builds if you're missing Persephone.

    The Dragon Fruits
    For those missing a Sonia her skill is extremely powerful. By now you should know who pairs with the appropriate Trifruit for a full board if that is what you want. Like a Wicked Lady a fruit will supply you with burst in just one slot allowing for a lot of flexibility when creating a team if you pair them both together.

    The Chasers
    The dark chaser is the easiest one to obtain of the three. I've already covered the pairings as did Karmakazae in his Hanzo post ( thanks again Karma) If you don't have access to the Sonia skill the 7 star formation can be just as good and sometimes better. If you happen to have one of the attacker orb changers that matches up with the 7 star skill it's very worth running.

    Helldark Blood Demon
    This guy is easily max skilled and can be awoken by dupes. He is a rare farmable option with a row enhancement that is always welcomed. The baby nuke you can use every 5 turns speeding your runs up. 962 HP isn't helping much but you want him to contribute to overall damage if you do run him. The only 2 colors that you should consider are dark and light to match your leader attacks with the dark one being the far superior choice.

    The really poor mans Hanzo. She does have the same skill has Hanzo but she isn't an attacker and has awful stats (473,358,172) I've expressed my opinion on running her already but that doesn't mean I'm right as I'm sure there are people who do use her and are happy. It's a rare skill and if she matches well with what you have in you box than give her a try.

    Cathy is pretty tough to skill up so I doubt many will have invested in skilling her. Her skill is on a 20 turn timer which for a 10 floor dungeon is doable. She gives you access to converting grass to dark and can be used as a boss burst pairing with a number of different subs.

    Rowdy Red Samurai Goblin and Octopus Ver.2
    Both of these guys are good farmable red attacker orb creators to feed your Hama/Hanzo if you're missing Ares and Cao. Having a 3rd color to attack with and clear trash mobs really comes in handy. Rowdy is easily max skilled and can break hearts for you while giving you more firepower to save your dark orbs. He however can't create 2 rows consistently to take out tougher bosses so he is a good mini boss skill. Octopus acts as Ares and is very capable of creating your boss burst you need.

    Building teams with Wicked Lady

    She is a real powerhouse for your team and everyone should have her making it very easy to make teams. Everyone is going to have an REM option and you definitely want to slot that somewhere on the team.

    This team doesn't have the 3rd dark attacker but Octopus/Hama and WL will create 2 rows so that the 3rd attacker won't be missed. With a team like this you will want to break your hearts when you can as Vampire isn't needed for burst he is there to feed you dark orbs and clear hearts. You will want to clear things with x5 light and fire when you can.

    Rowdy is your heart breaker and off color attacker. If you run this team you really want to use Wicked Lady's skill 1st than the green chaser on the boss cause of their overlapping orb usage.

    This build has 2 bursts with 7 row enhancements. If you plan on using a Sonia skill without making it a full board please remember it is an erratic skill and best used on a mini boss or a boss where 1 row is enough to kill it. This is a speed farming build, you will want to match 5x light or 5x dark to wipe the floors till you get to the boss stages. Satan's HP pool will allow for tanking some extra damage since this team doesn't have any short turn orb changers.

    As you can start to tell I like to run a 3rd color for snipping. With limited REM subs you really should try the same. AB Blackbird is an attacker and a has a dual orb change to hearts (fire and light) to feed Vampire. The healer sticker girls can do the same just you lose out on the extra attacker. You're once again doing redundant skills for burst so I would use WL 1st and AB/Vampire 2nd and try to save some red orbs.

    This team has no heart breaker but with the extra water attacker it will take advantage of the water orbs created by the chaser. You could get away with subbing out Hama for a dark/light devil or even Rowdy.

    Wicked lady and the riders

    NonIAP and light IAP players alike roll and the riders are available to be rolled at anytime so they can be considered a common roll so chances are people will have a rider. This will make life much easier easier for you. Once again Wicked Lady will be included in all of these builds.

    Teams with Gryps

    The problem with Gryps/WL is they are using the same orbs for conversion and burst. A green chaser will reset the board for you. If you don't have a green chaser you can sub in Fuma Kotaro.

    This team is running 3 burst with no heart breaker. Octopus once again serves as the off color attacker. Gryps can be used on a mini boss if you need him.

    With Vampire feeding dark orbs and breaking hearts all you need is a simple match of 3 to wipe the floor. You won't need many dark orbs for burst with the 4 dark attackers.

    Teams with Arthur

    Really any heart maker will work here I use AB cause he is an attacker. Arthur eats dark orbs but CDK is able to convert them back for you. You really don't need CDK to convert light to dark here as a x5 light match will clear the floors now with Arthur's primary light attack.

    Arthur has much more potential when it comes to creating burst. This is a full board if you need it, this is handy for those who want to do Hera and lucky enough to have Arthur.

    You're looking for matches of 5 here to wipe the floors, you have 3 colors to attack with. Angelion prevents Arthur from eating your dark orbs here.

    The outcasts

    These are the off color riders as they are not great fits with Dmeta and better suited for other teams. They can be useful as off color attackers and you need to be creative for them to feed for burst.

    Beast Rider, Wiz Merlin

    Skill Fire to water and hearts to fire

    It's hard to pair him for burst as he changes the same orbs as Octopus but Merlin does have a better attacking stat. If you have Dino rider he can pair with with Merlin for a larger conversion of fire orbs to be converted to dark orbs if you run Hama.

    With Merlin's primary water attack an x5 match should wipe the floor. This is a full board pairing

    This is a pretty water heavy team and the chaser/Merlin combo with give you a full dark and water board.

    Not many people will be able to run this team but having so many colors to attack with really takes orb exhaustion out of the picture. Just remember to pop Merlin 1st and Dino 2nd.

    Dino Rider, Wild Drake

    Skill Grass to fire and hearts to grass

    Anubis or Cathy would be best to run with this rider as the grass orbs are usually pretty useless if you don't have either of these 2 to convert his grass orbs.

    Rowdy can prevent Dino from creating unwanted grass orbs here just remember to pop Rowdy 1st.

    You have a lot of options to attack with here, a simple match of 3 dark will wipe the floor and you still have your x5 light and red attacks maybe even green. If you don't have AB any heart maker can work.

    This pairing with give you a 4/5 dark board with only light orbs left. You can sub out Octopus for a Squid for more grass attack.

    Marine Rider, Bard Robin

    skill Water to grass and hearts to water

    There is no attacker that can convert water to dark yet so Cathy is the best one to pair with Robin. He is better suited for the green heavy attacker teams but he can still help you on a Dmeta team giving you an off color attacker.

    This will give you a full dark board. Robin/Cathy can pair with any chaser for a 2/3 board so any chaser will work with blue being a full board.

    CDD is the only real option for water to dark. Robin will create unwanted grass orbs here but they could help with making rows after converting water to dark. You can sub out AB for an Anglelit for a full board.

    Once again a heavy attacker team giving you the simple match of 3 dark to clear the floor and still have grass, water and light x5 attacks. Cathy can be subbed out for either a heart maker like AB or a dark orb creator like Vampire or CDK.

    Links to low REM builds that work for KoG and descends

    I'm relying on what people post as successful builds and link them for reference.

    My team has reached the point of not being very helpful in this situation for other people. I could post theoretical teams but I think actual posts and builds would be more beneficial to the group of people looking for ideas on team builds here. If you think you can help out feel free to post your team and if you like you can add a description of how it worked for you.

    King of Gods

    A link to a team given by Zyhre Click here

    Two Heros descended Legendary

    A link to a team by Mysteria Click here

    Valkyrie descended Mythical links

    A link to a team given by Vince Click here

    A link to a team given by Jim Me Click here

    A link to teams given by Karmakazae Click here
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    RE: [under construction] please don't post

    Sample team building

    To save image space I'm going to use screen shots as I'd like to cover a wide range of teams and options. Most of this appears in the end game descend guide but I'd like to show more team flexibility as not everyone is going to run the luxury subs I often run. You will pick up on the subs that often appear together. I will try my best to mix the parings up to give people more ideas on teams they can run with the subs they have.

    King of the Gods

    Dmeta runs this dungeon very well and makes it look easy. It will take you a few runs to get the pacing of how everything works but once you get the rhythm down and settle on a team the only time you will fail will be by a mistake of your own doing. There are a few ways to go about forming a team for this.

    HP breakpoint

    14255 is your magic number that you need to be at or above. This allows you to tank Tiamat and get your health low enough to make healing out of the zone pretty tough. You will see many experienced Dmeta players give this advice as this method really increases your success rate substantially. Make it a priority to store some hearts for healing from floor 7 to 8 or on floor 8.

    Boss burst

    You will need 2 burst for this as Tiamat should be killed by your natural board. When picking your burst pairings keep in mind you want something that will consistently produce 2 rows. The Sonias are great for so many reasons but their skill can't be depended on by their own unless you can kill the boss with 1 enhanced row. I believe the chance of not producing 2 rows is 15%. If you're depending on a stand alone Sonia skill that means your success rate will be at best 85% which is a low number for a Dmeta team. You also want to make sure the 2 bursts compliment each other. For example lets say someone is running Ares/Hanzo/Gryps/Genbu, you do not want to use Gryps/Genbu first as this pairing is more than likely going to leave behind a good number of grass orbs that do nothing but clutter your board for the next burst.

    Attacker/non attacker count

    The more attackers and row enhancements you have the less reliant you are on two rows. With enough enhancements and attackers a well developed team can get away with relying on just a Sonia skill. You can 100% get away with running 2 non attackers and even 3 if your team is developed. Don't be nervous about your damage output by not running attackers, just make sure to feed your attackers the orbs they need and they won't disappoint you

    Over healing

    If your team has high RCV this is a problem you my encounter sometime down the road. There are a few options to compensate for this. First option is a damage reduction skill as this will allow you to get back in the zone. Don't forget about Rei as for KoG many people have her in their box and they often slot the popular Kushi or Susano out of habit. Another option would be Lu Bu as his skill will drop your HP to 1. The final option is Satan. The 0 RCV approach leaves little room for error as if you take to much damage before Tiamat you could get there and not be able to tank him with only 1 turn to kill him with a bad board.

    Hanzo based teams


    Gryps based teams


    Arthur based teams


    All options



    There are many ways of forming a team for this. The easiest way to explain a team for this is just to walk you through floor by floor.

    Floor 1. You want to take RNG out of the picture here for stable runs, so you need an orb changer that will be ready to go 1st turn incase you don't get 5 or 6 dark orbs. Ideally this is Hanzo if you don't have him you will need to bring either CDK or Vampire.

    For the 1st floor you want to make a 5x or 6 x match leaving the mythlits after that you want to get down to just one mythlit to keep your bind counts down as with 3 of them binding your binds can spiral out of control. I would only run her if you need a 3rd attacker. Then just stall there for your skills and ride you binds out and leave when you're ready.

    Floor 2. Here you need a poison or bypass defense skill. This is a popular spot for Lilith but you really don't want to bring the attacker version of her as a sub here cause of her dual elements leading to a very high bind count.

    Floor 3. Here is another floor you would like to bring another poison bypass defense skill. Some people might not have a second option for this and there are ways around it. 10th Angel or FA Luci type skill that can take the Tamadra out so you don't need to deal with pure smile. Then you concentrate on making 5x matches of colors you can attack with and just ping the Dubmyths down. The last option would be a delay skill to give you more time to ping them down and hopefully kill off the Tamadra before the 4th turn.

    Floor 4. So now we have 3 spots filled. Your last 2 spots should be your boss burst. You can bring a Sonia/Chinese girl skill that will take the poison away and pair them with an orb changer. Persephone also works well here cause of all the hearts on the board if you don't have the board resetting option.


    0 Stalling builds

    These team builds are for pretty advanced teams. You will need an egg investment in Hanzo ideally 99 attack for the Lilith leader ones.


    For the 1st team Odin can be Tengu or Odin everyone must be max skilled.

    Floor 1. Match a row, use Hanzo if you need to.
    Floor 2. Take whatever turns they give you as you want to make sure Hanzo is up again for the boss stage. Use Lilith a turn before they attack.
    Floor 3. 10th Angel will take out the Tamadra, if you brought Odin use him right before Hanzo is ready to come back online. If you brought a different 3 skill boost guy than you have to match 5x and ping the Dubs down.
    Floor 4. Full board.

    The 2nd team You want everyone max skilled here. FA Luci can be as high as 8.

    Floor 1. Match a row and use Hanzo if you need him.
    Floor 2. Same as team 1 just take the turns they give you and use Lilith. While you taking turns you should be storing dark orbs as you want to have an enhanced row for the next floor.
    Floor 3. FA Luci will take out the Tamadra and enhance your dark orbs. Take your turns to get Hanzo up for the next floor and when you're pop MK3 and make your Row and combos.
    Floor 4. Full board.

    Team 3 This is a true 0 stall team, for this you need 2 Odins max skilled with the 3rd able to be at 17 turn at the most. Sonia can get away with a skill at 18.

    Floors1-3 Odin skills
    Floor 4 Pop Sonia and make your rows as this team has 5 dark and 10 fire row enhancements making her stand alone skill pretty reliable.

    Room of the Sacred Mask

    I have this in the descend section. I really only ran it for the stone. I will have to run this a few more times before I can give advice here.


    I just started playing with this so I need to run this more and play with builds before I can give advice.

    The Golden Keeper

    This is another dungeon I just haven't ran enough to give advice.
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    RE: [under construction] please don't post

    End game and descends

    I've just started recently taking screenshots so I'll add them in as i get more chances to run them. Some descends I haven't ran in a long time so I have to run them again to refresh my memory. There are many approaches to descends and KoG, I'm going to share what worked for me and I'll alert you for the trouble spots.

    King of Gods

    This can be beat so many different ways, I've settled on 2 teams for this. The best strategy that has worked for me is to tank Tiamat as this takes healing out of the zone (for most people) out of the equation. For this to work you must have 14255 HP. I don't recommend the Satan build as it is unforgiving and you need either excellent orb skills or a heavy plus egg team.
    Floor 7. This is where you want to set the table for Tiamat, You want to wipe this floor and heal full leaving.
    Floor 8. Hopefully you can tank him as usually he is on a 1 turn timer but can show as a 2 or 3. If you're out of the zone you want to clear all your dead color orbs and hearts. If you look at my 2nd team, I'm relying on Ares/Hanzo for Zeus so I want the least amount of clutter when I pop them. Persephone will clear the unwanted light orbs on floor 9. It's a good idea to know what it takes to kill off Tiamat for the times when you can't heal for him. You will have two turns to kill him after he hits you so it shouldn't be hard.
    Floor 9. I use to use Vampire/Flamie here in my old days as CCD was always my trouble spot. More than likely you will need two rows here or 1 row with a multiplier. When you do make your rows keep in mind what your trash orbs are for the next burst and try to clean them up but make your rows a 1st priority.
    Floor 10. Just use what you have for burst and make the most of it. You will need a total 2.6 million team damage so you want 2 rows.



    Vince did another good job writing this up, so I will just link. Click here

    There are really a lot of team builds to take this on.


    Room of the Sacred Mask

    Anything with skill lock isn't Dmeta friendly

    The more skill lock resist the better, you want at least 80% with 100% being the best. Problem here is this leaves you very little room for orb changers and this can lead to an early fail on floor 1. You definitely want to pair with Pandora. There are many teams that run this better than Dmeta right now, if we get more skill lock resist subs this will become easier.

    It's a fairly simple dungeon if you avoid skill lock and have an orb changer for floor 1.
    There is no real strategy other than try to mass attack everything, Bastet is a very good choice sub here. The one floor you can crack the defense on easily if you're in the zone would be floor 3 (120k)
    You will need 2 rows or a full board to crack the 1million defense on the green mask so make sure you bring some burst. Just remember Pandora needs 8 linked orbs for her 4x to kick in and this is where Yomi comes in handy.


    Legendary Earth

    The requirements for stable runs here are all subs must be max awoken, 20971 team HP, Max skilled MK3
    The only problem besides getting big Z to drop is a synced floor 1. This is why MK3 has to be max skilled, pop Hanzo/MK3/Dmeta. I'm tring to find out exactly what the minimum combo is. A 1x6,1x4, 4 total combos is my lowest so far that will crack the defense.
    After floor 1 the rest is cake, just try to clear as many orbs as you can so you don'y become orb starved. 20971 is enough to tank 3 of 4 on floor one but not enough to tank 2 kings (23041) so be careful with healing if you're below 23041HP.


    Legendary Seaway

    For a stable 1st floor you want 23895HP so don't forget about Satan. After that there isn't much strategy, just clear orbs make rows and definitely make good use of your two prong attackers. MK3 will lower the defense for the high defensive guys and he has a good HP pool. Everything hits hard here so short turn orb changers are good.


    This is an ultra luxury build I've settled on for this that just shreds this dungeon. I reach the HP threshold and having 2 two prong attackers with the off color red attack really makes this a piece of cake. You want Odin to be skill skilled to about a 17 turn timer to have him ready for floor 6 with 0 stalling.



    Fagan is basically a descend, Kushi is a must for this until we get poison. The trouble floor would be Haku on floor 5 with her 10893 preemptive.
    I really like the dual Hanzo for this cause of all the boss floors. I've tried Sonia in place of Ares and it doesn't work very well. Take your time killing RK cause you might need Kushi for floor 3 she hits for 21361 and I usually heal out of the zone on her and running dual Hanzo means i can't tank her.
    Floor 2 Is a simple Ares skill.
    Floor 3 No real danger if you have Kushi or Hanzo available
    Floor 4 You really don't want to take a hit here cause of Haku's preemptive. I will burn an orb change on her and stall for a Hanzo on Haku as she hits for much less.
    Floor 5 Set your board for an easy row but you must heal, as usually it's 1 or 2 turns waiting for Hanzo. One row isn't enough to OHKO Haku so look for an extra 3 or 4 match.
    Floor 6 Set your fire and dark rows for the next floor and clear all light orbs.
    Floor 7 Take the blind pop Hanzo/Dmeta hopefully you cleared the light orbs cause now you can see all the enhanced orbs for easy rows.
    Floor 8 Pop Kushi and clear the rest of you blind, take the hit and use Ares/Hanzo Dmeta


    Two heros Descended Legendary​

    Required skill Not really required but having an orb changer ready for the 1st floor could help most people.

    Beginner team considerations

    If your HP pool is below the 17851 mark then you will want to have an orb change ready for the 1st floor.

    Floor 1. If the whole floor is synced they will do a total of 17850 damage so if you don't have an orb changer than match what dark and light orbs you have and target the light devil to take him out. If you are stalling for a long skill the next floor is your stall floor and it's a good idea to go there out of the zone.

    Floor 2. The stall floor. Anytime you have a stall floor it's a good idea to set dark orbs in your lower corners. This can help you on the Vampire floor if you don't have an extra orb changer. Clear the floor when you're ready to move on. Try to leave this floor in the zone.

    Floor 3. You can't tank this floor so hopefully you're in the zone and can just wipe. If you're out of the zone target the light knight.

    Floor 4. This is where your stored orbs in the lower corners can help you, or you can just pop an orb change and Dmeta skill to wipe the floor.

    Floor 5. Make sure you're in the zone before you pop your skill, either wait to be hit or use your skills here. a 1x6 and 1x3 or 4 should be enough for most low level teams.


    Hera Descended Legendary

    Hera is another easy descend, I highly recommend Satan for this cause if you heal out of the zone during the Neptune/Hades floors it's game over. Don't be shy with your orb changers cause you will have plenty of time to get them back up before Hera.

    Required skills None

    Beginner team considerations

    Any attacker orb changer is your best bet to run even if it's Anubis as you will have plenty of time to get him up in time for Hera. You really should run a 3rd attacker to help with taking out Minerva and Ceres and don't be shy with your orb changers. If you're running a low level/attacker team and need more punch for Hera try a multiplier or full board pairing to ensure a OHKO.

    Floors 1-4 Just get in the zone and clear. Try to save some dark orbs leading to the start of the boss waves.

    Floor 5. She'e extremely easy to kill and shouldn't require an orb change unless you have 2 or fewer dark orbs.

    Floor 6. Minerva gives you plenty of time to kill her 2-4 turns, usually she doesn't require and orb change but don't take chances if you're not sure. 1x6 should do the trick for most teams, add in an extra x3 if you're not leveled or running a low attacker or row enhancements team.

    Floor 7. Ceres hits at 10780 so if she spawns on a 1 timer and you can't tank her pop and orb change and 1x6 should do the trick, extra 3 as mentioned above.

    Floor 8. Do your math here and figure out how many turns you need before your skills come back online, Hades will spawn on a 5-7 turn timer. 1x6 is a kill shot here.

    Floor 9. Take whatever time you need here and kill him when you're ready.

    Floor 10. A full board is a guaranteed OHKO. Just use your skills here.


    Multipler and full board builds


    Zeus Descended Mythical

    Zeus is an easy descend for Dmeta and can be cleared with 0 REM. To avoid over healing on Zeus 18515 is your HP breakpoint. If you're brining something with a long cool down floor 2 is where you stall.

    Floor 1. If they spawn on 1/1/1 or 1/1/2 you want to take 1 of them out as you don't want to chance a double strike from one of them. Pop an orb change and match them in 3's and 4's or match rows to wipe the floor.

    Floor 2. Remember the Mystic Mask hits at 4k a turn, let the mask hit you low as possible to avoid healing out of the zone the rest of the way. It's very easy to wipe the floor here I target the Onyx mask just incase I get a dark orb match sky fall. Careful with the Onyx and Gold mask as they don't always bind they can hit for 9999. When you're ready to move on just clear the floor. It's always a good idea to store dark orbs to save on skills here.

    Floor 3. If you don't have the left over orbs to wipe this floor than use a skill.

    Floor 4. Most teams need 2 rows here, whatever burst you brought for this floor use it.

    Floor 5. Use your remaining skills.


    Valkyrie Descended Mythical

    No surprise here but Valk is a really easy clear for Dmeta. Your HP breakpoint for floor one without an orb change is 17851, this will allow you to tank a synced floor 1. You must be careful leaving the Golem floor to the devil floor as over healing here is failure.

    Floor1. If you can't tank the 17+k than pop an orb change and try to wipe the floor with a row.

    Floor 2. If you have skills on a long cool down this is your stall floor.

    Floor 3. Try to heal full here to tank the Golem he hits for 13946. Try your best to clear your board of all hearts and trash orbs. After he hits you you have 3 turns to kill him if you're limited with orb changers.

    Floor 4. You want at least 1 enhanced row and maybe an extra 3 or 4 match to be safe.

    Floor 5. Use your boss burst.


    Goemon Descended Mythical

    This is a fairly easy descend if you have an orb changer for the 1st floor. It's been a while since I've ran this.
    Floor 1. Do the math and see how many you are able to tank, if you can't tank the 1st floor pop a skill and make rows. If you can tank just clear hearts and trash orbs.
    Floor.2-3 Just clear them nothing scary.
    Floor 4. You can take a hit or two here to make sure you don't over heal on Goemon. If your team isn'y very strong you want 2 rows here.
    Floor 5. Full board is a OHKO, just use your boss burst.


    Hera-Is Descended Mythical

    Hera-Is is a pretty easy descend if you stay out of the rage zones.
    Floor 1. Depending on your team a 1x6 and off combos should clear, 1x6 and 1x3 or 4 with a two prong user would be the safe bet if your team isn't plus egged.
    Floor 2. If you get the dark one you can't play with him cause he hits every turn and at less than 75% health he will hit for 11828 each turn. Use a orb change on the dark one for a OHKO. The blue on is easier as he hits every 2 turns and doesn't rage till below 50%, so just chip away trying to set your board for a kill shot or orb change.
    Floor 3. You might not be able to tank this guy as he hits for 18583, chip away at him till he is about to attack and use an orb change for a kill shot.
    Floor 4. This is your stall floor to get your skills back up, he won't rage till under 25% and can auto heal at below 50%. Before you leave this floor try to have your health good and low as over healing past this point means failure.
    Floor 5. Whatever one you get it doesn't matter cause you can't tank either one, pop a skill and wipe.
    Floor 6, Use your boss burst.


    Hera-Ur Descended Mythical

    Required utity You will need a bypass defense or something that will be able to crack the 600k defense.

    The first four floors are pretty tricky. On the 1st floor you have a 10 turn hyper bind and a 2-4 turn water bind. I find it pretty hard to stall out a ten turn bind and try to avoid it at all cost as it's hard to keep clearing large amounts of orbs for hearts to drop and not put the Ogre in his rage zone at the same time. When you are finished with this floor you must heal above 12k before leaving and the more you heal above this the easier it will be for you to heal leaving the 2nd floor. The 2nd floor is easy to kill with a simple row for most, but the problem is healing for floor 4's preemptive at the same time cause floor 3 is a 0 turn stall board. I've found 3 builds for this that work pretty good. I haven't tried a heart maker yet.
    Hera Ur is best ran without a conditional leader skill cause of the 2 big preemptives and the binds on floor 1. Oddly enough if you have Pandora or Sonia they are better choices as leaders for this descend.

    It's pretty close to who works better here Pandora or Lmeta. I'm leaning towards the Lmeta build cause she handles the binds.

    Floor 1. With Lmeta you have no choice but to eat the 10 turn bind cause the green Ogre will try to bind her and not attack. There are a few things you want to do here. First you want to set up an easy row of dark orbs at the bottom for the next floor. Second you want to get a line of hearts ready to lower your hyper bind if the blue Ogre didn't try to hyper bind Lmeta or the leaders. You have a ton of time to set your board here.
    1a. The blue Ogre didn't hyper bind you. You have an option here now. If you can heal and make a row it will wipe the floor.
    1b. You got the bind. Pop Lmeta and match a row of hearts. Then you have to wait a few more turns to be hit so take your time to set a kill shot and heal for the next floor.

    Floor 2. This is where your row at the bottom comes in handy. Running Lmeta means you don't have an orb change here. If Lmeta is back up use her for the heal then make your row and heal if you can.

    Floor 3. Use you skill, don't take a hit here as you can't tank Ifrit and Minerva.

    Floor 4. If you have Hanzo/Sonia pairing then you make your choice here. If Hanzo is enough for a 6+3 or more than use him, if not pop Sonia and try to use what you need and carry over what red and dark orbs you can.

    Floor 5. Use your last skills.


    Here is Vince's write up on Hera Ur
    He did a good write up on this so I'll leave this one to him.

    Kushi works pretty good overall. If you avoid the hyper bind this becomes pretty easy. You will have a choice of when to pop her and that would be leaving floor 1 going to floor 2, or leaving floor 3 to 4. She will also save you if you put an Ogre in his rage zone.

    Her downfall is you don't get the amount of time to set your board and if you do get bound you have to stall it out.


    Satan Descended Mythical

    HP requirements are 23,978 to tank synced Krakens and Satan if you can't reach this lofty HP total than 17973 with a heart maker is the 2nd best bet.

    Floor 1. Hopefully you can tank synced Krakens cause if not this won't be a stable 0 stone clear for you. Take your hit and either kill them either by your natural board or pop an orb change, this depends on the counters they are on.

    Floor 2. Nothing to worry about here, just kill with your board. If you brought a heart maker here is a good time to use it so it will be up later if you need it.

    Floor 3. You can't take a hit here so use an orb change and take her out. For most teams a 1x6 isn't going to be enough so try for 1x6 and 1x3 at least.

    Floor 4. Hopefully you still have an orb changer left for this floor as they can appear on ugly timers like 1/1/1 or 1/1/2. For most teams a 1x6 and 1x3 should do the trick.

    Floor 5. 6006 is what you need for the next floor, Hades is an easy kill so just kill him when you're ready. Try to have all your orb changers and skills ready to go for Satan.

    Floor 6. You get at least 2 free turns here to kill him. A full board isn't a OHKO here without some lucky sky fall. If you brought a heart maker and you can't make a killing blow on your 2nd turn pop your hearts and try to heal up for his attack as this gives you a 3rd turn to kill him off.


    Athena Descended Mythical​

    If you look at the first SS you will see you need to crack 25k HP and have Kushi to run this descend. The requirements are the hardest part of this.
    Floor 1. I store a row on the bottom for floor 2 while I wait for RGG to hit me. After he does hit me it doesn't take much to kill him off.
    Floor 2. 600k defense can be cracked with 2 rows, I've got one on the bottom already so I just wait till I get my other row ready then pop Dmeta and match my rows.
    Floor 3. This is where RCV kicks in, as I have to stall at least 8 turns here for my Dmeta to be up for Athena. Siegfried makes it fairly easy to stall as he hits you for 23250 every 2 turns and has enough HP to tank my damage without going into a rage. When Dmeta is ready just pop a change and enhance to move on.
    4. Wait for her to hit you than use your skills.


    Takeminakata Descended Mythical​

    I haven't ran this in a long time I will have to run this again, all I do remember is Ronia gave me a sad board.


    Beelzebub Descended Mythical

    This isn't an easy clear for most Dmeta teams

    Floor 1 you will need 2 rows, you want all primary dark attackers,you must save poison from floor 2 to floor 4.
    Floor 1. You can't rely on a singe orb changer for 2 rows, so you need 2 of them. Pop Hanzo/Vampire and make 2 rows.
    Floor 2. You can really stall here for quite a long time setting your board up. 1st you want to put your poison orbs in the corners of the board, than chip away at his health clearing hearts and poison together until you can make a kill shot.
    Floor 3. This could be easy or it could be hard, if you didn't bring 10th angel like me than you pray for Amon, if you do get Astaroth than you will have to use a Dmeta enhance and try to set the board for 2 rows with Vampire's skill.
    Floor 4. 1st eat your poison and clear 0 damage orbs. Hopefully you didn't use a Dmeta skill, if you did you have 2 turns to kill this floor without her enhancement. Pop Persephone and make your rows.
    Floor 5. Use your remaining skills


    Here is Proc19's SS of how to store the poison.


    Izanami Descended Mythical

    One night Vince and I were brainstorming on a stable way of beating this descend and he did a good write up on it already so I will just link it Click here


    Another way to do this descend isn't for the faint of heart. This is how Proc19 was running it. He would get the dragon on floor 4 under 100k HP then pop his orb change and enhance then use Odin to finish him off. I couldn't do it and I'm not sure how stable it was but none the less it's very impressive.


    Zeus Dios Descended Mythical

    To 0 stone Zeus Dios consistently you want to hit 22267 HP as this lets you tank both hits on floor 1 if they are synced. The only problem here is leaving floor 1 to floor 2 as floor 2 has a 11775 preemptive strike. Try your best to heal full going from floor 3 to 4 as this lets you tank both Hera and Dios with no healing needed which means you can use a Sonia skill on Hera. You do not want to bring a red sub cause if you do, it won't be up for Zeus.

    I've found three different ways of running this

    Being able to tank floor 1 with no red sub

    Floor 1. Highlander will blind. I try my best to remember where the hearts are as I want to save these and clear my blind.

    Scenario A- They're not synced and Highlander puts you in the zone. There is no need to heal for the preemptive, pop an orb change and 1x6 and 1x4 clears the floor.

    Scenario B- They're synced and put you well under your 11.7k mark for the next preemptive. You must kill Highlander while saving Berserk and heal as much as possible at the same time. I make 2 matches of 4 matching hearts and trying to clear off colored orbs and target Highlander. Hopefully you're above 11.7k cause Berserk hits for 14k so either way you must kill him this turn. Pop an orb change and 1x6 should work but I usually go 1x6, 1x3 still.

    Floor 3. You get 2 turns here, take your time and use them both.

    Floor 4. If you wiped floor 1 early you will need to stall a turn or 2 here (depending on your subs) to have Sonia up for Zeus. This really isn't a stall friendly descend. Archangel hits for 11k a turn unless she skips a turn. Keep in mind you need 19.1k just for the next two preemptives. When you're ready just kill her as she is an easy kill.

    Floor 5. She has 2 million Hp so 1x6 and 1x4 enhanced should work. Make sure you're above 14084 HP

    Floor 6. Use your burst.


    Sacrificial lamb

    Here we are bringing a red sub to counter tanking both hits. Don't plan on having your red sub back up by Zeus as most the time my hearts run dry trying to stall. This is a good tactic for those who can't reach the lofty HP mark for floor 1. If your team doesn't have a plus egg investment I would shoot for 2 rows where I suggest 1x6, 1x4.



    Kushi takes the healing from floor 1 to floor 2 out of the picture with her damage reduction. She will also help with the Dios preemptive.


    Heracles Descended Mythical​

    Here is Vince's write up on Heracles Click here

    Hera-Beorc Descended Mythical

    Sandalphon Descended Mythical

    Thanos/Delay is needed for this.

    Floor 1 is very simple just match an 8

    Floor 2 This is a good place to stall for skills just incase you get Michael on the next floor. When Angel goes into her 2x attack just wipe.

    Floor 3. I've had Michael twice and Uriel once. Don't be shy with your skills on this floor as you will have 11 turns on floor 4 and 3 more on the boss stage.

    Uriel is the easiest of the 3 especially if you have Hanzo, when you're ready just pop a skill and kill.


    Michael doesn't give you time to ping him down so you need to crack his 600k defense. Use whatever skills you have to ensure you do this.

    Floor 4 Soon as you enter the floor use your delay as doing it this way will allow you to have it back up for the boss or even to use it again for more time on this floor. 4x is enough to kill him off with enhanced orbs so don't worry if you're out of the zone as I was always at full health. You have a ton of time here to store dark orb

    Floor 5 Sandy will hit you with a 3 turn skill lock and hit you for 9122 each turn so you will need to heal until the bind wears off then just use your skills.


    Hera Sowilo descended​

    Required skills None are required but a heart maker could come in handy.

    Hera Sol isn't a hard descend but it is a tricky one to navigate cause healing out of the zone at the wrong time is failure and you need to heal through a 10 turn dark absorb and a 5 turn skill lock. Lmeta is a great sub option for her auto heal and active skill that will heal and remove binds. You really want some high RCV here, maybe around 3500ish total for the team.

    Floor 1. Random 2 of 11 here is hard to plan on. You're better off taking 2 hits here to get your health low enough to last you to floor 3. 1 hit from a Cyclops is 13.5k so be aware of him.

    Floor 2. Heal out of the zone here and it could be over fast. You can't tank synced hits here. They are at 900k so for most people a simple row should work.

    Floor 3. 2 sets of 3 will crack his defense. I will tank and heal him waiting for more poison orbs so I can store them for accidental healing on floor 5. If you plan on using this safety net I'd bring 4-5 orbs as 3 isn't enough to drop you in the zone.

    Floor 4. Wipe

    Floor 5. Good news is you get plenty of turns here as he does a 3 turn countdown before he attacks. Bad news is you can't heal out of the zone. A row plus an extra 3 or 4 should do the trick here.

    Floor 6. A 4 match will take the Demons out if you have a two prong attacker. Just look to make a row with maybe an extra 3 depending on your team.

    Floor 7. You need to stall 10 turns here. She only hits for 8124 every turn so you should be able to tank 2 turns if your hearts run a little dry on you. This is where a heart maker comes in handy. When the dark absorb wear off a simple row should work.

    Floor 8. Pop an orb change here and wipe the floor, a row plus 3.

    Floor 9. You need to make a combo of 5 or more for her to take damage. No need to stall here unless you need skills for Hera. You can get her down a little setting your board for a Hanzo skill to take her out.

    Floor 10. Now you face a 5 turn skill lock and some random binds. She will only hit you 4 times going 12.2, 6.1, 12.2, 6.1 then you pop your skills for the win. Just be careful putting her under 50% as she will OHKO you if you do.

    Kushi build For those without Lmeta you can run Kushi in her place. She will allow you back in the zone if you over heal on any floor and gives you 1 extra turn if your hearts run a little dry. I think Lmeta with a heart maker is the safest build but Kushi does work.

  7. Jim Me

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    RE: [under construction] please don't post

    Friend list

    Blue color text will show hypermax (297/max skilled/max awoken)​

    User list

    Jim Me@XT 376 146 280
    I deleted some inactive leads and have open spots.​

    Moogie@Pf 328 662 207
    Friend list usually full but willing to delete inactive players for useful ones.​

    Grim@EJ/PF 390 372 243

    N@p0t@PF 374 956 287

    Jph@PF 371 757 281

    Noyze@PF 302 156 297

    Jeff@PF 338 108 334

    Death@PF 302 178 216
    Looking for Dmeta Friends and also run Ronia.​

    ♡Chu 317 054 227
    +297 skill 3 working on hypermax.​

    Spilph 399 297 219
    +297 skill 2 working on hypermax.​

    Tabris 396 599 250
    +20 max awoken, also run Byakko and Godin​

    Mittens@PF 334 773 287
    +235 skill 1, working on hypermax​

    Andrew@PF 305 383 270

    Dantes 304 793 231

    Belgy@PF 331 284 271

    ManshoonPF 357 874 271
    +185 Dmeta also run Lmeta, Shiva, DqXq​

    Annie@Pf 336 189 244
    +297 skill 1​

    tsurugi@PF 393 073 260
    +234 skill 1​

    Lana@PF 361 990 299
    +297 ​

    Panda@PG 326 748 260
    +297 skill 4 ​

    Llama@PF 311 857 293
    Main leads are Odin almost 297 also Chinese/combo gods​
  8. Karmakazae

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    RE: [under construction] please don't post

    A World Without Hanzo

    The crux of damage from DMeta teams depends on the attack from the 2 leads, with the addition of a 3rd dark attacker. That is typically enough damage to take on most content. The other 3 sub spots can be focused on orb change, utility, stat stick, etc. With this in mind, team construction without Hanzo is based on this premise.

    How far can DMeta take you without Hanzo? There's no question that Hanzo takes the team to another level. But a lot of content can be taken on by DMeta despite him. Hanzo is a 5CD orb changer with a skill boost. For many descends, this is a necessity. So builds without him, need to find that skill boost and 5CD dark orb changer without losing utility. The focus of this section will be on KoG and descends; T5-T6 is pretty easy. There are some descends I have just not tried with DMeta because other teams were better suited, e.g. Athena Descends, Satan Descends, etc.

    Starlight Sanctuary - King of Gods

    This was my original KoG farming team. This build is as stable as running KoG with any other team, except there is a longer stalling requirement. Failure is typically due to skyfall heals. This team was successful without +eggs on my own DMeta, and was typically run with a 297 friend. I can mete out the math a little more, but I encourage everyone to do a little on their own (use this awesome damage calculator by Arkaether).

    A non-REM variant of this team also works:
    [table cellspacing=1 cellpadding=0 ]
    [table cellspacing=1 cellpadding=0] [/table] [/table]

    Notice that there are only 3 primary dark attackers in these builds, DMeta x2 and Nobunaga/Tiamat/DD Batman/etc. The dragons are essentially a wash when it comes to damage - Tiamat's 2 row boosts will add an additional 40% damage when making 2 rows, while Nobunaga's 1.3x ATK active gives a static 30% boost to damage (assuming unskilled Tiamat). Nobunaga is an exceptionally good stat stick, and more easily farmable. Most boxes will not have a skilled up Tiamat, in which case, he would be the clear damage winner.

    For KoG, take your time through the first 7 floors, and stall enough to have CDs ready for the bosses. Start conserving dark orbs as you approach Floor 8, using off-color lights to take out mobs.

    Floor 8: Enter or heal to full and take a Tiamat hit (great idea jim me). This should keep your HP nice and low and hopefully help prevent healing out of the zone. Use the board to kill Tiamat.

    Floor 9: Use Persephone/Wicked Lady active with DMeta enhance. OHKO.

    Floor 10: Use Raphael/Angelit and Vamp actives with Dmeta enhance. OHKO.

    There are several other workable team builds for KoG. What is important is having 2 orb changing nukes to take down CDD and Zeus, following the same gameplan for the dungeon. The standard should be Persephone/Wicked Lady with another 2 subs used for the other burst. If there are no attackers amongst those 3 subs, then the 4th sub should be a dark attacker. The above team is just used as an extreme example. There are obviously many options, and runs will take approximately 5-10 minutes each.

    Options for Boss Burst

    by themselves. Their active is stand-alone good, and indispensable for Hanzo-less builds. She is the star and staple of the lineup.

    Full Board Options

    Sonias and trifruits do not have to be paired with another orb changer. There will be an approximately 82% chance of having 12 or more dark orbs for 2 rows, just using a Draco Summoning Circle active by itself (the probability value comes from an orb simulator created by bunbunfriedrice). In other words, 1 out of 5 times there will not be enough dark orbs generated by a Sonia active for 2 rows. This does not mean that you will die that floor, but just food for thought, since the ideal is to make a 2 or more row combo for the KO. Making a full enhanced board eliminates the RNG factor, with known, controlled damage.

    pairs with or non-Attacker

    pairs with non-Attacker (and of course )

    pairs with or non-Attacker

    pairs with non-Attacker

    Other double orb change options

    pairs with or non-Attacker - essentially equivalent to the Persephone active.

    pairs with - essentially equivalent to the Persephone active.

    pairs with or non-Attacker . is also an option, but only if it is your final burst against the boss, since she will change light orbs to hearts.

    pairs with or non-Attackers

    pairs with non-Attackers (and of course ). Without Hanzo, Byakko as a sub is not as attractive. But she will be bringing a lot more to the table in her devil uvo, with 2 dark row awakenings. And a max skilled Hamahime is reasonable to have since she has a survey dungeon, and she can provide a 5CD orb changer needed in many builds.

    pairs with . can be considered, again, if it is the final burst against the boss (will make it more likely you will heal out of the zone by changing lights to hearts). Obviously Ares/Hanzo is the ideal pairing, but the green pairing will provide the same number of orbs at longer CD. The other Greek 2.0 gods are not good options.

    These burst options can be considered for some descends like Zeus, Valk, Hera, etc. Persephone/Wicked Lady should always be in the lineup.


    For Hera Descended!, dark orb changers along with a Satan sub is a popular build. I am not planning to go into depth on this descend, since it is relatively straight forward.

    Zeus Descended!

    [IMG=240x360]http://i.imgur.com/syk5ei3.jpg[/IMG] [IMG=240x360]http://i.imgur.com/oz5TLbu.jpg[/IMG]

    In both builds, there is a 5CD orb changer on the 1st turn.

    Floor 1: Make a row of 6 and sweep the floor. Take any free turns that the attack timers allow.

    Floor 2: Take down the Mystic Mask first and stall for all skills. Be careful with minimizing combo counts when in the zone and matching dark orbs - can too easily sweep through. I like setting up manual CtW while stalling - keeps dark orbs toward the bottom and is good practice. Move on when CDs are ready.

    Floor 3: Sweep.

    Floor 4: Use Persephone/Wicked Lady and DMeta actives and row combo for OHKO Chimeras.

    Floor 5: Activate other orb changing burst option with DMeta active, and OHKO Zeus.

    The Goddess Descended!

    [IMG=240x360]http://i.imgur.com/epkz5KJ.jpg[/IMG] [IMG=240x360]http://i.imgur.com/hT18iX2.jpg[/IMG] [IMG=240x360]http://i.imgur.com/zoP46yj.jpg[/IMG]

    Floor 1: Make a row of 6 and sweep the floor. Take any free turns that the attack timers allow.

    Floor 2: If Mystic Mask spawn, take it out first. Stall for skills, taking out synced timers first. Be careful with minimizing combo counts when in the zone and matching dark orbs - can too easily sweep through. I like setting up manual CtW while stalling - keeps dark orbs toward the bottom and is good practice. Move on CDs are ready.

    Floor 3: If HP is not low enough, heal up and tank a hit here before sweeping. No orb changers here - use the board to take out MK3. This is where the manual CtW can be helpful, since there should be at least one row ready for use at the bottom.

    Floor 4: Use Persephone/Wicked Lady and DMeta actives and row combo for OHKO Demons.

    Floor 5: Activate other orb changing burst option with DMeta active, and OHKO Valkyrie.

    Hera-Is Descended!

    [IMG=220x360]http://i.imgur.com/zbdz147.jpg[/IMG] [IMG=240x360]http://i.imgur.com/fk6tS2m.jpg[/IMG]
    (courtesy of jim me)

    It is ideal to bring at least 2 subs with stand alone orb changes that can be used to clear the floor - Sonias, Persephone/Wicked Lady, etc. The goal is to make sure to have these standalone actives available for the CDD/CBD and Hera-Is floors.

    The following is the strategy for the 2nd screen shot (DW Vamp, Sonia, Persephone, Gryps subs)

    Floor 1: Get hit into the zone, and isolate to one demon (blue one, if using anything with a light sub-element like Gryps). Stall as long as you need to, then OHKO.

    Floor 2-4: Need to use the board to clear one of these floors. Use orb changers for the other 2. Take care not to hit the dragons into their rage zones.

    Floor 5 and 6: Pop Persephone active or Sonia active + DMeta active and OHKO with row combo.

    Hera-Ur Descended!

    [IMG=240x360]http://i.imgur.com/H1A9yjL.jpg[/IMG] [IMG=240x360]http://i.imgur.com/M4XI0S5.jpg[/IMG]

    This is one of the more difficult Mythical Descends, so the team composition is quite stringent. Need something with an active skill that can bypass defense that is not poison (Ra, Bane, 10th Angel, UFO), because of the pre-emptive fertile guard cast by Ifrit. 10th Angel is the most ideal because it is an attacker with a dark row boost. The team needs to have high RCV in order to heal the large pre-emptive strikes from Formula and Minerva. LMeta is used to help with the RCV, and to attract the water bind by the Flame Armor Ogre. Her autoheal and active skill heal are also quite helpful for healing up for the pre-emptive strikes. DL Anubis also has an autoheal and good RCV for an attacker. Any dark attacker orb changer can be used in the DL Anubis slot (Gryps, Hanzo).

    With the lineup in the screenshot, a significant number of stalling turns can be achieved before either ogre hits you. The only things that are bindable are Sonia and the 10th Angel. LMeta helps to clear binds, and Sonia (if unbound) and LMeta can clear some bind turns with a row of hearts.

    Floor 1: Stall as long as possible until one of the ogres hits you. If a sub is bound, match a row of hearts and LMeta active heal (both preferably after taking a hit, to make best use of them). Take out the Blazing Ice Ogre first, with non AOE combos. Try to heal to full before exiting the floor. Try storing dark orbs at the bottom of the board for Formula.

    Floor 2: Use the board (and saved dark orbs) to take out Formula, healing if possible. This is probably the trickiest part of the dungeon.

    Floor 3: If there are a good number of green and dark orbs on the board, pop Anubis. That way, he will reflect damage back to Minerva from the pre-emptive strike. Pop 10th Angel to OHKO Ifrit.

    Floor 4: If the board does not provide enough dark and green orbs, clear board and heal, taking care not to bring Minerva <50% HP. Anubis active + DMeta active and OHKO with row combo.

    Floor 5: Sonia active + DMeta active and OHKO with row combo.

    The most difficult part of this dungeon is accidentally hitting enemies into their rage zones.
    (strategy worked out with jim me)

    Hero Descended!


    This is a pretty straightforward dungeon, where various team compositions can work. Basically just need to have dark orb changers (1 that is 5 CD) and 1 sub having a skill boost. I would adhere to having 1 dark attacker sub if possible, especially with unegged DMetas. Also, need at least 10,000 HP to tank a mask hit on Floor 2.

    Floor 1: Pop the 5CD orb changer and make a row and some other combos to sweep.

    Floor 2: Isolate to one, and stall as long as you need to here. Save dark orbs at the bottom of the screen. Make sure to take a hit before killing the last mask.

    Floor 3: Sweep, using the saved dark orbs.

    Floor 4 and 5: Pop an orb changer + DMeta enhance and OHKO with a row combo.

    Additional descends will be covered over time. Feel free to post any suggestions/requests in the thread.
  9. Jim Me

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    Jul 23, 2013
    RE: [under construction] Dark Metatron Reboot

  10. Disdain

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    RE: [under construction] Dark Metatron Reboot


    Add a bit of information for D. Meta as his own sub. I know there aren't that many people with multiples of him, but there are definitely enough to warrant a conversation about it.

    My own D. Meta experiences:
    Background: I have no Hanzo or Gryps despite having 3 D. Metas.
    How I cope: I don't actually run any low CD orb changers because I'm able to clear the board, and even light orbs will one shot a lot of mobs. My long CD orb changers I reserve for the boss. I don't usually run descends with D. Meta simply because I'm missing some critical subs, but I'm fairly certain I can.
    Current Team: D. Meta/D.Meta/(Satan)(D/L Yomi)(Loki)(Hamahime)/Blonia/Ronia/D. Meta

    I use Satan for farming T5/T6, D/L Yomi for whenever I feel like adding another Attacker sub and when I need healing, Hamahime I typically only use for KoG runs where I need to guarantee a good board on Zeus. I used to run Loki for KoG but it was less stable and I need Loki skillups before I do anything more with him.
  11. oGambit

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    RE: [under construction] Dark Metatron Reboot

    How do you farm legendary earth with dmeta? Like what's the plus egg requirement and hp break point type of stuff. Thanks :D
  12. Jim Me

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    RE: [under construction] Dark Metatron Reboot

    I did touch on Dmeta as a sub on her own team a little in the opening of the Sonia section. I do plan on putting her under the "Attackers but not great subs" section. If you notice I didn't list all the attacker options as subs, but only the ones that make sense to build a team with. This is why only Gryps and Arthur make the riders section and not all the off colored ones. I've never played around with the BB coding much other than making my signature, so it's taking quite a while to post this thread.
    You should only be running Dmeta as a sub to reach HP thresholds or to get enough skill boosts on your team to have a skill ready to go on floor 1. With you already having 2 Sonias your need for a 3rd Dmeta on the team should be a non issue. For farming T5/T6 you would be better served running an orb changer or an off color attacker rather a than redundant skill you won't use. If you like to run an extra Dmeta then keep running her, it's a 1 player game and this is only my opinion and it's not about right or wrong when it comes to talking about subs usually it boils down to preference.

    There are other team builds for this, the one I posted is the one I run. For the 20171 HP breakpoint you need a total of 80HP eggs and to reach the 23041 benchmark to tank 2 kings you need a total of 287 HP eggs.
    This is with all the subs max leveled.
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    RE: [under construction] Dark Metatron Reboot

    Bravo! This is shaping up nicely. I would also add Dmeta as a sub in the sub section. Just a thought. You've done a very good job on this, very impressed. (zaisha would be proud)

    Edit: I see this was mentioned in the comment above.
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    RE: [under construction] Dark Metatron Reboot

    Hi guys.
    Beat Legendary Seaway with this team :


    If it can help someone.
    (Little explanations here : http://www.puzzleanddragonsforum.com/showthread.php?tid=48881&pid=503108#pid503108 )

    Very nice to have a new d.meta thread ! Thanks a lot.
  15. DeathAngelz

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    RE: [under construction] Dark Metatron Reboot

    I beat Legendary Seaway with Dmeta , Hanzo, Hanzo,Lilith, ROnia, Dmeta.
  16. Belgy

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    RE: [under construction] Dark Metatron Reboot

    Great writeup so far! This has been amazing learning :)
  17. ///KM

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    RE: [under construction] Dark Metatron Reboot

    I can't believe I didn't see this until now - great job, Jim :)

    I think this is the endgame guide we all wanted.
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    RE: [under construction] Dark Metatron Reboot

    Can you expand on Dark Meta's viability with non-REM subs and possibly include a few examples of non-REM lineups? It's absolutely ridiculous how the prevalent opinion is that Dark Metatron is useless if you're non-IAP and don't get ridiculously lucky to roll the perfect subs.

    I would remove the few sentences about Valk teams in the "Why you should try Dark Metatron" section. They don't really seem relevant in a Dark Metatron thread and add a bit of clutter.
  19. infineon476

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    RE: [under construction] Dark Metatron Reboot

    There is part of truth in that myth.

    For the end game, you *need* black attacker orb changers. Those are REM only.

    I, myself, struggle too many times, because of the lack of Hanzo. It's
    so fundamental it's not funny...
  20. Fugicalz

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    RE: [under construction] Dark Metatron Reboot

    Very good guide. I look forward to seeing it develop.
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