[Team Building] Mono-Green Team Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Team Guides' started by Niteblooded, Mar 27, 2013.

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    @Niteblooded I don’t mean to do this to you but L/X Fenrir Viz is amazing.

    He’s got two fingers and dual God Killer who can take GK latents all on a ~1000 weight stat monster with a 3 turn active. You just throw on whatever active your Light team needs and go from there. And he’s due for an upgrade. So if you get more, hold onto him.
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    Feb 26, 2013
    I have not and that says a lot! How many ranks did that get you?

    Many times I don't understand why certain monsters are meta because I really don't keep up with the game (e.g. this is the only topic I read), so I appreciate you taking the time to explain why people like him. I did spot the GK possibility and low active.

    That said he doesn't appeal to me. I don't like the jammer life and really I'm pretty loyal to green. I don't like being all in one typing (e.g. God), and in addition I only have 2 GK because RNG so I'm going to be picky on who I put those on. So the chances of me putting them on Fenrir and actually playing him is a number fast approaching 0%. Halloween Norn is on my immediate interest list with potential use. I like the skill as it can be used on my Fio and Ceres team as either a sub or inherit. I like her awakenings, super awakening and I absolutely love her artwork.

    I will take your advice and do a better job of keeping white Fenrir if I get again. No promises I won't trade him again but I do think you're giving great advice.
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    It got me 7 ranks, which after the third it started to feel insane :misc10::misc10:

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