The where should I stick my Skill Delay Resists thread!

Discussion in 'Monster Lineup' started by Faust, Jan 3, 2017.

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    So I've been farming SDR pretty heavily and so far I have 10. I initially thought I would have an easy time finding my babies new homes. All I have to do is favor cards with hastes and key actives that show up in my teams. But it turns out that I would need closer to 30 to hit all my target cards, so I wanted to see if anyone has any additional suggestions. So here are the candidates and the teams where they show up:
    Dark: Grem (Grem and sometimes Anaphon), Anaphon (Grem and her own team), Plum (Grem and Anaphon), A. Panda (Grem and Anaphon), and A. Yomi (Grem). *I plan on inheriting hastes, UEVO Typhon and Ishida, on Grem and Yomi because Grem depends on actives for damage. I'm also looking for Grem friends and a Grem BF because I have very few among my friends, so I need to get her all dolled up with SDRs at some point.
    Light: Ilm (Ilm), Saria (Ilm and Myr)
    Water: Ryune (Revo Lakshmi, sometimes YY), Sumire (Lakshmi, Sometimes YY)
    Fire: Tsubaki (Ilm, Tsubaki), A. Leilan (Tsubaki, sometimes Ilm), Antares (Tsubaki)
    Wood: Acala (Ronove, sometimes Acala), Ronove (Ronove), Spica (Acala), Kaede (Ronove, Acala), RagDra (Ronove)

    My current plan is to start with two per monster, but where should they go and should anyone get more than 2? Thanks!
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    I mean, basically just prioritize whichever teams you most want to run in difficult dungeons. That's gonna be your call.

    Once you've picked a team it's always nice to give SDR to something with haste, of course. For example, if you're focusing on dark and you use Anaphon and Gremory equally (or Anaphon is always on Gremory's team), SDR on Anaphon is definitely more valuable.

    Bear in mind that skill inherits will be a lot easier after tomorrow night's update. In many cases you can use them instead of SDR (but not always).
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