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Discussion in 'Q&A' started by honestrade, Jan 10, 2019.

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    I’m considering exchanging for NY Artemis for my Komasan S team as I lack an on color fujin style active for this team. I have Uruka and Lugh but am currently using them on my Sherias Roots and Ceil teams. The issue is that I have to trade Yog, D Kali, Aten and Skuld and don’t have dupes. However I do not have use for these cards currently.

    Is it worth it to exchange or should I hold onto these cards for upcoming Mega Awokens. I feel like if/when these cards get Mega Awokens there is a good chance they’ll be worse than Komasan S who is one of the top 3-4 leads in the game. On the other hand Sherias Roots and Ceil are good leads in their own right and it may not be worth it to trade for a card that will likely be relegated to an assist. However Fujin actives are still basically a must have for harder content. What should I do?
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    Don't trade your one and only 6* GFE especially if you're only after the active skill. Just move around them as an assist when you don't use Mega Roots team. It'd cost considerable amount of coins if you moving them a lot but farming coin is better than regretting later when they got Mega Awoken and turns out to be game changer.

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