[Team Building] Jammer & Poison Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Team Guides' started by kiarahakura, Aug 15, 2016.

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    Running multiple Karasu and Tigrex subs, for a bunch of cd7 tricolor jammer board changes, seems where modern jammer has expanded it's options in base subs and inherits. The ability to mix them with fast viz or fenrir active finally means that you can stay about as flush in jammers as you want/need.

    All the FUA and void/absorbs are still really a challenge though.

    My biggest issue is that if I'm going to pop actives constantly, I could just pop tricolors for dual or split lead Amen. So jammers are just for fun.

    Brachydios friends are super elusive. You pretty much need a dedicated bff to go down that rabbit hole, but so it goes. The fact that a lot of the jammer board change don't make light orbs is also a huge problem for him, and it turns out that his role is much more frequent as an inherited over sub on regular teams for his killers, and he's almost not really a jammer card. Kinda.

    Dark fenrir lead with karasu subs for dark/jammer tricolor board change, seems like the most reasonable jammer team to me at the moment. All the old goodness of dark fenrir team's hp/RCV/passive, with tricolor and killer awakening upgrades on a sub slot / inherits.
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